8 PM EST Watch Dylan Ratigan Town Hall Session on Jobs, Innovation

Check in here at 8 PM to watch the Dylan Ratigan “Innovation in America” panel discussion as part of its Steel On Wheels Tour tonight at 8pm EST at the University of Denver.

The panel will include Andrew Jenks, from MTV’s World of Jenks, Nicole Glaros, Managing Director of TechStars Boulder, and Matt Miller of The Washington Post and host of Left, Right & Center.

Visit msnbc.com for more videos from Dylan Ratigan and news about the economy.

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  1. clodene

    Thanks for providing the stream.

    I was happy to see the balance between public (read government) and the private sector articulated. We really need to hear that fact emphasized more – after all: it is reality.

  2. Anjon Roy


    Thanks for posting. Didn’t get to watch it, but good to see DR get publicity. He is one of the few American TV media figures that has a broad understanding of the deep structural contradictions and challenges facing the financial / economic system

  3. Daren Kintop

    Well this is very fascinating indeed. Would absolutely love to read a little much more of this. Excellent post. Thanks for the heads-up…This blog was really informative and professional…

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