Links 5/4/08

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China orders heightened efforts to stop deadly virus PhysOrg. China wanted the Olympics to prove it had arrived as a modern power, but the increased scrutiny is instead showing all the country’s warts.

Inflation Returns to Japan – Tightroping Between a Slowdown and Recession Global Economy Matters

A Memo I’d Love to See: Whales and Economics Menzie Chinn, Econbrowser

Potent Greenhouse-Gas Methane Has Been Rising Christian Science Monitor (hat tip Some Assembly Required)

Green tax revolt: Britons ‘will not foot bill to save planet’ The Independent

`Dumbest Idea Ever’ Used as Pensions Plug Deficits Bloomberg (hat tip Jurgen who posted about it here)

Are Economists Different? Mark Thoma

The Collapse of Monetarism and the Irrelevance of the New Monetary Consensus James Galbraith (hat tip reader Dave via Economic Dreams, Economic Nightmares)

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