The Best Part of This Week

I’ve always been a big believer in the comments section, because you correct me, give ideas and information, and make my work and that of the other bloggers better. What’s happened this week took that up a level. It’s always a bit lonely to throw out ideas into the void, to see if they resonate with others. Over the past few years, and especially over the past week, you have showed me that we are actually a community, a group of people who believe together in justice. Individually, you decided to put your resources on the line to make sure that we keep going, grow, and get better, that our words and ideas matter. This is essential, it’s the first part of creating a different society, where we assert our own collective dignity.

Let’s get to 1000 donors. Right now we’re at 940, that means all we need is 60 of you to join us (click on the Tip Jar buttons to do so over Paypal, here if you’d like to use a credit card portal, and here for instructions on how to do so with a check).

Over the next year, I’m excited to work with all of you to continue to puncture the perceived monopoly of wisdom the Very Serious People have over finance. It’s ultimately a community endeavor to do this because ideas cannot be divorced from the networks of people who carry them. It’s really remarkable that we are actually a community, as well as a website, and I’m going to be thinking hard about how to make sure we manifest that going forward.

For now, there are twelve hours left of the Naked Capitalism fundraiser. That’s it. It’s our first fundraiser. If you’ve already given, thanks for sending me the message that this site matters, that we can create leverage in the world from our own corner. If you haven’t, there’s still time (though not that much of it). I guarantee you that in a few years, you will be proud of being a part of building this community. You will have shown that there are parts of this world that believe that integrity, and dignity, matter.

That’s what you’ve shown me.

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  1. Blunt

    Could you redo your link to how to donate with a check, please? That link appears to be the one that would be used to donate with a credit card.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Barbyrah

      Blunt, I found this in Yves’s kickoff post at the beginning of this fundraising drive:

      “…you can send a check (or multiple post dated checks, if you want to spread out payments) in the name of Aurora Advisors Incorporated to Aurora Advisors Incorporated, 903 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10075. Please also send an e-mail to with the headline “Check is in the mail” (and just the $ en route in the message) so we can count your contribution in the total number of donations.”

  2. YankeeFrank

    Thanks so much for everything Yves. Yes, you have built a community here, and of course no one builds a community alone, but your wisdom, integrity and insight have created the foundations for a wonderful community, and your leadership is trusted and admired by those of us in the community (if I may be so bold as to speak for all of us).

    We sometimes get rancorous in the comments section, but unlike most other online communities, there is always a point to our rancor. We disagree on issues and ideas, and there little ad hominem vitriol. Its a wonderful refuge, even when compared to most non-virtual communities I belong to. So thanks again, and have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. Sunny129

      ‘fascist community’ ??!!


      My sincere sympathies to your post ‘lobotomy’ status. Wishing you speedy recovery(even if there is minute chance!) from the rest of the ‘community’ here!


    2. 3sig

      That’s OK. You wouldn’t have been able to kick in that much anyway, Right? But you can still hang out here with the 99.9%.

    3. Satorist

      Imagine this: Someone takes the trouble to find this blog, log into it and reads at least this article — just to write a comment saying he won’t contribute.

      And he calls himself “Ox”.


      1. skippy

        Isn’t that the extra agency they used to fill out the crazy’s in movies like THE ROAD, THE BOOK OF ELI, et al.

  3. vv111y

    I can’t thank you enough. You and all the NC Folks are an inspiration

    “I guarantee you that in a few years, you will be proud of being a part of building this community”

    I feel proud already except that I haven’t done enough, but plan to change that.

    Keep on going and don’t stop

  4. Kraken

    Thank you Yves. I’ve learned a great deal from you and the many people commenting. I’m proud to contribute to such a noble blog.

  5. CJ

    Thanks for the great blog and penetrating insight Yves. I’m a regulator for a state government agency. Your blog has helped me form a more coherent vision of the purpose of regulation, especially the importance of minimizing fraud and maintaining consumer protection, and the proper boundaries to maintain between the various and competing stakeholders. It’s not always easy or popular to try to put consumer interests ahead of what big business wants, especially when “consumers” don’t have a seat at the table. The principles expressed here serve as my guideposts. Thank you.

    1. ohmyheck

      That is truly a wonderful reply. Thanks! It is so good to know that someone with some amount of power, on whatever level, can find this blog influential. That’s a win.

  6. Jane Doe

    As OWS is teaching us, there are many like-minded people out there who agree with you. The problem is cutting through the noise of b.s. that makes it difficult to read or hear what someone like you is saying. For that reason alone, this site is a nice oasis.

  7. Martin Finnucane

    I found NC via Exile(d). Two reasons to think that the internet is not necessarily, though admittedly mostly, crap. Thanks Yves!

  8. Joe

    This blog has been an important part of my education and life. I resigned from Wall Street in ’08 and have since became a fundraiser for the non-profit The Nature Conservancy. Naked Capitalism has been one of moral shepherds along the way. One day I truly hope to contribute more.

  9. Economic Maverick

    You’re a gem. This site is a gem. Even though i’ve never met you, If I wasn’t married I’d propose to you right now just based on your brain alone!

    Check was sent on Tuesday from DC, I hope you have already received it or will soon

  10. Stan Robins

    Sorry for the earlier rant about PayPal. I somehow overlooked the credit card link you provided in the post above. So I have now donated. Thanks very much.

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