1. Francois T

    Good performance Yves. It must be nice to be interviewed by non-CNBS professionals.

    Your last point about the credit markets was important.

  2. Bill

    Good job Yves !! Very concise , easy to follow points . With which I tend to agree with entirely.

  3. Russell1200

    I thought this was a very good interview. The interviewers were very respectful. The Chris Whalen interview (which I think you linked) was another recent interview I thought was handled well.

  4. fiscalliberal

    Good inverview with a lot of rationale and food for thought. Looks like the folks currently out of work are going to have tough sledding for finding jobs with the double dip looming

  5. Doug Terpstra

    Great job. Amazing that you can be so engaging in the face of so gloomy a prognosis. If only the prophet Jeremiah had been as appealing in the face of apocalypse, ancient Israel might have avoided all that Babylonian unpleasantness. It’s fascinating how history rhymes on so many themes.

  6. Glen

    Good job. Thanks for the analysis I can follow. (Sometimes I think the “professional” economists pile it on rather deep under the idea that boatloads of BS can sell their ideas.)

    I’ll have to listen to BNN more, no yelling and screaming, thoughtful discussion, what a concept!

  7. Vinny

    I thought this was a very nice interview. Very civilized, and thoughtful, and without the interruptions and shouting that are typical of CNBC and other interviewers in the US. I thought it allowed you to express your thoughts in a clear fashion, so we can all understand.


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