Final Hours of Fundraiser, Beat New Target

The Naked Capitalism community has spoken loudly and clearly. You’ve said you want this site to be more effective and you’ve been willing to provide tangible backing for your desire to have us demystify finance, call out chicanery in high places, parse propaganda, and in our small way, help promote the creation of a more just society.

We set an initial target of 750 donors. You met that yesterday. We set a new target of 1000. You blew past that today. We are now at 1060 donors. Let’s see if we can get to 1200 before the close of this effort, midnight PST. Join us and participate via our Tip Jar, another credit card portal or by check (see here for details).

We’ve gotten SO many messages that it will take me some time to dig through them. I wanted to share this one:

I regret I haven’t more to give, but I’ve recently lost my job and haven’t yet started receiving unemployment. I will be sending a check for $20 tomorrow, Saturday November 12th.

Thanks for all you do to bring Naked Capitalism together. I plug it a lot and I have certainly become better educated about finance.

I told him not to send anything until he was at least on unemployment. He agreed on the condition I include him in the total.

Those of you who are under financial stress, please take care of yourselves first. Others will make up for you. But if you give, even a little, please do. If you can give more, give more. If you can give a lot, give a lot. Those of you who donated early, I thank you, and if you are able, consider chipping in another $10, $15, $25 on behalf of those in the NC readership who are cash strained but value their participation in the community. We only have a few hours left and on behalf of all of you who contribute, by guest blogging, financially, in comments, by providing links, or the occasional tech advice and prodding, I’d like us to make this effort as big a success as possible.

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  1. Patrick

    Yves, I wish I could have donated more, I consider your site to be indispensable reading and have said so many times on other sites. I bought the book which was fantastic and donated what I could, I don’t want to be a “free rider”. I’m thrilled that your first fund raiser went so well. It looks like I will have to find a little more for Mr. Harrison :)

  2. molten_tofu

    Wait… is the new subscribe thing under the one-time donation thing always been there and I’m an idiot, or is it new?

  3. Francois T

    I wish I could’ve give more but at this time, things sucks immensely.

    Totally OT: Yves, the cat in your Twitter screen is adorable. He/she’s got this “What you looking at…FOOL?” kinda look.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Oh, you have such good taste :-)

      That is my older Abyssinian, Blake, as a kitten. I rather like the fact that the photo gave him Dune eyes. He is actually a very sweet cat but is also the one who chased two adult men out of an office when he thought they did not belong there. He is awfully good at manipulating me too.

  4. Puzzled

    I left a comment on one of the earlier fundraising posts that the PayPal link is not working. It transfers to PayPal but does not carry the information as to the recipient of the payment. Apparently the comment was not taken seriously.

    I’m using the Chrome browser. A reply comment to mine said that other folks had trouble with the Chrome browser not working with PayPal from the NC site.

    You might want to spend your first donation money getting this fixed. Who knows how many contributions you missed out on because the site was functionally inept for PayPal donations.

    The Chrome browser does work with PayPal if the link code is written properly. I just made a donation to Wikipedia via their donation link and the Chrome browser – it worked without a hitch.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      We’ve had another link from the very get go of the fundraiser, see here:

      It has been posted EVERY TIME we’ve talked about how to contribute to the fundraiser (“another credit card portal”) except for the last two posts today. Numerous readers have also discussed the PayPal/Chrome problem and suggested using other browser.

      I’m sorry you are annoyed, and I’d very much like to have you participate, but we have provided two other routes besides PayPal, namely by check to Aurora Advisors Incorporated, 903 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10075 and the other portal all week.

        1. IF

          The system ate my HTML.

          form id=”donateplusform” action=”” method=”post”

          http -> https

  5. kms

    Being an unemployed recent graduate with fewer prospects than debts limited my contribution, but I wanted to be counted among those who support you. What naked capitalism does is invaluable. It reminds us of the high cost of America’s favorite luxury, ignorance. It elevates the dialog and challenges us to step up to the daunting forces that threaten the standard of living of people around the globe. Our hard fought understanding can be the beginning of a wiser future. You deserve more than a great vacation and I wish my donation could have supported more than a trip to Starbucks.

  6. emptyfull

    As an impoverished grad student in 2008 I donated a symbolic $10 to the Obama campaign. I have less money now, but please know that if I ever have enough money I will gladly give this site whatever political contributions I might otherwise have given to Democratic party figures.

    I came this site (via Krugman), seeking to understand the last crash. Since then your writing has thoroughly reoriented my political philosophy and I can’t thank you enough. This site has freed me from the intellectual shackles of “moderate” conventional wisdom, and helped me believe in crazy things like “justice” and “democracy” again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. ex-PFC Chuck

      This site has freed me from the intellectual shackles of “moderate” conventional wisdom, and helped me believe in crazy things like “justice” and “democracy” again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Ditto, although I’m not a young, recent grad student but rather a not-all-that-well-off 70 something.

  7. skippy

    There are more things we can do too. I pre-ordered Yves book, a BOX (LOL 2 boxes todate). Then after reading it, started handing it out like candy. As gift (4 were x-mas), as a tool to help questioning people (academics, banking and fiance, executives and managerial, anyone) and always suggest this site!

    The only thing I request with doling out Yves book, is that it is shared after reading, some even give it back and I recycle this process. Through this process more than a hundred eyes and minds have been opened or challenged, and that is repeated by the change in their thoughts and ensuing conversations with others, magnification.

    Get the book and share it!

    Skippy…Yves I’ll be going option #6, after a few miscreants work off their abuse of the house CC, damn you CALEXICO, Alex Woo and the lot of ya!!!!!

  8. barrisj

    Hello, Yves…
    I am relatively new to the website – really as a commenter/contributor – though I have had the site bookmarked and have read constantly for some time now. I’ve been doing active blogging since 2003, when Boosh invaded Iraq, and have been up and down since. But I must confess that Naked Capitalism is my “go-to” site for the past three years, as I have abandoned most of my other “favourites” and simply parked myself at your website, as you offer a forum not only for economics types, but for all who despair of what passes for “representative democracy” and the default primacy of late-capitalism. I and others find NC indispensable for venting their respective spleens at the whole steaming shite-pile into which the “Masters of the Universe” have catapulted the rest of humanity. Full marks to your superb efforts in helping to raise the collective consciousness of the masses to recognise the blatant thievery, exploitation, and egregious propagandising that “free market capitalism” and their willing handmaidens in government have utilised in order to propagate the wholesale fraud that passes for “democracy” in the West. Go forth and prosper!

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