1. Mitch

    From what I understand, in order to kill a zombie you have to fill their mouths with salt and sew their lips shut. That’s just what I remember from a long time ago. Don’t know if that’s accurate advice or not.

  2. Valentine Michael Smith

    That was awfully cute, nicely done.

    Mark Fiore has a wonderful Zombie Bank animation

    (“I was working at my bank late one night when before my eyes, this financial sight …”)

    here:: http://www.markfiore.com/zombie_bank_0
    If you’ve missed his stuff, GO THERE – you’re in for a treat!

  3. Matt Osborne

    Contrary to Mitch’s understanding, one can only kill a zombie by destroying the brainpan. Head shots, decapitation, or blunt trauma do the trick.

    Which brings up this question: how does one dispatch a zombie bank? What would we define as its “brainpan”? Given the irrational behavior that got us here, it’s not clear that the big banks HAVE brains.

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