Reader Notice 1: Summer Break

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Dear patient readers,

I will be largely off the grid from July 17 to July 29, inclusive. First, I really need a break, second, most of that time I will be on a ship with catastrophically expensive Internet service. And shipboard satellite connections are usually very slow too, typically ISDN type speeds, so waiting for sites with a lot of ads to load is like watching paint dry.

But we will likely have a normal level of posts, between guest and cross posts (and we will have Links and Antidote du Jour thanks to Ed Harrison) and a feature I think some readers will like: summer reruns (as in a selection of all time best posts, focusing on 2007 and 2008). And I may relent and provide a few posts (the bank stress tests are due to be released during that period, I am likely to check in for that).

I do have one request. Last time I was off the grid (this in Alaska in 2008, with NO internet connection for a week), I had some guest bloggers man the fort. I was appalled when I came back to see that a small but vocal minority was stunningly abusive, truly childish, with comments that said, “I don’t like this, this isn’t Yves” or even ruder versions of that message. Other readers would try to intercede, but the damage was done.

So I ask you to behave in a civil manner towards the guest bloggers. They are doing you and me a favor. If you discover a particular writer is not your cup of tea, no one is holding a gun to your head to read their posts. I’ve gone to some lengths to continue NC programming while I am away, and I suspect most readers will enjoy the change in their diet.

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  1. Seal

    In Firefox tools > options > content turn off ‘load images automatically’ significanty speeds up slow connections

    Do NOT use I Explorer

    Opera is also good – shut off images

    I do OK even in India on a single phone line with 8 computers multiplexed – got multiple tabs open and read in 1 while others load, etc

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks, I’m on a Mac, and Safari is often faster right after a reboot, but I’ll see re your suggestion on Firefox.

  2. stefanie

    HI Yves, have a great vacation. I think you deserve it more than anyone. And thanks for your great and informative posts. I am still re-reading your book. My husband couldn’t believe it when I shlepped ECONNED and 13 BANKERS to the beach in Italy. They are both not only very well researched books, but more
    interesting than any thriller!

  3. M.InTheCity

    Yves, have a great holiday. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. My only suggestion – don’t look at the news, just soak in the fun.

  4. pros

    I enjoy your blog, but have noticed that many of my favourite blogs have eventually been overwhelmed by packs of loonies…
    I’m not sure why this happens, but the best cutting edge/critical thinking seems to attract whackos.

  5. Anonymous Jones

    Enjoy the trip. My vacations are limited to the half-hour I spend on your site each day! Thanks again. (and sorry for being an a**hole!)

  6. Paul Handover

    Yves, you have a fantastic holiday and forget about the virtual world out there. I continue to be flabbergasted at the time and effort you put into NK but I surely appreciate that you so do.
    Paul H

  7. psychohistorian

    Enjoy your time away from this madness. It will still be here when you return.

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