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Enforcement of Puerto Rico’s Colonial Debt Pushes Out Young Workers

Yves here. This post corrects some of the misleading accounts of the history of the Puerto Rico’s debt crisis and describes how the neoliberal remedy is producing an Ireland-style exodus of the young. By José A. Laguarta Ramírez. Originally published at Triple Crisis At least 23 of the 49 people killed in the mass shooting […]


Hensarling’s “Market Regulation” Replacement to Dodd Frank Proves He Does Not Understand Banking

Yves here. Steve Waldman wrote a definitive post in 2009, Capital can’t be measured, on a core issue that Black discusses here. A key section: So, for large complex financials, capital cannot be measured precisely enough to distinguish conservatively solvent from insolvent banks, and capital positions are always optimistically padded. Given these facts, and I […]