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Friday, April 18, 2014

Bill Black: The Kamikaze Economics of Forcing Austerity on the Ukraine

We all understand why Russia is waging economic war on the Ukraine, but why is Obama doing so?

Michael Hudson: R is for Rentier

Yves here. Two in a row! Enjoy latest entry in Michael Hudson’s Insider’s Economics Dictionary.

Correcting the Record on Another Misleading CalPERS Press Release

An alert reader sent me a link to a CalPERS press release, dated March 14, before the one we rebutted in the post CalPERS Tries Ineffective Mudslinging in Response to Our Ongoing Private Equity Investigation This earlier press release was not as consequential, so we decided to wait till the weekend to address it.

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Joe Firestone: Is the MSM Blackout on Inequality, Plutocracy, and Oligarchy Ending?

Yves here. Although I like this piece, I believe Joe is not cynical enough about MSNBC, which has become a messaging apparatus of the Democratic party. The reason that MSNBC is now talking about inequality is Obama is pushing for a minimum wage increase, so wealth and income disparity are no longer verboten topics

Michael Hudson: P is for Ponzi

Yves here. This is the latest entry in Michael Hudson’s Insider’s Economics Dictionary. Enjoy!

The Jobs Report For March 2014: After A Long Winter, The Economy Plays Some Catchup

Mr. Market was not happy with today’s jobs report. While it was not that bad, the ADP report earlier in the week had led investors to hope for better details.

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New York Times Column Strikes Back, Obliquely, at Our CalPERS Private Equity Data Suit

When I went to my inbox at the start of my day, one of the noteworthy e-mails in my inbox had the subject line: “NYT Column about You.”

How to Get Beyond Private Equity’s Parasite Economy

While we continue digging into the details that the private equity industry has worked hard to shroud in secrecy, it’s important not to lose sight of the real economy consequences of this well-orchestrated wealth transfer scheme. This post by Eric Garland focuses on a case study, Guitar Center.

IMF Imposing Even Tougher Austerity Conditions on New Loans

How the IMF has been devising even nastier versions of its austerity hairshirt in recent years.

Young Owners of Low-Budget GM Cars Weren’t Worth Saving

Writer libbyliberal describes how the Obama Administration’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration worked with GM for years to cover up the automaker’s ignition system defect that would lead to sudden power system failure. That fault is estimated to have caused at least 13 deaths and over 30 crashes. It’s also a textbook case of crapification.

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Gaius Publius: ​IPCC Accidentally Proves that “International Cooperation” on Climate Change is Dead​ ​​

As you’ve been reading lately, there’s a new IPCC climate report out, the second of three. This report is from Working Group 2, responsible for studying “impacts, adaptation, and vulnerabilities.” In other words, what effect is climate change (“global warming”) having now, what impact will it have if we make certain choices, and where are we vulnerable?

Satyajit Das: The New Colonialism – Businesses Refuse Spend a Few Cents More Per Garment to End Labor Exploitation in Emerging Markets

Yves here. Das wrote this post to commemorate the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, which killed over 1100 garment workers.