1. diptherio

    Ballad of the O-bots

    Obama, Obama,
    Go bomb a country,
    Go bomb a country for me!
    Go bomb some people
    who you say are evil
    and we’ll watch it all on teevee!

    Obama, Obama,
    Go bomb a building
    Go bomb a building or three!
    Go bomb some villains
    for killin’ civilians,
    and we won’t cry “Hypocrisy!”

    Obama, Obama,
    Go bomb some people
    and lie to us all when it’s done!
    Go bomb some people
    who you swear are evil.
    Us Dems sure know how to have fun!

  2. Walter Map

    I don’t think they should get any more thermonuclear weapons until they’ve used up the ones they’ve already got.

  3. Chauncey Gardiner

    Beautiful piece. The proponents of another unjustifiable war deserve to be ridiculed.

    Thank you for posting.

    1. sgt_doom

      That should read:

      Get your properly securitized, absolutely tranched junk paper we call “war bonds” which we’ve taken out an infinite amount of unregulated insurance on (you call it “credit defaults swaps of the naked variety”) in the trillions of dollar category, with the potential payout of hundreds of trillions of dollars (please note both quantities are beyond the total money supply on this planet!).

      Thank you.

      [This video wins the highest possible award for truth, honesty and the American Way from radical progressive, sgt_doom.]

  4. Walter Map

    I’ve been predicting the destruction of civilization for a few years now, and it’s still here.

    Don’t ask me why. I really have no idea.

  5. JGordon

    In all seriousness the WWIII project could (will?) be financed entirely by the Federal Reserve. So there’s no need for donations. Err, oops. Wait a minute. I guess that begs the question of who exactly is going to be purchasing US Treasury debt (other than the Fed) after WWIII commences.

    As a thought experiment, let’s just say that Obama starts WWII by attacking Syria, and the next day China and Russia begin dumping US debt on the market. Could Obama still prosecute WWIII while the US economy is collapsing? Well it’s worth thinking about.

    1. Tyler Healey

      The WWIII project could be financed entirely by the federal government. So, yes, there’s no need for donations. Additionally, nations do not purchase US Treasury debt. They purchase treasury securities. If these nations decide they want their money back, the Federal Reserve simply uses computer keystrokes to do so. There is zero reason this would cause the US economy to collapse.

      See: http://neweconomicperspectives.org/p/modern-monetary-theory-primer.html

      1. psychohistorian

        I think this is a bit simplistic.

        What if they want the refund of Treasuries to be in other than US dollars?

        What is the US stops being the Reserve Currency? (I believe soon to happen)

        While we could fund our own efforts, (assuming the plutocrats owning the Fed agree), it might make it really clear who owns the US money supply.

        1. Walter Map

          Every piece of paper currency clearly states that it’s owned by the Federal Reserve, which in turn is owned by racketeers called banksters. It’s got their name on it. It’s their money. They’re just letting you use it.

          Someday your neighbor is going to want his lawnmower back. Same with the Fed, except they’re going to want something other than the lawnmower. That should frighten you.

          1. Tyler Healey

            Walter, the currency issuer is the United States government. The Fed is part of the US government. The Treasury Department is the Fed’s boss.

            Psychohistorian, the Federal debt is denominated only in US dollars. Losing our status as the world’s reserve currency would not prevent us from always being able to pay our debts.

            I recommend you both read the link I posted. Enjoy!

  6. Banger

    I think this video is spreading rapidly. I see a glimmer of hope that Americans on all sides of the various culture divides are beginning to see what the Obama deception is about and maybe, God willing, beginning to see the forces that are actually attempting to grasp absolute power over us. We are approaching the point of no return unless there is mass resistance and we’re seeing it develop over this impending war.

    1. jrs

      Yes, it’s another reason to get out in the streets, besides the primary purpose of protesting the war (which is primary, it’s not secondary to anything – not a means to an end). But as a co-product the culture of protest re-emerges. Is it dark enough? Or is it just before dawn?

      1. Banger

        I don’t know if “the street” is where we need to be–I’m not sure that gets us anywhere anymore. We live online now for better or worse. I do love the high-bandwidth of “the street” but it’s all about people driving in marching around, then going home and no lasting connections are made, with some exceptions, Occupy in NYC had a bit more solidity but still… what came of it?

    2. kj1313

      The truth is being spread but too many people still believe that both political parties are different. The public needs to figure out with the exception of a few social issues they use to divide us, they are being controlled by the same corporate interests. Until that echo chamber is closed nothing will change.

  7. The Dork of Cork

    I don’t get or understand American humour.

    It seems that yee guys don’t get it.

    The world has gone far beyond political parodies.
    You have got to try and keep up with current events.

    I mean it was possible to do this sort of stuff in the 1970s and be somehow funny but not now , Jesus not now.
    Reality is now funnier then any construct or situation imaginable.


    Knight :”The weather turned”
    Death(debt) : yeah it was nice this morning.

    1. Banger

      Yes, but….

      The fact is, in my reading of the inner politics of Washington, that there is deep conflict within both the deep and the outer state. The War Party, periodically makes these coordinated campaigns to go to war with Iran–remember all the war scares with Iran? There was opposition within the security state itself to that stunningly stupid venture which is why it did not happen. The same forces are at work with this new call to war–plus, this time, the public is not being fooled by the 24/7 cable campaign to get us into war. I think the War Party, for the first time in my life, may well be seeing the end of the road–God willing!

      1. Lambert Strether

        Factional infighting in the elite is always a good thing for us, since it’s when they consense on stuff that the real damage begins.

        Re “deep state.” Where does that formulation come from? Thanks!

        1. Banger

          Deep state is actually used on occasion by the mainstream when referring to countries with very opaque systems. It is forbidden within the mainstream media to use that term when talking about the U.S. system due to the ideology of American Exceptionalism.

          I was influenced some time ago by Peter Dale Scott’s notions about “deep politics”, i.e., that posits that most of the important matters in the politics of a modern state are determined and worked out underneath the surface to avoid messy interference from the average citizen. Walter Lippman reasoned that out fairly well in Public Opinion.

  8. The Dork of Cork.

    The hidden dangers of cultural cross contamination….


    The world needs to become a simpler place again.
    Which means much MUCH less Bank money in circulation.
    However this will not happen until we get a wider collapse of this now very complex but brittle construct via the introduction of some form of military fiat by a popular or not so popular warlord.
    “Crush your enemies
    See them driven before and hear the lamentation of their women!”


  9. The Dork of Cork.

    “If it bleeds we can kill it ”

    But does it bleed ?

    The finance sector is not a physical entity so……..can it bleed?
    Its a guild with a strata of masonic worker bees forming a dense mass at its base and most likely a apex of concentrated power at its top.
    So a network as can be more clearly seen in smaller societies under its yoke as in Ireland.
    A network which has already eliminated Terminator the musical in Europe and badly wounded Robocop the musical.

    The guild is all powerful it seems.
    It can destroy high art at will.

  10. chicagogal

    Love that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was included. Didn’t see her? Check out the 0:29 mark during the 2008 celebration of Obama’s election victory.

    1. Carla

      “Paid for by Koch Industries” — the CROWNING GLORY of the whole piece!

      Brilliant. Funny-as-hell. Wonderful. Life-affirming.

      Even the Onion was never this funny.

  11. Ms G

    The fund raisers in the video are the main targets of Obama’s other war, the one he’s waging against working class Americans, also known as ObamaCare.

    I hope this team rolls out a next installment on Grand Bargain and ObamaCare.


  12. Kim Kaufman

    This makes me hopeful that this younger generation – who was all-in for Obama – gets it that they’ve been screwed. You’re never too young to become cynical.

    1. Carla

      You can’t blame the younger generation. Lots of people who were old enough to know better drank the Kool-Aid, too.

      Okay, time to http://www.movetoamend.org.

      If you’re not doing this in your town, why not? We just got over 3,000 petition signatures to put it on the ballot where I live. If we can do it, you can do it.

  13. steve from virginia

    – Be careful of what you wish for.

    – Bet you didn’t know Obama supporters are really that stupid?

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones … “

    — Albert Einstein

  14. BCareful

    At the end, it says “Paid for by Koch Industries.” I don’t support an intervention into Syria. I’m just sayin’ be careful whose parodies you lap up.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Um, your irony meter needs adjusting. The “Paid for by Koch Industries” is PART of the parody. Lordie.

  15. Vedicculture

    There will be no war in Obama’s term. Syria was the last chance and the Russians slapped it down.

    They will have to wait to 2017 and probably later. Things are going to get very very quiet……..

    1. Mister Bunny

      The Russkies haven’t slapped it down. Any inspection/confinement plan will hit snags, as the inspectors did in Iraq, and if a snag is sufficiently photogenic, Hopey will announce, with deep regret, the loosing of the cruise missles.

      The important work has already been done: the acceptance with relief of this “inspection plan” by antiwar forces rests on the acceptance of the proposition that the US is a proper arbiter of the situation — that we really are the cops of the world. If Syria is then shot while trying to evade arrest, well, shit happens. This show of reason will disarm a lot of antiwar wobblers and give cover to congresscritters who will vote for a shiny new AUMF having “given peace a chance.”

  16. Adriannzinha

    Fantastic parody. The willful naivety of the actors is especially satisfying and from extensive personal experience, all too common amongst real people!

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