Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Links 4/15/17

California and Trump’s Feds Headed to Major Clash on Immigration

Who has the advantage in the Trump versus California immigration cage match?

Why You Can’t Have a Shorter Workweek

A recap of the numerous, internally inconsistent arguments as to why workers can’t have a shorter workweek.

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/14/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: Nooners on Bannon, Ossoff, Quist, Thompson, the DCCC, Women’s March, consumer prices, retail sales, Le Cinq, libraries

The Caymans: Reputation, Rhetoric, and Reality

How the Caymans compare to other secrecy jurisdictions.

Links 4/14/17

Big US Banks Make Laughable Excuses for Preserving Failed Universal Bank Model

Count on the banks to keep trotting out tired excuses for their too-big-to-faill ways.

How the Greediest Charter School Operators Loot Taxpayers Via Real Estate Deals

An interview with professor Preston Green, whose study found that the most aggressive charter school operators are using Enron-like tactics.

Corruption at CalPERS: General Counsel Matt Jacobs as Exemplar of Culture of Casual Lying

A spotlight on General Counsel Matt Jacobs as a prime example of what is wrong at CalPERS.

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/13/2017

Todays’s Water Cooler: GA-06 round-up, jobless claims, consumer sentiment, lithium, fake news, Oroville update, human nature, aesthetics

The Failure of Austerity in the Great Recession

More evidence that austerity is a bad idea.

Links 4/13/17

The Overlooked Past Behind U.S.-North Korea Tensions & How South Korea Could Forge Peace

Some history on the hostilities between the US and North Korea, and how that plays into the recent escalation of tensions.

More Evidence That Charter Schools Are a Taxpayer Ripoff That Delivers Poor Results

A damning new report from California shows that charter schools are a grift that profits investors at the expense of taxpayers and children.

Dirt as a Carbon Sink?

Could dirt be a magic bullet in the fight to reduce carbon levels?