Links 7/29/12

Bloated ‘Monster’ Washes Up in New York Epoch Times (Chuck L)

AIDS Cure Quest Advances As Cancer Drug Finds Hidden HIV Bloomberg

Outbreak of Ebola in Uganda kills 13 BBC

Thousands expected for latest Japanese nuclear protest AFP

Social Media Bubble: Investors See More Signs That It’s Popping Reuters

London 2012 Olympics: Empty seats on the opening day prompts investigation Telegraph

RBS pays more than £25m to businessman David Agar over interest rate swaps Telegraph

23 crucial days for Greece Yanis Varoufakis

Syria: A Turn In Western Media Coverage? Moon of Alabama

Bradley Manning to Testify on ‘Unlawful Pretrial Punishment’ He Endured Kevin Gosztola Firedoglake

Eagle Scouts Return Their Badges to Stand With LGBT Population Alterner (Dr. Kevin)

There’s A Battle Brewing Over The Only Chick-Fil-A In New York City Clusterstock

Yes, It’s 2012: Black Couple Denied Wedding in the Predominantly White Church That They Attend Pam Spaulding, Firedoglake

TV Stations Charge ’Super-Gouge’ Ad Rates For Super-PACS Bloomberg. Finding it hard to muster much sympathy.

ALEC Rock YouTube (Aquifer via Bill Moyers)

Romney least liked candidate in recent history? Polling numbers say no Guardian. While interesting, the writer seems unaware of the reliability of the various pollsters. Gallup is the gold standard and it comes up with poor results for Romney. But the flip side is it’s not hard to see Obama as not attractive either.

The Shredder Campaign Charles Pierce, Esquire (Chuck L)

Mitt Romney’s insults and mistakes while at the London Olympics aren’t gaffes as much as a fair representation of his worldview Slate (Chuck L)

Barack Obama, Changeling Truthout (Richard R)

George Farah on Presidential Debates Bill Moyers (Aquifer). Some history.

The real story behind RealtyTrac’s foreclosure data Phoenix Business Journal (Matt Weidner)

The Great Trade Quantities Collapse VoxEU

GM Ramps Up Risky Subprime Auto Loans To Drive Sales Investors Business Daily. Scott: “As General Motors goes, so goes the nation.”

Fed Governor Speaks Out For Stronger Rules Simon Johnson

Antidote du jour:

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  1. ambrit

    I may be a Dunce but, I got the distinct impression that the Phoenix Business article about Realty Tracs foreclosure methodology left a lot to the imagination. A case of hiding in plain sight? Or aiming your journalism to too narrow a niche?

  2. Aquifer

    Need to get the league of Women Voters back into the business of sponsoring Pres. debates – would love to see Stein make mincemeat out of Obama/Romney …..

  3. Lambert Strether

    Since somebody has to say it, why are we worrying about “bloated monsters” washing up on shore, when there are so many of them on dry land aleady, and walking about, as large as life and twice as natural?

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      The other point is that they are only monsters to us, but not to themselves or their friends or family members.

      Don’t forget, we as species, talk about team effort, are monsters to many other living and non-iiving things.

    2. Kyrie Eleison

      Since somebody has to say it,

      When you look at these “land beasts” do you cast aspersions as a knee-jerk reaction simply because it is aesthetically unpleasing to you?

      Maybe some of us deal with pain in a different self-destructive way as opposed to taking as many people down with them as they can.

      I think those kinds of people are the ones that deserve our derision.

      I have CF. It’s hard to breathe, and hard to exercise. And my digestive system is fucked so I have to eat more than I should to glean whatever nutrients I can from what I barely digest. It’s a very invisible disease.

      You don’t think I get looks from every bigoted m-f-er when I use a handicapped parking space? And somehow I’m always expected to explain myself to the ignorant.

      I’m not saying that everyone is like me, but be careful about taking blanket potshots like this, or maybe I should just go with the flow and pick up my armband?

      Don’t worry, though. We, the fat and ugly, will die our untimely deaths and you can have your party then.

      1. YankeeFrank

        For the naturally svelte among us, I apologize for my rude counterparts (although who can tell WHAT is typing those insults from behind the veil?).

        Its not fair to judge all of those who are overweight negatively. In fact, we really shouldn’t be judging each other in these ways at all. Its really just like blaming school teachers for our society’s ills, or public sector workers for the economy. Please. There is enough for all, food, shelter, education, healthcare but for the artificial scarcity imposed by the plutocracy. So please lets stop looking down at each other, for we are not the problem.

        1. Kyrie Eleison

          Thank you for your understanding, though I do not expect our intrepid author to step down from his faux position of moral superiority and apologize, because I’m just some no-name nobody.

          So who cares? Right?

          I consider it collateral damage on a very misguided and blind crusade.

          You are correct, we should not be judging one another in this regard. I don’t talk down to people who do other less visible unhealthy behaviors, such as drinking/drugs, or smoking, or anorexia/bulimia, or overdoing it on sex/porn, video games, etc. Not one of us is a saint, so let’s drop the act.

          Just because my alleged “problem” is more visible than others it suddenly gives people a license to be an a-hole? Are we hurting you in some way? Didn’t think so.

          The day you become my M.D. then I will listen to whatever the F you say about my weight. As of now, the one I currently have (a leading expert in the field of treating CF) gives me a really hard time if I do lose weight, in spite of the societal pressures by all you well-meaning do-gooders. I’d rather be medically healthy than some superficial caricature of what others pass off as “healthy”.

          For the record, and not that it makes a difference in this context, but I am only slightly, not morbidly, overweight, which in itself is a small miracle, though the way some people react it’s like it does not make any difference, we are all just weak-willed sloths who do not deserve to live.

          Take a look at some people with really advanced or wonky CF mutations and tell me that’s what you’d prefer me to look like.

          Again, didn’t think so.

          It’s inevitable though, some day I will put all you runway-strutting models to shame. Tick tock, tick tock.

    1. Max424

      Thanks for the link.

      I driving home the other night, about 4am, and there was doe standing in the middle of my lane. I slowed to a stop. The doe looked over her shoulder (and said something?), and damn if three little fawns didn’t come out of the bushes and run across the road.

      Once they were safely across, Momma gave me a quick last look, as if to say, If you continue to cooperate, we will have no trouble.

      She then went on her merry way, and I went on mine.

      1. David Petraitis

        As many friends have had Lyme disease in my area, I see the fawn only as a precursor to a fine October meal of venison. The explosion of the deer population by eradication of predators and Disney-produced pro-Bambi propaganda (as also evinced by the fawning comments to this pic) has created the most prevalent vector borne disease in America, and the 5th most nationally notifiable disease.

        Good culling of deer populations could lower Lyme disease incidence.

        Oh and for the conspiricists among us (it was created by the guvmint):


        1. David Petraitis

          After watching the whole Jesse Venture Conspiracy Theory thing it turns out that Bambi is related to the bloated monsters washing up on the shores of NY. Apparently according to Jesse, dastardly mutants roam Plum Island laboratories. More innuendo for conspiricists! Enjoy.

        2. Francois T

          “Good culling of deer populations could lower Lyme disease incidence.”

          What’s the matter with you? Are you SANE??

          Culling the beautiful awwww bambies? Being from SE Philly, where the deer population was endangering the whole ecosystem, as well as the humans, we’ve had to endure YEARS of stupid m-f-ing lawsuits from a motley crew of bleeding hearts, goodie-two-shoes emofeaks! Arrgh!

          Fortunately, a coalitin of scientists, State game commission specialists and common sense citizens were able, AT LAST, to persuade a panel of three judges that there was no other way: shoot the deer and give the meat to the food pantries!

          The last part was very appreciated by tons of socially minded people BYW.

  4. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Empty Olympic seats on opening day – I wonder if that is due to a lack of new, interesting competitive events.

    Most hoi polloi will see to see these added:

    1. Bankster throwing contest – see how far one can heave a bankster.
    2. TV remote tossing contest
    3. Sleeping contest – the winner falls asleep the fastest

    plus many other interesting new games.

  5. Keith Howard

    Dear Yves Smith,

    A propos of nothing in particular, I wonder why nobody seems to be proposing a tax on wealth, rather than income. Might you consider writing something on that topic? Best,

    Keith Howard

    1. Walter Wit Man

      I second the proposal.

      Of course both fascist parties won’t go there and but what about the Greens? Too radical for them?

      I say let’s think big and reconsider first principals:

      1. Why does a sovereign, the U.S., borrow to create money? Let’s regain sovereignty. Let’s create money directly. Greenbacks. Let’s retire bonds as they come due. We could print all Social Security and Medicare expenditures. All federal government wages. All other direct governmental payments.

      2. Let’s get rid of the income tax or set it the way it was originally intended–to prevent people from becoming mega-rich. Let’s impose a capital gains, or wealth tax like you propose.

      3. Nationalize some aspects of banking. For e.g., the payment card infrastructure. If we are going to go to this method of payment instead of currency then it should be a public utility owned by the government. Now we are starting to impose a 2% or 3% tax on everything that will go straight to the bankers (on top of the other taxes that go straight to them–see point 1 above).

  6. Keith Howard

    Perhaps I should have mentioned the Estate Tax, which I suppose is a tax on wealth. Maybe that’s why the Republicans hate it so much.

  7. Synopticist

    Oh God, Mitt Romney.

    He clearly has so little idea of the world outside of 0.1% America, he can’t even charm rich Brits desperate to be impressed.

    Even people who were saying “give him a chance, he can’t be worse than the other guy” are now going “what a tosser”.

    1. evodevo

      Media lowest common denominator – “monsters !!! ” Puleeze, give me a break. If the teeth are still in the jaws, it will take even an amateur zoologist about one minute to figure out what it is.
      Must have been a slow news day…

    1. colinc

      I second your thanks to the unknown poster and doubly thank you, ES, for reiterating the term (since I had completely missed the original) and providing the link! ;)

      I find profound significance in this quote from the Wiki…

      In terms of postmodernity, consumer culture has been seen as predicated on ‘the “narcissism of small differences”…to achieve a superficial sense of one’s own uniqueness, an ersatz sense of otherness which is only a mask for an underlying uniformity and sameness’.

      Thus resultant in the USA’s descent into a dysfunctional conglomeration of fruity, little clubs and the near extinction of all life on this rock predicated on baseless beliefs.

  8. LadyLiberty

    This is a great article IMO
    How Bernanke Can Get Banks Lending Again
    If the Fed reduces the reward for holding excess reserves, banks will have to find something else to do with their money, like making loans or putting it in the capital markets.


    “But suppose it doesn’t work. Suppose the Fed cuts the IOER from 25 basis points to minus 25 basis points, and banks don’t lend one penny more. In that case, the Fed stops paying banks almost $4 billion a year in interest and, instead, starts collecting roughly equal fees from banks. That would be almost an $8 billion swing from banks to taxpayers. There are worse things.”

    in full

    Mitt Romney: Banking Regulation Is Essential To The Functioning Of Markets

    Do Two Recessions Equal One Depression?

  9. Susan the other

    VoxEu. Export prices are holding steady. But quantities have been slashed. Does this mean Walmart is going under soon?

  10. Jim Haygood

    Romney sets a new record low for political pandering in Jerusalem:

    Romney echoed the language of Israel’s leaders, who talk about blocking Tehran from even the capability to develop [a nuclear weapon].

    His top foreign policy aide, Dan Senor, also went beyond Mr. Obama’s statements that all options should remain on the table and that Israel has the right to defend itself by suggesting Mr. Romney is ready to support a unilateral military strike by Israel.

    [Romney] also referred pointedly to Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel.”

    Remember Dan Senor? He was the talking head in Baghdad for Bush’s viceroy, Paul Bremer.

    Between prostrating himself before the Israelis and packing his team with neocon retreads like Senor, Romney is providing a vivid advance demonstration of how comprehensively he will sell out his country.

  11. F. Beard

    Gallup is the gold standard … ??!!

    Keep perpetuating the “gold standard is good” meme and it’s more likely to come about.

  12. Lidia

    This looks like a pitbull subjected to the water and weather. The nose is a little odd, but the rest looks like a roasted pitbull.

  13. Aquifer

    For those who keep wanting to find differences – there is a bit in the Pres. debate piece – showing a “debate” between Gore and Bush – check it out – after viewing it, nothing more need be said, methinks ….

  14. JGordon

    I would have appreciated a more pictures of the bloated monster as the antidote du jour. That thing was really cool.

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