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How the Labor Cost Competitiveness Myth is Making the Eurozone Crisis Worse

A new article makes a devastating attack on a fundamental belief driving Eurozone policy, that the member economies need to be made more “competitive,” meaning labor needs to be squeezed, for the currency union to achieve more growth.


China’s Contradictory Aims, Greater International Role Versus Domestic Economic Control, HIt Breaking Point

China appears to be in denial that it can’t have more open financial markets and maintain the same degree of control over the economy that it once enjoyed.


The Fed’s New “Operation Twist”: Twisted Logic for Bank Profits at the Expense of the Real Economy

How did Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve justify their rate increase now, despite strong signs that there is little economic basis for doing so?

Call this an exercise in twisted logic, plain and simple.


Debunking “The Big Short”: How Michael Lewis Turned the Real Villains of the Crisis into Heros

How Michael Lewis’ The Big Short, whether for profit or by accident, has denied the public the truth about what really causes the crisis.