Eurostress roundup

Tomorrow’s the big day.

German overview, with scenarios on page 2. The D-Day metaphor is a waggish translation choice by the Englishers at “Der Spiegel” (the original has “Nervöse Finanzbranche”).

Summaries of the results will be published at the CEBS, possibly at 18:00 CEST; which is 11:00 EST, if that helps some of you, but possibly earlier; the Eurocrats are still dithering about it).

Then there is a crazy half hour during which the 91 banks and their various local regulators all publish the detailed results piecemeal at their respective banks and regulatory portals. That’s 91 bank websites and 20 national regulators’ websites to visit, navigate and download from. I have no idea why they are doing that. It sounds like a French idea, possibly originated by the over-indulged 4-year-old granddaughter of some senior banking regulator.

Then the detail is published again at the CEBS. Which, if I look at all, is where I’ll get it from.

Beady-eyed overview of the state of play from FT Alphaville. Supposedly, we will get to see the trading book and loan book exposures of all the banks to all the EU members’ sovereign debt.

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  1. petros

    “stressed” read/spelt backwards is “desserts”…. this 1st euro stress test may prove a fiasco as the markets. the september stress test will be the yardstick.

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