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Reagonomics Was Pro Business, Not Pro “Market”: We Speak on Real News Network

The centenary of Reagan’s birth is providing an excuse for trotting out a lot of hoary old myths and selective history about the 40th president. We gave a bit of an antidote on the Real News Network.

As much as I thought this clip came out well, I have a minor quibble, and wished the folks at Real News Network had not invoked the expression “free market” in the headline on their site. It’s a dangerous bit of propaganda, a malleable, often slippery concept (per Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty “It means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less”) and is rife with internal contradictions (see our long form discussion in ECONNED for details). The equivalent expression in the 1960s was “free enterprise” and that conveyed far more accurately whose interests were really served by the sort of liberalization being sought.



Josh Rosner and Your Humble Blogger Discuss the Roots of the Financial Crisis on Radio Free Dylan

In addition to his weekday television show, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan also has a regular radio/podcast. He interviewed Josh Rosner and yours truly on the origins of the financial crisis, which we both agreed started well before the housing bubble.

You can read the transcript at the site, but it has quite a few errors, and I’d recommending listening instead. Rosner is an emphatic, almost theatrical speaker, so I think you will enjoy the conversation.

Get the podcast here:


“How to Destroy a Bank”

Your humble blogger is quoted at some length in this Playboy article (yes, article, remember the classic male wink and nod about buying Playboy for its articles) along with Bill Black. This piece was heralded in the New York Times. An excerpt: On the night of March 10, 2010 an other­wise anonymous American financial writer […]


Appearance on Max Keiser Show

Keiser is admittedly hyperbolic, but his colorful style has been effective in calling attention to some of the bad practices of financial institutions. This taping was on the day when I seemed to be the Typhoid Mary of studio operations. The audio kept failing (although the folks in NYC told me that happened often with […]