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‘Sex pest’ seal attacks penguin BBC

Explaining International Broadband Leadership ITIF. The US continues to fall in international broadband rankings, and non-policy factors explain roughly 3/4 of the slippage.

Holiday from Sanity John Quiggin and My Mayor Blasts the McCain-Clinton Gasoline Tax Holiday PGL. Angry Bear

Fast and Easy Fannie James Hamilton, Econbrowser

Poised for ‘Nuclear Deleveraging’? Michael Panzner

Data Centers are Bad For You Paul Kedrosky

Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer PhysOrg. This is so depressing, particularly since I am going to Alaska in August. While this ought to be exciting, the idea of watching a climate disaster is likely to take the fun out of it.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Gary Lund

    Re: Arctic sea ice melting.

    Yves – it pains me to see you depressed over such a headline. Here’s a link to an alternate POV which suggests you should have nothing to be concerned about:

    Seems we can’t decide now whether climate change is warming or cooling. Apparently it depends on where your funding is originating (to be just a little cynical). It will be interesting to watch the gyrations of various “scientists” in the coming year as the data and debate unfolds.

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