Links 3/18/08

From Animal Farm To Animal House Sudden Debt

Bear Stearns and Carlyle Debacles Are a “Modern-Day Greek Tragedy” Loretta Napoleoni, Huffington Post

Bear Stearns tremors – now affecting candle-sticks FT Alphaville (hat tip Felix Salmon)

Bear Stearns Merger Agreement M&A Law Prof Blog. I stand corrected on how far they could get re nailing out terms over the weekend.

Fed’s Strategy to Halt Debt Meltdown is Not Working Michael Shedlock, Seeking Alpha

A Generalized Run on the Shadow Financial System Nouriel Roubini

How close are we to a liquidity trap? Paul Krugman

Fed Watch: Anything and Everything is On The Table Tim Duy, Economist’s View. Duy says the Fed is in a no-win position: if it doesn’t cut rates much, we may get a banking collapse; if it does, we get capital flight from the US that may cause a banking collapse and a dollar crisis. Eeek.

Antidote du jour:

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