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The Delphic Oracle Was Their Davos: A Four-Part Interview With Michael Hudson About His Forthcoming Book The Collapse of Antiquity (Part 1)

Michael Hudson describes how, in antiquity in Greece and Rome, emerging oligarchs ended the practice of debt jubilees, impoverishing laborers.


Bank Regulation Can’t Be Heads Banks Win, Tails Taxpayers Lose

At a G20 preparatory meeting, an INET panel analyzed how governments can prevent banks from exploiting taxpayer-funded bailout guarantees. The panelists didn’t mince words.


The EU Is Facing Gigantic Questions About Its Future That Are Hidden in Obscure Bank Policy Decisions

The ECB again rides in to try to paper over fundamental problems with the EU’s structure and to offset is austerity bias by restarting QE. But the EU needs more government spending. Will it take another crisis to get there?