The Independent Commission on Banking Interim Report, not

7:14 7:28 7:43: Well, NC’s commentary is spot on so far: as forecast, I’m drinking coffee and the web site’s unresponsive. A really astute blogger would have had another hour in bed. A few gleanings from Vickers on BBC Radio 4 – better resolution, ringfencing of deposits but not a full breakup, 10% core capital, chop Lloyds/HBOS up more to promote retail bank competition.

Hang it, I’ll make a start on Links and come back to this later.

9:00 The site is still down. UK web site capacity planning rules! I’ll report, umm, later.

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  1. william modisette

    if you go to the BBC you can download the report there. the ICB website crashed at about 730am.

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