Links 12/3/11

Monsanto Corn May Be Failing to Kill Bugs, EPA Says Bloomberg (hat tip reader Valissa)

The new cyber-industrial complex spying on us Guardian (hat tip reader May S)

The Rise of the New Information Gatekeepers BusinessWeek (hat tip reader Valissa)

Euro doomed from start, says Jacques Delors Telegraph (hat tip reader Swedish Lex)

Euro Central Banks May Provide $270B via IMF Bloomberg (hat tip reader Valissa). A bit more than 1/10 of what is needed.

White House on defensive over Iran sanctions Financial Times

The US immigration system is broken Guardian (hat tip reader May S)

Romney and Gingrich, from bad to worse George Will, Washington Post (hat tip Joe Costello)

Deranged Senate Votes for Military Detention of All Terror Suspects and a Permanent Guantánamo Common Dreams (hat tip reader Doug Tempstra)

Congress endorsing military detention, a new AUMF Glenn Greenwald

U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn’t Protecting Occupy Protesters’ Rights Huffington Post (hat tip Lambert Strether)

Max Blumenthal: How Israeli Occupation Forces, Bahraini Monarchy Guards Trained U.S. Police For Coordinated Crackdown On “Occupy” Protests eXiled

Occupy Y’all Street: Occupy Atlanta Fights Foreclosure, Fannie Mae Demands Protesters’ Emails Huffington Post

Occupy LA Raid: Los Angeles Police Reportedly Went Undercover At Encampment Prior To Raid To Gather Information Associated Press. This should not be surprising.

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Police don’t allow cold weather supplies at Boston protest Rdan, Angry Bear

Romney’s Billionaire Threatens BBC Investigative Reporter Truthout

America’s Next TARP Model Jon Steward (hat tip reader hello)

A Secret Scandal Eliot Spitzer, Slate

Corzine compelled to testify to US Congress Financial Times

Breakingviews: Big U.S. foreclosure settlement isn’t dead yet Reuters. As I recall, Terri Schiavo had to be taken off life support.

Some Thoughts on the U.S. Jobs Report and Implications Credit Writedowns

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Rex

    I know the links section is just a selection of current “what’s happening” samples (don’t shoot the messenger) but, dang, that was a hard meal of information nuggets to digest at one sitting.

    Hurts to stay informed when the news is so depressing.

    1. Fraud Guy

      Or you go to mainstream and read about the latest Kardashian misadventures. Oh those crazy kids…

      Wait, that’s even more depressing.

      And the Jon Stewart[sp] piece was funny, as that nice little trade was reported here and elsewhere, what, two years ago or so?

    2. tom allen

      Yeah, I know, so have a laugh. What else can you do? If you can’t find anyone else to laugh at, laugh at me. I’ve been trying to provoke you jerks for weeks now. Has it worked yet? :-)

      Let me show you a video. Here’s the most potentially dangerous guy in the world, Mr. Bullivant, whoever he is. Probably a Wall Street broker, or a bath house denizen, or a guy on the front lines of OWS. Or all three. :-P It is completely possible in this brave new world to be an utter fool and a genius at the same time. You just have to have no shame.

      Take care of your family and neighbors and have some fun. They can take your clothes, your good name, your pride, your money, everything but your principles and your sense of humor and decency. Those you have to give away, and fuck you all if I’ll give ’em up. Asses. :-P

      Enjoy your naked capitalism this Saturday morning. Not safe for work unless you’re allowed to laugh. :-)

    3. EH

      “The News” has been irretrievably ruptured for at least five years now. There is only “my news” now, which is the subset of journalism that you pay attention to.

  2. bob


    “The Israeli imprimatur on the NYPD’s Demographics Unit is unmistakable. As a former police official told the Associated Press, the Demographics Unit has attempted to “map the city’s human terrain” through a program “modeled in part on how Israeli authorities operate in the West Bank.””

    This made my head explode.

    Suggested honest, logical comparison-

    “modeled in part on how NYC police officers would operate in Beijing.”

    NYC…. Bloomberg now “has an Army”, an intelligence agency and a Eugenics…er…pardon..”demographics” division?

    1. Parvaneh Ferhadi

      «Bahrain’s Interior Ministry says a former Miami police chief will lead training programs for Bahraini security forces.

      Mr. John Timoney, the former Miami Police Chief most notable for his violent handling of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) Protests in 2003.»

      BTW: The Bahraini regime, with the help of Saudi Arabia, U.S. and U.K has the same policy and tactics towards its population that as Israel has against Palestinians.

      1. ginnie nyc

        John Timoney was also Number 2 in the New York Police Department under Rudolph Guiliani (through 1998).

  3. Parvaneh Ferhadi

    Euro doomed from start, says Jacques Delors
    «Mr Delors claims that the current crisis stems from “a fault in execution” by the political leaders who oversaw the euro in its early days. Leaders chose to turn a blind eye to the fundamental weaknesses and imbalances of member states’ economies, he says.»

    He is not the first to admit, that they knew in advance it wouldn’t work this way, but decided to proceed anyway. That would one to make the assumption, that they welcome the crisis they knew would come. But if they knew that well in advance, they certainly have the fix available well in advance and it is just a question of selling it to the public, which hopefully, is already enough dumbed down not to notice.

  4. Blissex

    «Deranged Senate Votes for Military Detention of All Terror Suspects and a Permanent Guantánamo Common Dreams (hat tip reader Doug Tempstra)»
    «Congress endorsing military detention, a new AUMF Glenn Greenwald»

    No surprise there: these are very popular measures. Real American voters (especially the critically important middle aged middle class females) just want more repression, at any cost to someone else.

    This link which may have been mentioned by some previous commenter is very appropriate: (The Authoritarians)

    Usual old quote from that Communist Islamic propaganda mouthpiece, the Financial Times:
    «But is clear leaders of both parties lack the confidence to challenge the mood of xenophobia that exists outside Washington. Instead they are fuelling it. In some respects the Democrats are now as guilty of stoking fears on national security as the Republicans. Their logic is impeccable. A majority of Americans believe there will be another large terrorist attack on American soil.
    Such is the depth of anxiety that one-fifth or more of Americans believe they will personally be victims of a future terrorist attack. This number has not budged in the last four and a half years.
    Mr Bush has consistently received a much higher public trust rating on the war on terror than the Democrats.
    Without this — and without the constant manipulation of yellow and orange terror alert warnings at key moments in the political narrative — Mr Bush would almost certainly have lost the presidential race to John Kerry in 2004.
    «In other words, the Democrats have found an effective way of neutralising their most persistent electoral liability: they are out-Bushing Mr Bush.
    It is easy to see why key Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, have adopted this strategy. It is easy also to see why their Republican counterparts are following suit. As Peter King, the Republican representative for New York, said last week: “We are not going to allow the Democrats get to the right of us on this issue.” This left Mr Bush holding the candle for the left, as it were.

    Don’t blame Congress, it is just the usual club of cynical panderers, because the USA is still a representative democracy, however morally corrupt: voters often get what they wish for, however morally corrupt.

    1. Sock Puppet

      “Voters often get what they wish for.” Faith based voting. Just vote for the candidate that most convincingly tells you what you want to hear. No critical thinking. No compassion. No truth. This is kindergarten level moral development.

      We are ruled by greed, hatred, and delusion.

      1. will nadauld

        My pre kindergartner has more moral maturity than 90 percent of the current politicians in the U.S. It is sad but true and illustrated daily. I am not alone.

  5. Scalawag

    Slavetraders, carpetbaggers, monopolists and now sowing
    the seeds of genetic destruction

    Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage

    Three varieties of Monsanto’s GM corn – Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603 – were approved for consumption by US, European and several other national food safety authorities. The data used for this approval, ironically, is the same data that independent researchers studied to make the organ damage link…The data “clearly underlines adverse impacts on kidneys and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, as well as different levels of damages to heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system,” reported Gilles-Eric Séralini, a molecular biologist at the University of Caen.

    1. Sock Puppet

      For any young NCers out there that might not remember, Monsanto is one of the companies that brought us Agent Orange.
      40% of US corn is used for ethanol production. Your tax dollars at work. Meanwhile food banks across the country are running out of food.

      1. will nadauld

        nt forget that the corn subsidies are creating huge dead zones in the gulf of mexico. And, ethanol laced gasoline is horrible for the life of your car.

    2. will nadauld

      thank the FDA, and your corrupt congress critters for the strengthining of this bastard corporation.

  6. EconCCX

    Yves, the “All Comments” feed under “Subscribe to this Blog” is stuck on 11-13-11, though it’s being refreshed regularly. Per-post comments feeds working well.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Yes, something is wrong with the feed. It is also showing 0 readers (!). I alerted my tech guy yesterday, dunno why nothing has been fixed. Pinging him again.

  7. Ann


    Wall Street’s only friend and ally in the Middle East.

    Americans citizens are Wall Street’s Palestinians.

  8. craazyman

    A Bankster World Diorama in 4 Dimensions — #27 in B Flat

    He tried to think of something to say but he could not. He’d had this feeling before, beyond the numbness and the dull despair. The world shrinking down about a raw core of parsible entities. The names of things slowly following those things into oblivion. Colors. The names of birds. Things to eat. Finally the the names of things one believed to be true. More fragile than he would have thought. How much was gone already? The sacred idiom shorn of its referents and so of its reality. Drawing down like something trying to preserve heat. In time to wink out forever. They slept through the night in their exhaustion and in the morning the fire was dead and black on the ground.

    -Cormac McCarthy, THE ROAD, somewhere between pages 87 and 93.

  9. Anon

    Why is Corzine in front of the House’s Agriculture Committee?

    Is there not something more appropriate available, related to finance, perhaps?

    Note the FT calls Corzine out as likely this year’s Ken Lay, likely to plead the 5th.

    1. Hugh

      Agriculture was where the big futures markets in commodities orginated. Futures are derivative contracts so when other derivatives came along, oversight for them went to the Agricultural Committee. As others have said, it is a legacy thing.

  10. ZeroInMyOnes

    Thanks for the link to Elliot Spitzer’s article about the lying of our precious large banks.

    Note how he proposes to OWS that they confront the lies: He knows there is no faction in EITHER major party who would be willing to do so.

    1. Susan the other

      Spitzer’s points were good because the banks can’t get out of forking over the evidence if congress asks for it point blank like that. The AGs could ask these tough questions. Maybe they have already. If so we taxpayers should be informed. The almost settled settlement is really bending the rules by not fully informing taxpayers. Maybe they plan to get the IRS to sign off on it too.

  11. Bill C

    I can’t seem to find an answer to this question: WHY IS CORZINE BEING COMPELLED TO TESTIFY TO THE AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE ? !!

    Do they have some jurisdiction over Wall St ?

    1. zephyrum

      Yes, MF Global was a commodities trading firm, and the Senate Agricultural Committee has jurisdiction. (Makes sense when you think back to a time when commodities trading was more concerned with ag products than finance.) See for a statement about the MF Global hearing.

  12. PL_2


    About the Spitzer article. I have looked at this crisis forever, and still don’t understand what happened.

    Can someone please explain.

    Spitzer says the banks paid back the loans. He says they profited 13B on 7+T. Pretty small profit. Believe I could do better than that.

    People say banks paid back TARP. We know they profited on the spread, we know savers suffered from ZIRP.

    Did the banks get any free money that wasn’t paid back? Did the Fed or somebody buy bad assets? Does that mean the Fed owns the assets (presumably MBS)?

    We hear constantly about bailouts, and injustice. Is there anything that quantifies this that is actually believable, or is it all just squawking? Why is this not explained constantly, instead of, like, never?

    I’m interested in anything that is an actual _giveaway_. Where is the credible summary of all this that makes sense. I don’t think there is one.

    1. Pat

      Apparently the banks paid back the TARP loans using asset-backed securities, marked at book value, not real value.
      Of course the asset-backed securities are mostly junk, so the Federal Government will end up losing a lot of money (although just a drop in the bucket compared to the $15-20 trillion committed to backstopping nearly everything in the economy).
      Nice deal for the banks, eh?

    2. Susan the other

      Just the fact that they were bailed out so generously by 7.7 Trillion plus 700 bn means the IRS has an obligation to count that gift as income even before they made their 13bn profit. Unjust enrichment anyone? Which we know is understated or pure accounting fiction. And we are justified to also believe that much of the trillions and billions was in fact not paid back. Where is the proof? As long as there is no trust whatsoever left in the system it will never ever function again.

      1. another

        Exactly, LBR. I believe you’ve put your finger on the spot where the emperor’s clothes fall off.

          1. will nadauld

            I got your metaphor. In fact it was clever. There is indeed very little need for any real economy at all. We can function quite well as a nation of partially employed, or unemployed occupiers or working for the state police force. Thats about as real as the economy needs to get before the next election. If it werent true, our emperor would be at least pretending to try to create some “real” economy.

    3. reslez

      One simple explanation is the government gave banks money at a time when the banks could not get money at any price. Or, the true price was so high the banks could not afford it. The banks needed this money or they would have gone out of business. The banks owe their continued existence to the government’s generosity.

      The government neither charged the same fees a private entity would have done to provide this liquidity, nor demanded any changes in governance, nor punished the behavior that led to the disaster. In fact the behavior continues exactly the same. To say the banks “paid back” the money as though this is somehow meaningful is a disgusting exercise in untruth.

    4. YankeeFrank

      This post from Steve Waldman Yves linked to the other day is apropos:

      He gives good details on how the low interest money and guarantees are free money to the banks. Massive amounts of free money — just not having to pay to insure risk saved the banks tens if not hundreds of billions of $$. And we haven’t even mentioned ZIRP yet. The question to ask is, if this money can be created and these criminals can be backstopped with huge guarantees, why can’t the American people be given this largess? Is it somehow a crime when given to the people, yet moral and right when funneled to the banks? Its our money, we will eventually have to pay for the toxic assets the Fed bought at par from the banks for trillions of dollars. Yet we do not have access to that same money — we get to pay it back, but not access it to save our homes, start/save small businesses, etc.

      The other thing to remember is that the massive buildup in national debt over the past 3 years is solely due to the financial crisis — massive jumps in food stamp outlay, unemployment insurance, and other “automatic stabilizers” combined with the drop in tax receipts due to massive unemployment are the cause of the huge deficits we are now experiencing. Yet the fucktards in DC would have you believe this is somehow the bill coming due for programs like social security and medicare “entitlements” that we can’t “afford” anymore. The 1% have been wanting to gut these programs for decades so now a crisis comes along they can manipulate and confuse people with in order to rip us off and force poverty and sickness on old and young Americans to “pay for” their thievery. I haven’t even mentioned the massive transfer of real estate ownership that is going on with the foreclosure crisis.

      So why is our government “bankrupt” while banks get trillions in guarantees and direct money? If I had access to .25% interest billions, I could purchase treasury bonds paying ~2% and make a fortune. Then, in a year or so pay that money back and take home my sure-bet “winnings”. Why do banks get this direct subsidy yet the people do not?

      Ultimately, when thinking about the massive transfer of wealth to the banks that was TARP and the much larger Fed interventions (~$13 trillion is a number I’ve read, some put it at ~$7 trillion), we have to ask more than just whether the money was paid back and how much profit was made off that money by the banks. We have to ask who is suffering and who is not; who caused this mess and who is paying for it. We have to ask why were the criminals who made the crisis getting saved while the populace suffers.

      They say everyone is responsible because we all took out loans we couldn’t pay back. That is bullshit as the vast majority are paying their mortgages, despite many being underwater. The bubble was fomented by easy money from banks who predated on people, gave them bait and switch loans, enticed people with promises of ever-rising real estate prices and fears that we would be priced out if we waited to buy, and knowingly gave loans that wouldn’t ever be paid back. Sure some individuals did stupid things — but most did not. The banks pulled off a heist they’ve executed countless times through history — give a loan knowing the party will not be able to pay back, show huge short term gains, take massive bonuses, and then when the bottom falls out take people’s houses away as they lose their jobs and can’t pay, all the while getting super cheap “money” from the fed, and bailout when it collapses as well. I’m actually wrong about one thing — the scheme they used had an enhancement on the usual extractive credit scam: by controlling the government and the laws, they were able to avoid the collapse of their criminal institutions, which historically would have gone bankrupt and destroyed countless lives whose savings would be gone in a puff of smoke. Some call this type of scam genius. I just call it evil. Anyone can pull off a crime if they have no shame or moral compass and no feeling for their fellow human beings. Using the banking system to scam and steal is an old, old method. The mob is seen for what it is. Gangs are obviously criminals. But bankers? Upstanding and responsible model citizens. That is the big lie of our era — the devil exists but has convinced everyone he’s over there, not right in front of our faces.

      1. will nadauld

        Hands down the best comment I have ever read on any site. Thank you for your genius. If I could print your thoughts on a T shirt to educate the masses, I would wear it daily. Thank you,

      2. PL_2

        YankeeFrank, this is an excellent summary of the whole sorry mess. And the great comment about buying Treasuries with ZIRP money seems clear too. (could we start a bank and do that?)

        My husband says it was all paid back, or only loans. Thank you for setting it straighter.

        Just one example of my original question above: lets say the government, or Fed, bought bad assets from the banks (Troubled Assets Relief Program sounds like it, but don’t think that is it. Maybe Qualitative Easing?)

        Anyway, if you buy assets for more than they’re worth, it’s clearly a gift. Then that means the government or the Fed now owns these assets, I would guess. Are they MBS? Or the bad loans themselves maybe?

        If this kind of thing could be definitely quantified, the whole ‘banks were bailed out, we were sold out’ thing would be on much firmer ground.

        1. YankeeFrank

          The Fed, as of March 2009, has purchased $1.25 trillion of MBS dreck from the banks, and a further $200 billion of agency MBS. The Treasury Dept bought $315 billion of MBS from the GSEs. That’s a total of $1,740 billion of MBS, bought at or near par as far as I recall. The haircut on MBS using mark to market pricing was as much as 90% during the period these purchases were made. Being conservative and using a 60% haircut means the banks and GSEs were given a taxpayer gift of around $1 trillion in direct purchases alone.

          See for more details.

          As you can see from perusing the Nomi Prins tables linked above, the money flow was a gusher with as many fancy-titled government money spigots as there were socio-economic programs pioneered by the FDR administration in the 30s. Of course the money is flowing in the wrong direction, but hey, its a new era and we are so much wiser than those old fogies… complaining is for whiners.

          Oh, and lastly, thanks for the complements :). I am trying to hone my descriptions to make them clear and simple — I guess its working some.

          1. PL_2

            OK! Looking at the tables I saw some confirmation of your comment:


            Now, the confirmation (table) said that there were purchases.

            I am going to look at that and search on those terms.

            We need a statement such as you made, that is confirmed by the table, and also a good business link or something. Can I say definitely that these MBS were bought at par, and they were worth less?

            If so, that could rise to the ‘looting’ you hear so much about, but appears to be without any particulars.

            If so, it seems it would be shouted from the rooftops, instead of just assumed, or implied. My husband will not believe it, and most articles just point to bailout amounts without distinguishing…..

          2. PL_2

            Looks like my old fashioned quotes deleted the ‘money quote’ from YankeeFrank I meant to include:

            “The Fed, as of March 2009, has purchased $1.25 trillion of MBS dreck from the banks, and a further $200 billion of agency MBS. The Treasury Dept bought $315 billion of MBS from the GSEs. That’s a total of $1,740 billion of MBS, bought at or near par as far as I recall.”

            (if anybody thinks I’m belaboring the point, I simply say I have _never_ in all this time, seen another clear simple example that is so important).

  13. LeonovaBalletRusse

    NC Friends, Countrymen, history rhymes. Revisit 1974:

    “The most severe impact of the oil crisis [executed by Henry Kissinger] hit the United States’ largest city, New York. In December 1974, nine of the world’s most powerful bankers, led by David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan, Citibank, and the London-New York investment bank, Lazard Freres, told the Mayor of New York, an old-line machine politician named Abraham Beame, that unless he turned over control of teh city’s huge pension funds to a committee of the banks, called the Municipal Assistance Corporation, the banks and their influential friends in the media would ENSURE FINANCIAL RUIN to the city. Not surprisingly, the overpowered Mayor capitulated, New York City was forced to slash spending for roadways, bridges, hospitals and schools in order to SERVICE THEIR BANK DEBT, and to lay off tens of thousands of city workers. The nation’s greatest city was turned into a scrap heap beginning then.[mycaps]…”(169)
    “But while Kissinger’s 1973 oil SHOCK had a devastating impact on world industrial growth, it had an enormous benefit for certain established interests–the major New York and London Banks, and the Seven Sister oil multinationals of the U.S. and Britain.Exxon replaced General Motors as the largest American corporation in gross revenues by 1974. Her sisters were not far behind, including Texaco, Chevron and Gulf. [mycaps]
    “The bulk of OPEC dollar revenues, Kissinger’s ‘recycled petrodollars,’ was deposited with the leading banks of London and New York, the banks wich dealt in dollars as well as international oil trade. Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Manufacturers Hanover, Bank of America, Barclays, Lloyds, Midland Bank, all enjoyed the windfall profits of the oil shock. We shall later see how they recycled their ‘petro-dollars’ during the 1970’s, and how it set the stage for the great debt crisis of the 1980’s.” (170)
    Chapter 9: “Running the World Economy in Reverse” in “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” – New Edition – by F. William Engdahl (Wiesbaden, edition.engdahl, 2011; [in English] 1992, 2001)

    NOTE: A recent film has referred to the State of Louisiana as an “Oil Colony.” This is so. Louisiana still is COLONIZED by Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso-Exxon) in Baton Rouge, Shell in “NORCO” [New Orleans Refining Co.], in cahoots with the Bushes “Valero;” Texaco in “The River Parishes” and Southwest LA; Halliburton and Schlumberger from Lafayette to the Gulf coast. It also was colonized by BigChemical and BigAluminum. Why? “legal” dumping in the Mississippi River, collusion with local politicians and racketeers for spoils: the classic “banana republic” of the “USA!USA!” Big Cane Sugar squares the circle, claimed covertly by Tate and Lyle of the British Empire. The wife of the boss from Tate and Lyle in Louisiana became the lobbyist for Tulane University for a Republican shut-out.

    This is the gospel truth, innocents.

    1. Susan the other

      I have always believed the above information. I’ve spent my life being heartsick over this stuff. But I haven’t given up. There’s no point in giving up. In fact, I’ve finally come to know that it is impossible to give up. Things are going to change for the better.

    2. Anon

      Engdahl, whose Century of War you cite, is apparently aligned with Lyndon LaRouche and the “global cooling, not warming” crowd.

      Are you serious?

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        The LaRouche crowd has hi-jacked Engdahl, just as “Rebuplicans” hi-jacked Eric Voegelin. Engdahl is not Voegelin, but he is a serious scholar who must not be impugned. Believe me, I am no fan of Germany and its defenders. But truth is truth.

        To utter “LaRouche” and “Engdahl” in the same breath is a travesty, in my opinion. Perhaps Engdahl himself should weigh in on this matter. If I be wrong, I shall stand corrected. I have contempt for LaRouchians, as for Randians.

        1. Can't Make an Omelette

          I’m glad you two have brought this up. I was curious about this. I saw Engdahl on Real News, which I adore and tend to trust. Maybe on Amy Goodman too. He seems like a smart analyst. Then I read what Anon-of-1:55 says, and it threw me for a loop.

      2. LeonovaBalletRusse

        Anon, global warming is a fact, and this fact is EXPLOITED for insider profits by Masters of the Global Holy Roman Reich IV (Fourth Reich):

        Re: CEDEL*Clearstream* of Luxembourg [carbon trading market] see — “Luxembourg Exposed [part 2]” uploaded by LuxembourgExposed on Nov 23, 2010: “The assignment of Clearstream consists in gaining money from its clients, and organizing the acquisition and custody of bonds….With chair Luxembourg, Clearstream is transferring bonds and stocks for thousands of banks and finance companies represented in 107 counries, one third being tax havens.” This serves the Global Reich. LINK is given below.

        Big Banks are/were based in the tax haven Luxembourg, including *American* banks, the Vatican’s “Banco Ambrosiano” run by the mafioso Roberto Calvi (murdered), and the Bush Dynasty’s BCCI (headed by Clark Clifford for a time, for that olde New England tie). LINK:

        Place this development within Engdahl’s text,below, to frame “Anglo-American green agenda” within the Reich’s constant desire to EXTRACT PROFIT from every agenda:

        “Beginning the 1970’s an awesome propagand offensive was launched from select Anglo-American think-tanks and journals, intended to shape a new ‘limits to growth’ agenda, which would insure the ‘success’ of the dramatic oil shock strategy. The American OILMAN present at the May 1973 Saltsjoebaden meeting of the Bilderberg group (Rockefeller-Kissinger profits agenda), Robert O. Anderson, was a central figure in the impplementation of the ensuing Anglo-American ecology agenda. It was to become one of the most successful frauds in history.
        “…One of the prime beneficiaries of Anderson’s largesse was a group called Friends of the Earth, which was organized in this time with a $200,000 grant from Anderson. One of the earliest targets of Anderson’s Friends of the Earth was to finance an assault on the German nuclear industry [Japan’s nuclear disaster accomplished the end of nuclear development in Germany in 2011]lll…. Friends of the Earth FRENCH director was the PARIS PARTNER of the Rockefeller [originally ROCQUEFEUILLE, French] family law firm, Coudert Brothers, one LaLonde, who in 1989 became Mitterand’s Environment Minister. It was Friends of the Earth whch was used to block a major JAPAN-Australia uranium supply agreement.” (174-175)
        [All caps mine], from:
        “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” – New Edition – by F. William Engdahl, op.cit.

        As is common on YouTube, the LyndonLaRouchians have but a shallow understanding of the Reich’s “green agenda,” and of how they are DUPES in the Reich’s BigOil agenda for complex profits to insiders (Big Oil pollution profits permitted globally in conjunction with profits from Luxembourg’s *Clearstream* global carbon market racket).

        For the Reich, it’s a *win-win*, obviously.

        1. Jim

          I really pity those who continue to believe that man is causing the Earth to warm. And when I ask them, did man-made emissions cause the 1-mile high glacier over Chicago and New York to melt over 10,000 years ago, they have no answer.

          Perhaps if I saw the “world is about to end” pols fly fewer private jets and use more video conferences as they preach to the choir, I would be more concerned.

          But the fact that they continue to emit more CO2 than they did even one decade ago indicates to me that it’s all a sham.

          And I’m shocked that otherwise intelligent people have fallen for it.

          VCs who have portfolio companies that depend on Cap and Trade or a Carbon Tax, I can understand. They have a vested interest in the US using more renewable energy.

          But everyone else???!!!

          1. Maximilien

            “No scientific body of national or international standing has maintained a dissenting opinion [regarding anthropogenic climate change]”—-Wiki

            When it comes to issues I don’t understand, I defer to authority. Were I to do otherwise, I would become prey to vested interests, charlatans, and crackpots.

          2. JTFaraday

            I somewhat lean in your direction of deferring to authority where you don’t have particular knowledge, but those who go whole hog for established authority are usually very short on history.

  14. Maju

    Odd that I agree with Delors but when he says that:

    “The euro’s troubles spring from “a combination of the stubbornness of the Germanic idea of monetary control and the absence of a clear vision from all the other countries”.

    I can’t but wholly agree.

    1. LeonovaBalletRusse

      “The free trade dogma of 19th Century British Empire, and its malthusian rationalizations, were doomed to eventual failure. Its foundations were based on cannibalizing the economies of increasing parts of the globe [Argentina, Brazil, U.S.: English ‘client states’] in order to survive….After 1873, British efforts to spread the virus of the ‘English Disease,’ Adam Smith’s ‘cosmopolitan economic model’ of ABSOLUTE FREE TRADE, became markedly less successful, as nations of Continental Europe, led by GERMANY, initiated a series of national economic protectionist measures which allowed them to unleash the most dramatic rates of industrial growth seen in the past 200 years. [mycaps]
      “This all set the stage for a new debate within the British elite over how to maintain Empire and power in a rapidly changing world. Into this debate the geopolitics of petroleum was introduced in 1882, in the realm of a debate on how to maintain British naval supremacy.” (11)
      Chapter 1: “The Three Pillars of the British Empire” in “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” New Edition – by F. William Engdahl.

      “History rhymes” – “American” bankers as proxies for the British Empire + BigOil (Rockefeller-in-Chief). The State of Israel is a PROXY for The British Empire, by “Zionist” and “Christian Zionist” collaborators from Reich III-IV in “THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS: How Western Espionage
      Betrayed the Jewish People” by John Loftus and Mark Aarons (New York, St. Martin’s Press, 2000, 1994).

      Same TREASON afoot in 1932: “THE [A] BUBBLE THAT BROKE THE WORLD” by Garet Garrett (Boston, Little, Brown and Company, June 1932). Compare:

      “CONJURING HITLER…” by Guido Giacomo Preparata;
      “AMERICAN DYNASTY…” by Kevin Phillips;
      “THE THIRD REICH IN THE IVORY TOWER” by Stephen H. Norwood.

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        If anyone be in doubt about the integrity of Engdahl’s research or the veracity of his claims, see the blog from Allen Ruff posted at on or before November 28, 2011: “How Private Warmongers and the US Military Infiltrated American Universities”–IF you can find it (apparently removed).

        Anyone doubting that YALE is a conduit for the sustained “power and glory” of the so-called “British Empire”–actually, the global Victorian Reich (issuing from Victoria’s grandsons in Great Britain, Russia, and Prussia-Germany [Holy Roman Reich II] and encompassing Holy Roman Reichs III and IV)–need only read the blog above and CONNECT it with the following DOTS:

        “BENJAMIN SILLIMAN: A Life in the Young Republic” by Chandos Michael Brown (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1989);

        “THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT: From Rhodes to Cliveden” by Carroll Quigley (orig. 1949; San Pedro CA, GSG & Associates Publishers, Books in Focus, Inc., 1981);
        “THE GREATEST GAMBLERS: The Epic of American Oil Exploration” by Ruth Sheldon Knowles (Norman OK, University of Oklahoma Press, 1978; New York, 1959);
        “THE OLD BOYS: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA” by Burton Hersh (Hersh 1992; St. Petersburg FL, Tree Farm Books, 2002);
        “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” by F. William Engdahl (first pub. English 1992, 2004; new/rev. edition: Wiesbaden, edition.engdahl, 2011);
        “CONJURING HITLER: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich” by Guido Giacomo Preparata (London and Ann Arbor MI, Pluto Press, 2005);
        “UNHOLY TRINITY: The Vatican, The Nazis, and the Swiss Banks” – New and Revised Edition – by Mark Aarons and John Loftus (New York, St. Martin’s Griffin, 1998; St. Martin’s, 1991; first published as “Ratlines” in Great Britain by William Heinemann, Ltd. 1991);
        “AMERICAN DYNASTY: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush” by Kevin Phillips (New York, VIKING, 2004);
        “THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People” by John Loftus and Mark Aarons (New York, St. Martin’s Press, 2000; 1994).

        To comprehend the *MonopolyFinance* complicity of Rockefeller’s (Rocquefeuille’s) University of Chicago imperialists SEE:
        “THE IDEOLOGY OF TYRANNY: Bataille, Foucault, and the Postmodern Corruption of Political Dissent” by Guido Giacomo Preparata (New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007); Chapter 8: “The Tomb Raiders of the Postmodern Right: Junger’s Anarch, the Neocon, and the Bogus Hermeneutics of Leo Strauss” —
        FOR British Imperial propaganda promulgated by Rockefeller’s (Rocquefeuille’s) University of Chicago, through its “Enclyclopedia Britannica” putsch, SEE:
        “MISINFORMING A NATION” by Willard Huntington Wright (New York, B.W. Heubsch, MCMXVII [1917]).

        These tyrants have screwed us for a century, Citizens. Certain Agents of a Foreign Power in *U.S. banking and government* have enslaved us to The British Empire.

        Cry “Treason” and assert Citizen constitutional rights.

        1. LeonovaBalletRusse

          And for the cherry on top:

          “N.M. Rotschild, London – BANK OF ENGLAND” is listed at *Top Dog* of the *Federal Reserve* in the:
          “Chart of who ‘owns’ the Federal Reserve” of 1976. LINK:

          Who in their right mind can study this chart and blame “American Jews” for the ruin of our *real economy*, of our *social solidarity*, disaster, TARP, for “The Great Recession?”

          The SCAPEGOAT of the *Third Reich* is meant to be the SCAPEGOAT of the Fourth Reich (the Holy Roman Reich IV): That’s right, “the Jews.” You Tube is filled with calumny.

          Will “We the People” of the United States stand for this? Or will we ALL together “Cry Treason” and put a stop to the Rule of the Reich, instead of the Rule of Law? Citizens?

        2. Jeff

          You’ll love “Family of Secrets”by Russ Baker.
          It’s about the Bush dynasty and much of their Yale connections as well as the political machinations they are responsible for during the XX Century.

    2. scraping_by

      I always thought the Euro’s problems began when it started as an elite currency issued by merchants and industrialists to facilitate international trade. It didn’t grow out of organic national economies, but international trading blocs and supranational market organizations. Keeping score among plutocrats is a lot different from oiling the wheels of everyday life.

      Differential currencies always fail, and those that are the property of the elite fail on a regular basis. Part of it’s populist discontent (“You shall not crucify mankind on a cross of Euros!”) but part of it’s just different uses of money. All economies need money that’s purpose built, rather than trying to rejig economies to fit the money of the rich.

      Let the rich keep the Euro. The European in the street needs money that works for main street Greece, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, France, etc.

      1. Maju

        The poor can’t quit the euro (at risk of total social, economical and state collapse Somalia style): the poor must make the euro theirs and adapt it to their needs, monetizing at least some of the debt and, simultaneously, devaluing the currency so their economies become competitive again (at least a bit more). It is the rich, if anyone, who must quit the euro – and in any case stop imposing their absurd ideas on the rest so tyrannically.

    3. Jim

      Germany has nothing to do with it.

      It’s all the fault of the architects who were too coward to ask the participating countries to cede their sovereignty as they constructed the EuroZone.

      I have so much more respect for Thatcher than I did one decade ago.

      And I’m a Dem.

      1. JTFaraday

        I would think the superimposition of a financialized super state is the “logical” outcome of Thatcherism.

        Sympathy for the Devil? But why? Somehow I doubt Thatcher went easy on the slow kids.

  15. Maju

    I don’t seem to find a “contact us” option anywhere, so I’m going to comment this here, hope it is no trouble.

    Have you read on the alleged $16 trillion “secret” US banks bail out that Global Research reports these days. I find it more than just astonishing and I wouldn’t mind more qualified opinions. It seems like huge budget and a credibility bomb.

    1. LeonovaBalletRusse

      With regard to my thesis that the Balfour Declaration worked within the frame of “THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS,” see Engdahl, re the letter of Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour to Walther LORD Rotschild, “representative of the ENGLISH Federation of Zionists” (op. cit.):
      “It is also notable that the letter was an exchange between two close friends. Both Balfour and Walter Lord Rotschild were members of an emerging imperialist faction in Britain, which sought to create an enduring global Empire, one based on more sophisticated methods of social control.
      “Also notable, is the fact that Lord Rotschild spoke, NOT as head of any international organization of Jewry, but rather as a member of the English Federation of Zionists…Rotschild money had essentially created that organization…. (54)
      “But more relevant than the evident hypocrisy in the Balfour-Rothschild exchange, was the BRITISH GREAT GAME which lay behind the Balfour note. It is not insignificant that the geographical location for the new British-sponsored Jewish homeland lay in one of the most strategic areas along the main artery of the enlarged post 1914 BRITISH EMPIRE, in a sensitive POSITION along the route to India as well as in relation to the newly-won Arab petroleum lands of Ottoman Turkey. A MINORITY SETTLEMENT under BRITISH protectorate in Palestine, argued Balfour and others in London, would give London strategic possibilities of enormous importance. It was, to say the least, a cynical ploy from the side of Balfour and his circle.” (55)
      “Beginning approximately the early 1890’s, a group of English policy elites, primarily form the privileged colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, formed what was to become the most influential policy network in Britain over the next half century and more. The group denied its existence as a formal group, but its footprints can be found around the establishment of a new journal of Empire, “The Round Table,” founded in 1910.
      “The group argued that a more subtle and more efficient system of global empire was required to extend the effective hegemony of Anglo-Saxon culture into the next century.” (54)
      [All caps mine] from:
      “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order – New Edition – by F. William Engdahl.

      “THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT: from Rhodes to Cliveden” by Carroll Quigley confirms the above, and offers clarifying detail.

      George H. W. Bush of The Russell Foundation’s YALE, of Russell’s Skull and Bones, began the Fourth Reich’s *New World Order* putsch with the help of the RHODES TRUST, which provided funding to University *scholars* who promulgated the Party Line. BUCKLEY of *God and YALE* performed for the Reich as planned, conjoining the Victorian Reich with the Holy Roman Empire’s *Catholic Church* propaganda, to usher in the *Reich Republicans* en masse.

      The *Rhodes Scholarship* is YALE’s time-honored device for pushing the Victorian Holy Roman Reich agenda into the USA.

        1. psychohistorian

          Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing contributions to our discussions and insure you that your occasional typos and link problems are forever forgiven…at least by me.

          In peace.

          Laugh the global inherited rich out of control of “Western Democracies” and into rooms at the Hague where we can prosecute them for our social degradation.

  16. EH

    Someone let me know when the Financial Times stops using that pop up mailing list crap so I can visit them again.

    1. Jeff

      Use Firefox and their free Ad Block Plus. You’ll never see another ad or a pop up again…unless you chose to.

  17. Can't Make an Omelette

    Thanks for the link to the wikileaks Spy Files and Guardian story! Silicon Valley needs to be muckraked. I sometimes see this contrast being set up where people are disgusted with the ephemeral nature of the FIRE sector, and their example of what to contrast that with is the good old, solid American know-how in northern California. That’s great, but it should be put through an ethical lens as well. We need technologist-muckrakers who do for the west coast what Yves does for the east.

    Since something like this is often too big to wrap our heads around, I think a way to get concrete is to concentrate on false positives hurt or killed in the course of accomplishing what they’re trying to accomplish with surveillance. The false positives have to be documented methodically. Maybe this approach is a remedy for human susceptibility to go whole hog towards paranoia and be easily dismissed and ridiculed. No. Specificity and citations are really important. If there’s someone being hurt by this, let’s write it up dispassionately, and you can sway more people that the costs might outweigh the benefits.

    Also, I see a lot of counterarguments (say in the blog comments on stories like this, maybe not on NC but in a more centrist environment) where someone will come back and say “so what? Privacy is over – so what is the point of wringing your hands about it today if you weren’t wringing your hands about it yesterday?” This throws the baby out with the bathwater. False positives are being hurt on an ongoing basis, even in the case of JSOC targeted killings (, and the false positive deaths that haven’t happened yet can be prevented.

  18. EmilianoZ

    I was gonna ask for a guest post from David Graeber so he could update us about OWS but he has recently issued a piece at Adbusters:

    He doesn’t sound half as optimistic as when he last guest posted here. He almost sounds like he’s ready to admit defeat. His post mainly seems to express his uncertainty. Loads of historical comparisons nut not much meat.

    He must be disappointed that after all the masses did not follow. Maybe we lost the will to fight. Maybe we need another terminal crisis to send us en masse in the streets.

    1. LeonovaBalletRusse

      EmilianoZ, maybe Graeber left something out:

      “Once Sterling had devalued, speculative pressures turned to the U.S. dollar directly at the end of 1967. … But the withdrawal of France, one of the largest holders of gold, from the Group of Ten Gold Pool, had intensified Washington’s problem. By year-end Washington’s official gold stock had declined … to only $12 billions.
      “De Gaulle is toppled”
      “The crisis gathered momentum into 1968, and between March 8 and March 15 of that year, the Gold Pool in London had to provide nearly 1,000 tons to hold the gold price….
      “By April 1968, a special meeting of the Group of Ten was convened, on Washington’s request, in Stockholm. U.S. officials planeed to unveil yet another scheme, creation of a new ‘paper gold’ substitute through the IMF, so-called Special Drawing Rights, in an effort to postpone the day of reckoning still further. (150)
      “Within days of the French refusal to back Washington’s SDR dollar bailout scheme, France itself was the target of the most serious political destabilization of the postwar period.
      “May 1968 in France, was the response of the vested London and New York financial interests to the one G-10 nation which continued to defy their mandate. Taking advantage of the new French law allowing full currency convertibility, these financial houses began to cash in Francs for gold, draining French gold reserves by almost 30 percent by the end of 1968, and bringing a full-blown crisis in the Franc.
      “Sadly, the counterattack of the Anglo-Americans had succeeded. Within a year de Gaulle was out of office, and France’s voice severely weakened.” (151)
      “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” – New Edition – by F. William Engdahl, op.cit.

      EmilianoZ, doesn’t this fit the pattern we know so well, ruin to rebels against the System, regime change for fun and profit: “Because we can.*

      Do you think Graeber knows this or not? It does not fit his *revolutionary* pattern, does it?

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        It is, after all, as claimed: all they care about is money, more and more money/gold/x = money, in THEIR pockets, and the devil take the hindmost. Whatever/whoever must be ruined, killed, or otherwise destroyed in the process, there is only one Law: whoever/whatever gets in the way of *their money* — all the money/wealth in the world, to which they feel entitled by divine right — must be dispensed with, gotten out of the way.

        It doesn’t matter what nations are toppled, ruined, or burnt to ashes, NOTHING matters to them except money, money, and more money/gold/x=money, for THEM. As George Carlin affirmed: “THEY don’t give a F!!! about you, they don’t care about you AT ALL, at all, at all.”

        They don’t. So WHY should we care about them?

        “Cry TREASON!” Arrest/detain/convict WAR CRIMINALS. Now.

      2. David Graeber

        You seem to have missed the point – following Wallerstein – that these are all world revolutions. “The world revolution of 1968” was a youth rebellion that stretched from the Cultural Revolution in China to student uprisings in Mexico. Are you claiming this was all somehow caused by currency manipulations directed against France?

    2. David Graeber

      Complete nonsense – I was amazed and shocked people followed as far as they had. No one is expecting the overthrow of state power in the US. The article is arguing that we are witnessing a “world revolution of 2011” at the very least as important as 1848 and perhaps more so. How you could see this as lowering my sights I have no idea.

  19. skippy

    Shenanigans on Occupy Brisbane FB page see.

    David Nightingale ‎– — “it is a classic tactic to attack the individual and not the information they submit. Intellectually dishonest in the extrema.”

    “Getting the idea David,(sic) … Your(sic) either woefully uninformed or trying to deflect empirical evidence to the contrary. You(sic) unspecific assertions are rubbish, good on your(sic) for trying to screw hard working people over on their investments and superannuation. What a creep.”
    about an hour ago · Like
    Wayward Septic Try having a go at the information David. Your attempts to inflict a score on ME is not a refutation of the information proffered or a pass to the individuals that come here and take a dump. Although your attention strictly pointed at ME is a HUGE tell. Try harder David!
    36 minutes ago · Like
    Wayward Septic Lets see Rusty Lemon has one subscription from: Gemma Snowdon… whom has · 3 subscribers and is a Producer at Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Which leads to SEE: Brian Stelter · 28,016 subscribers Reporter at The New York Times and Anthony De Rosa · 18,148 subscribers a Social-Media Editor at Thomson Reuters.
    24 minutes ago · Like
    Wayward Septic Which leads us to this see: Brian Stelter
    Up early, watching the latest Occupy evictions.
    Like · · Share · November 30 at 8:05pm ·

    67 people like this.

    1 share

    David Meddows It almost sound like a new HBO series…

    November 30 at 8:08pm · Like · 9

    Vivek Kulkarni Hmmm…

    November 30 at 8:27pm · Like · 1

    Alfred Akwe I saw them too, with hands tied to their backs…hahaha

    November 30 at 8:48pm · Like · 1

    Sue Bemi Jesus H. Christ…

    November 30 at 9:13pm · Like · 1

    Kim Bui Do you sleep? Ever?

    November 30 at 9:43pm · Like · 1

    Conrad Clarke Shame that the American government has gone straight to such a violent, brutal strategy for eviction. There’s a reason the poor and minorities of America don’t trust the police, and it’s exactly this, because the police can do terrible things with no consequence.

    November 30 at 10:16pm · Like · 8

    Thomas Babu very nice

    November 30 at 10:29pm · Like

    Caroline Mankins Charlottesville gets evicted tonight….some are moving to UVA grounds…some are refuasing to leave Lee Park..It will be interesting to see how our crunch city handles this…The city has been cooperative until now…

    Thursday at 1:24am · Like

    Cheryl Lee :>i thanks for posting.

    Thursday at 8:38am · Like · 1

    TradeCo Securities Tell these people to try occupying a desk!!!
    22 minutes ago · Like
    Wayward Septic Would anyone like more?
    21 minutes ago · Like
    Wayward Septic Wayward Septic Ok can’t help my self because Ben Stelter then writes this objecitve piece for the NYT see:
    ‘We Are the 99 Percent’ Joins the Cultural and Political Lexicon
    Whatever the long-term effects of the Occupy movement, protesters have succeeded…See More
    ‘We Are the 99 Percent’ Joins the Cultural and Political Lexicon
    Whatever the long-term effects of the Occupy movement, protesters have succeeded…See More

    Skippy…if any have time on your hands and a penchant for engaging in this tom foolery, please come around and have a swat.

    1. Doc Holiday


      I’ve missed you… I’m just too busy to keep up with anything, anywhere, anytime. Be good!

      1. skippy

        Dang it, I have to be honest, I feel a melancholy about it all. But just knowing your out here is a relief of sorts.

        Skippy…you do your moniker proud in my worthless 2 bits.

  20. Doc Holiday

    Speaking of monkey’s, obese cops have some bad news:

    Re: … one 40-year longitudinal study from 1950 through 1990 found that, appallingly, the life expectancy of a retired male police officer in the United States was 66 years.

    ==> These guys have such short life spans, and then the cut things even shorter by becoming obese. I’m amazed at the videos I see, ok, I’m actually appalled at the tsunami of obese cops playing bullies at all the OWS protests across the country. If these fat oinkers had to actually chase demonstrators, versus blast everyone with pepper spray and work in massive swat teams … these old, aging fat pigs would all die of heart attacks!

    Furthermore, these public employees who suck on the public teat for their pay and pensions are doing us all a favor by remaining obese!

    OWS needs donations for Krispy Kreams; don’t hold back, kill them with kindness!

    As seen on the internet, so it must be true:

    Physical fitness: tips for the law enforcement executive

    ==> I still can’t believe these fatass clowns are being screwed over by wall street and have lost tons on their pensions, yet they as a group feel the need to be sadistic and brutal towards the taxpaying citizens that pay for their F’ing kids dental plans … just say no to their pensions next time you have a vote!

    My apologies to the children of fat cops; I feel sorry for your screwed up lives!

    1. will nadauld

      What is missing in your life that you must demonize the obese so? Do you have a tiny penis? Was your father mean to you when you were a child? Does your trust fund make you feel a bit like a pussy who could never make it in the non trust fund world? Fuck off skinny man,

      1. skippy

        “What is missing in your life that you must demonize the obese so?’ — will nadauld. Great question Will. Might I start off with his reference was fat obese cops and not a gross generalization. To that I would add that the nutritional value they consume is a direct effect of processed food, hence corporate control over the food supply.

        Skippy…Your aim is off a smidgen, please correct for windage. BTW your response was an ad hominem feast compared to his offering, way to refute from the gutter. LMAO.

        1. Doc Holiday

          Why is so difficult to discuss obese cops here? Gawd, you’d think it was like an off-base topic or unrealistic to just bring up dimple thoughts like the majority of cops are obese and that they seem to be taking their depression out on people that are protesting against bankers. I seriously don’t get any of this stupidity, including the fact that slots of pension funds that belong to obese cops are being abused by the people the fat cops are protecting … and I don’t get why that it is the way it seems to be? Put yourself in my F’ing shoes and take a few steps back and look at this from somewhere other than the gutter, and then take a deep breath and imagine getting a different perspective on the bigger picture, then — ask yourself, why … no, WTF is the motivation for these fat cops to protect crooks, unless the cops are in on a game that is being connected to the crooks … as in, maybe these fat cops are part of the problem, just like at the higher level of the gravy boat, where the DOJ, SEC, FBI, DHS, FTC, etc., are on the take and they all get paid to look the other way at what their bosses on wall street are doing to the average American taxpayer….. taxpayers that are paying for all this stupid shit … what was the question?

          * Note: Skippy, be good … this is obviously not directed at you. Hello Ms. Yves, how are you? I miss you too…

    1. will nadauld

      Let me reiterate my contempt for your anti obese blather. You must be one of those private school trust fund pups who never quite felt good enough around dads friends. fuck off.

      1. Doc Holiday

        Let me reiterate my contempt for your anti obese blather…

        I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your abusing the transitive verb reiterate in your sentence. The proper use of reiterate would be after this post, where I re-state that the majority of cops are fat slobs that are ripping off taxpayers with overtime while they act like nazis.

        You can take another shot at using the English language now, but please don’t take my insult as anything other than fact.

  21. skippy

    More high jinks and Naked Capitalism is besmirched!

    David Albano
    Ummm Bernie … have a look above … who is picking at who’s posts??? Your continued defense of Wayward is slowly dragging down your credibility. I refuse to post anything here anymore because I am sick of Wayward hijacking it with links to, his rants about how knowladgeable he is compared to everyone else on this board, his belittleing of the ideas of everyone else, and his inability to have a discussion with anyone that doesn’t revolve around how much more he knows then anybody else. You guys accuse people daily of trolling, yet youcontinue to back this “anonymous” person. You keep wondering why this page and movement is losing support …. look within because I know for a fact the above actions of Wayward have displeased enough people that they no longer feel the need to be sanctmoniously lectured to everytime they post a legitimate concern. The last time I posted in regards to me dislike of conspiracy theory links on the page I was attacked regarding my (supposed) lack of knowledge of the financial system. Completely unacceptable … this page has lost my support, deal with Wayward before you lose more.

    Skippy….Mon dieu I’m a provocateur with out fact[s! This site has not informed me of the delineation between shite and shineola!

  22. Because

    My guess is the Euro is weeks if not days from collapsing. The FED’s so called “intervention” was nothing more than the market asking to have their dollars to be saved from Europe and be repatrioted back to their host countries(mostly american).

    1. Maju

      Hahaha! What would you consider “collapsing”?

      So far the euro continues extremely overvalued in relation to 1999-2003 and can well lose that extra fat.

      The only real risk of “collapse” would be some loss of market value (which would be in fact healthy for most of the Eurozone’s economy and comparatively bad for those who dump their cheap products on us such as the USA, China…)

      Instead the politics of the Eurozone might collapse because of the class war “cuts” (strangling of the working class) and the subsequents uprisings, which have already begun.

      Of course semi-bankruptcies are in the schedule but that will not “collapse” the euro nor anything other than creditors banks, which are mostly irrelevant at the end of the day.

    1. psychohistorian

      Hello Doc,

      This is the same strategy used outside the US in other countries that we developed American Imperialism over for 60+ years. It just never gets the coverage as the same in the US.

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