Links 5/24/12

Rakoff Gets Amicus Support from Occupy Wall Street in Citi Appeal American Lawyer

The Philanthropic Complex, Jacobin Magazine

Is Europe Ready for Banking Union? Vox

Data, Drugs, and Deception Get ‘Em

War-Gaming Greek Euro Exit Shows Hazards In 46-Hour Weekend Bloomberg

Obama Campaign Ads Focus On President’s Work With Veterans, Seniors Huffington Post  … Another ad about killing Bin Laden.  Blech.

Shale gas boom helps slash US emissions FT

Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown Poll: Still Deadlocked Huffington Post

Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.: The lost years Politico

Spain struggles to meet regions’ 36 billion-euro debts Reuters

Senator admits: SOPA “really did pose some risk to the Internet” Ars Technica

Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones CBS DC

Rickroll Meme Destroyed By Copyright Takedown Torrent Freak

Iran Navy Helps U.S. Ship Attacked By Pirates In Middle East Bloomberg

Rather: 2012 ‘Worst’ Campaign Politico

Euro Zone Crisis Boils as Leaders Argue, Failing at Pact New York Times

Kolko: Dissecting the House Price Indices Calculated Risk

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D – 107 and counting. *

Lambert here:

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” –Ronald Reagan, 1980 Presidential campaign

Occupy. Occupy Frankfurt: The German police take off their helmets (image; image) and escort marching occupiers. (Not the same as joining them (FB link), but still a powerful symbolic act. (This would be method 147 of Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods of Non-Violent Protest and Persuasion, “… selective noncooperation by enforcement agents.”)

Occupy The Wall: “How Pink Floyd’s Album Became Political Theater in 2012.” A really excellent piece from Occupy Oakland Media Collective. I had no idea that Roger Waters was a vocal Occupy supporter.

Montreal. Crowd estimates for yesterday’s 100th-day anniversay march range from 100,000 to 250,000. Leaders being anointed. The Beeb: “Mr Nadeau-Dubois [of Classe (80,000)], a 21-year-old history student at the University of Quebec in Montreal, has shot to prominence with his fiery rhetoric and bad-boy intransigence.” Jeanne Reynolds, also of Classe, “is the recipient of a lieutenant-governor’s medal because of her high marks and hundreds of hours of volunteer work.” Trade unions based outside Quebec send $36,000 to Quebec student organizations. Betting site sets odds on martial law in Quebec by the end of 2012: 5.5 to 1.

CA. Tinpot Tyrant Watch: County grand jury investigating San Diego’s police citizen review board uncovered an atmosphere rife with “prejudice, fear and intimidation.”

CO (Swing State). Denver Post runs story headlined “Political billboards in Colorado use energy policy to fuel debate” without covering the debate; instead, they went meta on the billboards. Longmont City Council postpones fracking regulations 45 days after veiled threat from state of lawsuit (speaking of energy policy).

IL. DOJ Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald resigns, giving no reason. “No future employment plans.” Decision came as “surprise” to DOJ, who learned of it this morning. Hey, I wonder if Schneiderman’s Mortgage Task Force needs a prosecutor? Of course, they’d need to set up an office. With a phone.

NC. Environmental impacts, gas reserves close to groundwater, scaled back reserves “should be the death knell for fracking” in NC. Should.

NV. Record 30 tribal leaders issue statement opposing controversial Las Vegas groundwater pumping pipeline, cite “lack of required government-to-government consultation required by [Bush] Executive Order 13175.”

OH (Swing state). Kasich allows oil and gas industry to write portions of fracking legislation.

VT. Leahy, Sanders, Welch, Shumlin, and Dubie form a “Vermont Military Mafia” to bring defense spending to Northeast (here, F-35s replacing F16s for Vermont Air National Guard).

WI (swing state). DNC email blast: “It’s up to Democrats across the country [and not the DNC] to help win this thing.” DNC not cutting that $500K check to the WI State Ds for GOTV reminds me of Stalin halting his troops so the Nazis could crush the Warsaw Uprising. Ilya Sheyman’s BFFs, the PCCC, cancel “a big buy in Wisconsin, according to data provided by SMG Delta” (Politico “Morning Score,” unsourced and unlinkable). Madison West High School activists form Students for Wisconsin political action committee to take on Walker (video). Milwaukee violent crime rate lowered based on faulty data. JS’s timing sure is coincidental, given D Barret is mayor of Milwaukee. Product endorsements of R Walker’s “Deer Czar,” James Kroll.

Green Party. Stein leading, but not clinched.

Ron Paul. College senior spends $1.3 million inherited from banker grandfather to form Ron Paul SuperPAC. MN GOP activist John Gilmore: “…a Jew-hating, fringe cult political figure who speaks to alienated, fairly ignorant and frequently unwashed lost souls….” Say what you feel, John! Lawyerly adverbs and all! OK challenge: “Any other people who claim they were elected as delegates in the parking lot after we adjourned at 5 p.m. are not delegates and will not be certified to the RNC.”

Ladies of Negotiable Affection. Sen. Collins: “This was not a one-time event. The circumstances unfortunately suggest an issue of culture,” noting that two participants were Secret Service supervisors (see). SS head Sullivan: “I’m confident this is not a cultural issue.” SS accused to fight dismissals. Pass the popcorn!

Inside Baseball. “At roughly $40 per person on average, high tea in D.C. is not an inexpensive endeavor. But when done right, it can be a revitalizing experience that goes way beyond a standard meal.” Only 33% of respondents believe the economy will get better in the next year, down five points from April and seven points from March. “The unemployment rates in a majority of the 2012 battleground states are lower than the national average as those economies improve.” From the Barcalounger: OHQ “visionary minimalism.” They want to win by the smallest margin possible, so they owe the voters as little as possible. “Campaign workers gather up donors’ mobile phones in plastic bags at some fundraisers.” That’s the lesson the campaigns drew from “bitter/cling to….”

Romney. Rs think Romney can win: “[D]ramatic shift from … mere weeks ago.” A week is a long time in politics! Romney in Time, serviced by Mark Halperin: “I can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we’d put in place, we’d get the unemployment rate down to 6%, and perhaps a little lower.” So, the 4% really was merely aspirational?

Uncle Karl’s in the house with “Basketball” from Crossroads PAC. The focus-grouped message “is frustrated hopes, mingled with a pervasive dread about the ongoing economic crisis.” Woman character: “It’s funny, [my kids] can’t find jobs to get their careers started and I can’t afford to retire.” True, dat. Beats the stuffing out of Obama’s Julia ad, too. After all, actual women trump composite cartoon character women, eh? More: “[T]he woman admits she supported Obama because “he spoke so beautifully. He promised change.” Ouch! Crossroads is running “Basketball” in CO, FL, IA, MI, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, and VA. “Obama carried all of those states in 2008 and needs to win more than half of them in order to be re-elected.”

Obama. Obama at the Air Force Academy: “No other nation has sacrificed more—in treasure, in the lives of our sons and daughters—so that these freedoms could take root and flourish around the world.” “More?” What’s the discount on the the 100K+ Iraqi civilian dead, then? Anyhow, shorter Obama: I whacked OBL. Count of MA supporters contributing maximum falls almost 50 percent over 2008. In shocker, Obama supporters blame somebody else: “Elizabeth Warren has sucked a lot of air out of the room.”

The normally astute Pierce: “Another reason the left should just suck it up.” Huh? Why is OK for gays to muscle Obama and not the left? Pierce is the last person I’d expect to start punching the hippies, but we live in interesting times.

Booker/Bain flap. Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford calls his shot on Corey Booker. In 2002. (hat tip alert reader G3). Reader Klassy: “It’s too bad that Glen Ford is right about pretty much everything.” Yeppers.

* 107 days ’til the Democratic National Convention ends with on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. 107 is the police “10 code” for a suspicious person.

A la prochaine fois!

* * *



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From 2011-2012, Matt was a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. He contributed to Politico, Alternet, Salon, The Nation and Reuters, focusing on the intersection of foreclosures, the financial system, and political corruption. In 2012, he starred in “Brand X with Russell Brand” on the FX network, and was a writer and consultant for the show. He has also produced for MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show. From 2009-2010, he worked as Senior Policy Advisor for Congressman Alan Grayson. You can follow him on Twitter at @matthewstoller.


  1. taunger

    Gas will make our mission to mitigate global warming harder. The FT article is a great example why.

    First they go on and on about reduced CO2 emissions, which may be true, but fails to encompass the entirety of shale gas emissions effects. Fracking also releases methane ,, and may end up being a worse warming agent than coal.

    Never mind the blatant editorial mistake in this paragraph that lulls the mind into thinking we will avoid the worst, when the meaning is in fact opposite:

    “The increase will make it harder to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels – which scientists believe is the threshold for potentially “dangerous climate change”.

    1. Clinteastwood

      Man made global warming is a myth promulgated by the elites to subserve a global carbon tax for world government, believed only by those overeducated beyond their intelligence.

        1. gepay

          I fail to see how such unequivocal statements about the hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming by man made CO2 can be made when the feedback mechanisms in the chaotic (with a tremendous number of other variables) climate system are barely articulated and most of them unknown. A couple of decades of warmer than usual weather but not even outside the parameters of recorded history should not be used to make climate predictions that require political changes. CO2 is not a pollutant.
          Now if you want to talk about the possibility of man destroying the environment that we depend on, you don’t need the phantasm of AGW. Right now, Fukishima is ongoing. There should be a global effort to prevent the very real possibility of the spent fuel pool of No4. collapsing.
          Humankind on this Earth has many real problems that should be dealt with rather than the possible hypothesis of AGW with its wrong computer model generated predictions.

    2. curlydan

      Great points, taunger!

      I did a little extra research since I was skeptical about the “shale” impacts on CO2 emissions being touted in the FT piece.

      According to the IEA in 2011, US CO2 emissions fell by 1.7% or 92megatonnes YOY compared to Europe’s decline of 1.9%. The U.S. decline was attributed to natural gas (and a mild winter says the IEA but not the FT) while Europe’s decline was attributed to a sluggish economy.

      The 5-year trend (talking about the 450 megatonnes drop in the U.S.) was primarily an impact from the recession with the biggest decrease in 2009–the worst year for the recession when CO2 fell 392megatonnes (or 87% of the 450megaton drop) in the U.S. in a single year. To link shale gas as the main factor in this 5-year decline (where the economy was the real main factor) is wrong. FT made the mistake while the IEA was less misleading.

      Here’s the IEA’s press release:,27216,en.html

      Here’s there more in-depth report from with data through 2009. See pg 46 of the report to find yearly changes in CO2.

  2. A Little Night Musing

    Tear down the wall! Obama is evil (there! I said it!) – “forced” into doing things he wants to do anyway

    1. chris

      Indeed. Evil…

      and all the talk about Obama being forced right by the ultra-conservative GOP, the “Overton Window” excuse, is pure bullshit. It’s Obama doing the forcing… he has forced the GOP ever more right (what, an opposition party was suddenly supposed to be anything else?) by co-opting Reaganism, Bush’s war-on-terror foreign policy and the end of FDR’s New Deal egalitarianism as Democratic Party virtues.

      Have you seen the “fearless leader” ads? They are laughably fraudulent. They make Dukakis’s riding around on a tank with an oversized helmet on his undersized head, and John Kerry’s “reporting for duty” convention salute seem almost guileless by comparison.

      Obama and the Democrats must be defeated.

      1. Eeyores enigma

        Chris says…. “Obama and the Democrats must be defeated.”

        Yes! We must all work hard and focus all our energies to get someone else who we can be disillusioned, disappointed, and disgusted with for president. This ought to keep us busy for a while until…the next time when we do it all over again.

        Stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jessica

    War-Gaming Greek Euro Exit Shows Hazards In 46-Hour Weekend Bloomberg

    The Greek anti-bailout leadership has made it clear that it has no intention of leaving the Euro. Polls in Greece show Greeks are against austerity but want to remain in the Euro. So why is there speculation about Greece leaving the Euro, rather than speculation about the rest of the Eurozone or Germany throwing them out, which is a much more likely scenario?
    Is this a deliberate propaganda campaign to scare Greek voters into voting for pro-austerity parties and to shift responsibility for any breakup of the Euro zone from Euro zone leadership to Greece?

    1. financial matters

      Yes, I thought this was a telling quote from the article “Syriza’s opposition to the terms of Greece’s financial-aid program doesn’t mean the country would have to abandon the euro should the party form a government after the elections, party leader Alexis Tsipras said May 20”

      On the other hand ““This is the first time since the beginning of the last century that it’s not about the left or right winning, it’s about pro-bailout or anti-bailout,” said Aristotle Kallis, professor of modern and contemporary history at Lancaster University in the U.K.” this does seem to be a true austerity battle. This seems to be the current front lines in battling against regressive IMF and World Bank policies and in standing up to bank bailouts at the expense of social programs. Still the social programs need to be responsible. But is Greece going to decide that for themselves or let the EU do it for them.

    2. MLS

      It’s not surpising that the Greek populace is in favor of ending austerity and staying in the Euro. They recognize that austerity sucks and is equivalent to a depression, and leaving the Euro would cause panic and chaos on their way to a siginifcantly cheaper “new Drachma”, and hence a worse depression. They became very accustomed to living above their means and having the government borrow rather than enforce tax collections to make up the difference. Unit labor costs are higher in Greece than anywhere else in Europe outside of Portugal, so you have a lot of workers collecting paychecks without producing very much that is valued by anyone else. All of this was made possible by the Greek government being able to borrow on the strength of the Euro despite their now obvious budget shortcomings.

      Why would they want to leave the Euro and give up the lifestyle that was simply given to so many of them?

    1. Lambert Strether

      The quotes from the Sierra Club are pathetic. Did we ever get to look at Cheney’s energy plan? Because it looks like Robama’s implementing it.

      * * *

      Oh noez!!!! The Supreme Court!!!!!

    1. Bill the Psychologist

      I watched this online, it was pretty good, maybe it’ll make some difference. Early on, and throughout, they place the blame squarely on Corzine, but do not unfortunately tie him sufficiently to the whole finance sector culture that condones and supports this behavior.

      Not surprising of course….

    2. LeonovaBalletRusse

      Frontline did better this time. Actionable “fraud” suggested seriously.

  4. Up the Ante

    “It’s hard to believe this is really happening in Vermont, the state in which 180 towns passed resolutions calling for a nuclear freeze in complete defiance of President Ronald Reagan back in the 80s, .. Could it be that Lockheed Martin hopes to replicate in New England the political clout which Boeing wields in Chicago using the Vermont Military Mafia to pave the way? ”

    Other industries in Vermont show replicant attributes,

    “In 2007 the State of Vermont passed legislation to greatly expand the use of captive insurers. The changes make Vermont the most permissive jurisdiction in the US along with South Carolina. ”

    1. Bill the Psychologist

      When Hillary Clinton in the 90s talked about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and was ridiculed for it, this is what she was talking about.

      It has bought the Congress, stolen at least one Presidential election, and packed the Supreme Court, and now is taking over whole states, openly.

      1. Lambert Strether

        And it’s telling that, having invented the phrase VRWC, Clinton made no references to it in her 2008 campaign; the concept had been moved “off the table,” along with so much else.

        Anyhow, what we once thought of as a “vast right wing conspiracy” has now turned out to be a trans-national revolutionary oligarchy that manages both legacy parties as part of its portfolio* (Hugh would call this a kleptocracy). I grant this was hard to discern back when the Rs were impeaching Clinton over a blowjob, and it’s not so much a classic conspiracy as an “emergent conspiracy,” but the outlines have come clear as a consequences of the financial crisis.

        NOTE * Rather like Japanese beetles manage a raspberry patch as part of their portfolio…

        1. Aquifer

          It was such an idiotic dog and pony show that it was clear the Reps were desperate – Clinton was the best Rep Pres in a long time – he was going a better job of advancing their agenda than they were and they were pissed because THEY weren’t getting the credit with TPTB that supplied all the lunch money – it was going to the Dems, dammit! That guy hadda go ….

    2. LeonovaBalletRusse

      Pork to States from M-I/Pharma/Insurance Complex is a winner, history shows.

  5. Mms

    If Fitzgerald actually got tapped for the mortgage fraud task force, I’d see it as a hugely optimistic sign. He may be an overzealous ass, but he’s smart enough to handle incredibly complicated prosecutions and isn’t someone who will sit well for kabuki theatre. More likely he is taking some time off before running for public office in IL.

  6. jsmith

    Regarding philanthropy:

    As if anyone could still have any notions that the elite and their corporate embodiments aren’t consciously evil, one need only look at the philanthropy complex.

    So, to quell any societal demands that these effers once again actually pay tax rates that reflect their fair share of support for the system that spawned them – in the 90%-100% range – the elite create the philanthropy complex whereby they get to keep most of their loot, appear as if they’re giving back to society and – it’s a trifecta! – further weaken/starve the system for more exploitation by their scum cohorts.

    Oohh, Bill Gates isn’t bad why look at the Gates Foundation!!


    Bill Clinton isn’t a money-hungry, power-whore, elite-bootlicker, he’s saving babies in Africa!!!

    BIG DOG!!

    All those newly minted billionaires over the last couple of decades, why they’ve signed a pledge to give the money to whichever charity they want to when they die!!

    Aweso…wait, shouldn’t society have a say where that money goes since it was society from which all those billions were culled from?


    In addition, I’m sure the creation of philanthropic foundations does have a palliative effect on whatever remaining shreds of conscience the nouveau riche may harbor.

    Don’t worry about destroying the lives of millions of people and stealing their livelihoods, you just helped save a panda, you savior, you.

    21st century philanthropy:

    Making murderers and thieves feel better about themselves!!

    1. Aquifer

      Re Gates,

      i remember a number of years ago when Microsoft was the new wunderkind and Gates was making the TV circuit. He was even then richer than Croesus and an interviewer (can’t remember who) asked him why he wasn’t involved in philanthropy. He said he’d think about that later, now he was focused on the company. He wasn’t donating to pols either, figured, i suppose, Microsoft was too “important” to mess with. Well pols don’t like being minimized – the antitrust issues started rumbling and must have humbled him a bit, after that he decided maybe giving was a good idea after all ….

      1. Lidia

        Gates is not a normal person. I knew a buncha types like him at MIT: autistics, rocking back and forth. Though he has risen in large part on the merits of others, and despite the lack of merit of his own products, you can’t expect normal reactions from folks like him, imo.

        There are a lot of them in this field, and they don’t “get” empathy. Gates started being philanthropic once he married, as far as I know, which makes me think none of this “giving” stuff is really his idea; he just doesn’t have a good domestic argument against it. Plus, this way he gets to control the lives of many antlike underlings outside of Microsoft.

    2. LeonovaBalletRusse

      jsm, and only 5% need be spent on philanthropy, 95% on “investment” OK.

  7. RanDomino

    Amazing… in Frankfurt, just as in Wisconsin, the police do something purely symbolic because they were caught off-guard and massively outnumbered, and suddenly everyone thinks they’re “on our side”.

    1. Lambert Strether

      Please, RD, let’s not be reductive, simplistic, distort the link, and project your own thoughts onto others, mkay?

      Seriously, maybe the police were terrified by your plywood shields?

    1. Lambert Strether

      Quoting doesn’t mean approval. It’s an indicator of a process going on in the MN GOP, and that is all. I mean, Karl Rove carries his knuckles pretty high, but is a far more, well, significant figure. Should NC not cover any stories in which Rove is involved for fear of “associating” with him? Or, far worse, not cover any story about Dimon, for fear of associating with him?

  8. Lambert Strether

    Query: Does anybody know of any local ordinances or efforts to prohibit drones?

    One obvious starting point would be for a locality to prohibit drones from other local jurisdictions in its own airspace.

    1. Walter Wit Man

      I suppose it’s first a question of whether federal law has preempted the proposed local regulation.

      On a first analysis, I would imagine a local or state gov cannot prohibit drones entirely, because federal law has preempted them–via the Federal Aviation Act, or military or police powers, or other federal law. The states and localities can try to nip away at the edges . . . like by regulating noise:

      Actually, I would focus on privacy if I were trying to limit drone use on a local level. But my guess is the federal droners will win any sort of regulatory turf war against local governments. The police and government forces are already exempt from any sort of real control on their snooping. This is just taking to the next level–like Terminator 1 or something–the drones and machines don’t yet have complete control . . . . yet.

      It’s actually laughable how few legal avenues we have for stopping the drone invasion.

      Obomba, Rahm, and Holder have done an amazing job selling Americans on a drone warfare and spying policy. It’s here to stay.

      1. Lidia

        WWM, what about the various 2nd amendment extrapolations like “stand your ground”. I think if I were armed and some crazy machine buzzed over my property, I might well take a crack at it. Could be soviets!

      1. emptyfull

        Indeed you did. It’s easy to miss in paragraph form though, so I got there via the Guardian… I love the design of the site.

  9. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    From The Philanthropy Complex.

    the lavish year-end celebrations in which many indulge being a particularly noxious demonstration. They like to be thanked for their generosity, and they like the warm feeling of virtue that washes over them when they receive their thanks.

    The Philanthropy complex is a subcategory of a larger complex – the ‘I Am More Virtuous Than the Rest Of You’ Complex’, aka the ‘I Know More Than You’ Complex, which can be easily diagnosed by the repeated uttertings of ‘people just needed to be brainwashed,’ sorry, ‘educated.’

    One side note: You are a nonprofit when everyone in it is a volunteer and it pays no expenses like rent, utilities , etc.; otherwise, you need to generate gross profits. When you deny yourselves like this, you make it seem like you are ashamed of profit-making.

    Another thing: NGO – what is it? Is JP Morgan a non-government organization? Is Goldman another NGO?

    1. Walter Wit Man

      I notice the police don’t show up and start beating peoples’ heads in with billy clubs, as they do in the U.S.

      What is this strange approach to law enforcement?

      And why weren’t the terrorists apprehended right away? They were clearly blocking traffic and thus interfereing with commerce in furtherance of their political goals . . . in other words, TERRORISM!

      In America they would have been beaten, locked up, abused in jail . . . and then eventually released when the prosecutor realizes there was no case. But hey, at least there would have been a good beating for idiocracy.

      But no, srlsly, nice protests.

  10. kevinearick

    Obamics: Money is War

    Bad assumption. War is war. Money incrementally displaces the center of the field before quantum commencement.

    The basic algorithm of History repeats because empires are built and destroyed as an example, to future generations. Civil marriage is for the majority, which wants to be told what needs to be done, so they can tell others what to do after the meeting, which, along with ready access to a ponzi slave population, themselves in the future, requires something other than garbage as the input, and a corrective feedback mechanism to handle 20 layers of garbage multiplier effects in the obfuscation. Both mechanisms are the same, the looking glass, which balances the resulting gravity on the edge until use.

    Obama is a downstream derivative, playing war games with money like his predecessors. As legacy assets and their resolute owners become obsolete with recognition, they must accelerate ROE transfer and so employ agency to wage war on new family formation at the margin, to delay replacement. Agency is all about delay proliferation through misdirection, hiding nonperforming assets by growing their demand among dependent middle class ponzi consumers, creating a human relativity circuit that a child can see through, which is the point of drugs, like Ritalin, and propaganda, like Harvard, K-12, and early childhood education.

    Like everything else in the universe, it’s SOP. It’s God’s world, whether anyone likes it or not, but if you think ahead, you can adjust the gravity of stupidity, because critters “think” their reality into existence with false empire choice. God gives Cain and Abel each a hammer. Abel builds a house. Cain uses his to kill Abel and take the house. Cain is smarter because Abel thought Cain was stupid, and they were both stupid. In the next iteration, they both get lawyers, and start building a prison. Law enforcement is drama on the way to the cliff.

    A man needs to make a living, and a woman needs to have children, on a durable platform, hence durable goods orders, which everyone needs regardless of persuasion, and together they have all of nature on their side. Empire is the counterbalance. When agency interferes with the balance, there are several layers of profit on its false assumptions, all subject to reversion now that the replication ponzi is collapsing. Irrational tyranny increases with denial, resulting in accelerated denial of service, in a relatively closed, positive feedback loop.

    FIRE grows pot in “its” forest, all expenses paid by the taxpayer, and puts the non-conformers in jail. Same operation in Afghanistan, but with a stiffer sentence. Tobacco served as money for many good reasons, including connectivity to the land, less violence, less hoarding, and it accounted for its own psychological addiction tax. Implicit is best, but anything along the learning curve is better than digital script. The key point in local conversion is that rebooting existing script must be accompanied by a change in behavior that reopens the NPV window, from the bottom up, external dependence price discovery.

    War is war, whether through starvation, disease, or bombs. End it swiftly, knowing that robots generate war specifically to get you to give them the technology necessary for the next iteration, as they get farther from nature and closer to the churn pool. You are going to determine the winner, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose because they are all a-holes, as you can plainly see. What does matter is that you roll out the product in a manner that provides for your children and their children. It’s a time fulcrum, SOP.

    Cave dwellers only understand fear. They repeat the past in fear of the past, looking in a rear-view mirror programmed by the empire. Children learn by example, one way or the other, mostly by replication. You cannot force others to raise their spirit from dead DNA. That’s something they have to do for themselves.

    Humans are born to make mistakes; that’s what they do. Robots refuse to admit their mistakes for the benefit of others and move forward. The object is to make original mistakes. The goal is to be human, which you were endowed with at birth. Wealth is about demographics, which is about DNA, which is about breeding.

    The robots breed war, recording it as profit. And they have short-circuited themselves again, with digital computers, their latest hammer looking for a nail, resulting in the same outcome, ruination of the currency. Pick up the pieces and make a life with your own mortar.

    Stupidity, manufactured crises of, by, and for manufactured majorities, is no reason for an emergency response on your part. All robots make the same offer, non-recurring capital gains for recurring income losses with inflation, playing relativity in opposite directions to record a paper profit, embedding the loss in currency.

    Go where you must to keep your eye on the ball and elevate your spirit. Leave the robots to masturbate on empire TV for their own amusement. Tyrants robe themselves in ponzi patriotism (Tyler TM), always with bait and switch wordplay to hide common law, feudalism, in plain sight.

    FIRE burns down its own forest accordingly and blames it on Act of God, which it defines. Same sh-sow, good-cop-bad-cop, different day. Put the flames out when it suits you, to claw back your income. Police your own first, and others last, to adjust the freedom and security feedback loop.

  11. dan

    Regarding philanthropy I highly recommend the collection of papers compiled by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence and given the title: “The Revolution Will Not be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.” See here:

    I have worked in that industry for more than a dozen years and it is toxic. (My own reflections were delivered in a lecture available here — — although, NB, I was asked to frame the conversation specifically for Christian social service workers so there is considerable exegetical engagement with New Testament as well.)

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