1. Fifi

    Neo-classical economists. If I wanted to breach the Godwin wall head first, I called them the Julius Streichers of economic looting, relentless propagandists of sociopathy elevated to the new normalcy.

  2. psychohistorian


    You are getting much better with your on-screen presence. Congratulations! You are very clear and concise

    Now if they would just consider seriously what you say…

    I do have one nit to pick about your priorities for reform. I think that seperating investment banking from the retail sort is more critical than the amount of leverage that banks can extend to.

    Thanks for continuing to beat the reform drum for the rest of us pond scum….not very optimistic about structural change for the masses and against the rich.

  3. Coop


    Saw you on The Agenda last night (TV Ontario).

    You did a great job!

    I was also glad that you were the only one that said that finance industry was to blame, as I believe that’s where the ulitmate blame lies. We just need to keep hammering that home.

    O’Neill is a great example of how economists got it so wrong, he seems like he’s living in another world.

  4. Francois T

    “he seems like he’s living in another world.”

    You know the old joke about economists:”To an economist, real life is a special case.”

  5. craazyman

    Separate ye the spirit of their Lord, yeah, from their labor, and counteth their hours into coins, and take ye their hours as ye taketh wheat and cast their spirit as chaff unto the deep as a ship that wrecketh in the storm. And take their coins, yeah, in number as the hairs on their head, and divideth them among yourselves and exalt in joy, for ye are uplifted and find favor in the lord and they are used as thy footstool.

    Somnabulations Book XXI, v. ii – iiv

  6. readerOfTeaLeaves

    Great interview; it’s always a bonus to see an interview when the person asking the questions is well prepared.
    Very nice interview.

  7. Ming

    Hello Yves,

    I say you on ‘the Agenda’; it was a pleasure to watch. I have really enjoyed reading your ‘Blog’

    I thought your assessment on the true power of the banks was very insightful…their control over the securitzed credit market, which right now is the lifeblood of the economy, (as many companies and people relies on credit to survive), allows them tremondous leverage over politicians and the mainstreet. But what are the characteristics of the banks and the credit markets that allows the banks to control them, and what can be done to seperate this control. I would assume that right now there are plenty of pension funds and insurance companies that have sustained heavy losses because of the banks and their ‘preferred’ clients; why are they not fighting with the banks, and would they not inclined to look for another ‘sellside source’? What can governements and people do to break their control?

    Thank you for you insights.

  8. shtove

    Yves – barrister’s public speaking trick: curl your toes to stop hands flying around. Voice and eye contact are great.

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