Thursday, July 2, 2015

Links 6/22/15

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The Revival of Cities and the Urban Land Premium

The popularity of certain cities is explained by their attractiveness for innovative enterprises and high-educated top talent. Is this a durable trend?

Scotland: the Moldovan Connection

How modest homes in some of Scotland’s poorest areas became prolific ‘company factories’, and how those companies were used in a giant Moldovan bank fraud

Tom Engelhardt: Armed Violence in the Homeland

If you worry about safety, stop fretting about terrorists and focus on the nasty intersection of rising social stress and widespread gun ownership.

Links 6/21/15

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Greek Government Preparing Plans to Cross Red Lines to Avert Default

Greek government officials are preparing plans that would cross Syriza’s famed red lines in order to avert a default. Will Tsipras capitulate?

A New Bank Boycott Movement Starting?

A California county recognizes that the flip slide of banks being Too Big to Fail is that they are also Too Crooked to Trust.

Links 6/20/15

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Wave of Defaults, Bankruptcies Spooks Bond Investors

Investors are exiting junk bond funds as bankruptcies rise despite the “recovery” allegedly picking up steam.

The Russian Pipeline Waltz

An analysis of possible Russian pipelines in Europe as strategic bargaining chips.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/19/15

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP in the Senate, Charleston shooting, Juneteenth, Sanders surging, Clinton donations, California Water, Greek bonds

Banks are Not Intermediaries of Loanable Funds – and Why This Matters

Problems in the banking sector played a seriously damaging role in the Great Recession. In fact, they continue to. Macroeconomic models failed to explain the interaction between banks and the macro economy. The problem lies with thinking that banks create loans out of existing resources. Instead, they create new money in the form of loans. The traditional model greatly understates bank and macroeconomic risk.

At Emergency Summit, Creditors Plan to Make Greece an Offer It Can’t Refuse

A Eurogroup meeting ended if anything with Greece and its creditors even more alienated from each other.

Links 6/19/15

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How Overgrown Financial Service Sectors Kill Growth

It’s now becoming cutting edge conventional wisdom that oversized financial service industries are bad for your economic health. Yet the media is only occasionally and timidly is willing to say that what is good for Jamie Dimon is bad for the rest of us.