Seeking Reader Comments on Latest Version of Our Site Redesign!

We think we are just about there but wanted to give readers a final opportunity to weigh in. We hope we to go live later this week once we incorporate any final revisions.

See the latest version of the redesign here.

username: preview
password: nakedcap

When suggesting a change and/or making a criticism, please give your OS and browser (e.g. “Windows 7, FF 24.0”). We really cannot see what you see, and the pages render differently in different browsers, so without the OS and browser information, your comment is in no way actionable. Also, for those of you visited the redesign page before, please clear your browser’s cache so we can be 100% sure that you’re loading the fresh copy.

Major Changes Made

We’ve continued to change the settings so the new site’s text is at least as readable as the current one. A few found the font a bit smaller than now. We could have Kristin code the site to allow you to adjust the size of ONLY the text font, but I’m not sure many readers would think to look for that feature (I adjust the size in the browser instead). Reader Bill the Psychologist recommended the addon NoSqint Site Settings to customize text from the reader end.

Some readers who use smartphones and opt out of Onswipe (you can choose “desktop version” when you are redirected in the upper left and that choice persists for a month) said they got the right column before they got the posts. We’ve hopefully fixed that.

Some readers found the grey font for the titles and dividers to be too light. We darkened that. That required adjusting the orange, and Kristen moved it into the coral direction. Let us know it that’s OK.

Header bar is now grey rather than black and a smidge narrower.

Spacing tightened up in comments section.

Text FINALLY added for the elements in the header bar. You can read it and tell us if you can live with it.

Open Issue

I’m still not wild about the tagline. It is supposed to be 6-9 words, descriptive, and highlight what is distinctive about the site. Here are two suggestions:

World’s best blog on popular political economy

Exposing the truth about money, politics and power

Any reactions to/improvements on these would be appreciated. The tagline is apparently important to Google. I think the first is more the sort the Googlebots prefer, but “world’s best” are a bit more braggadocio than I as a WASP am sure I like. We were found in a 2010 network analysis to be the most influential finance and economics blog (and Krugman was included in that analysis) but that was long enough ago that I’m not sure we can rely on that any more.

Thanks again for all your patience and help!

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  1. Dennis

    Looks really good! I rarely visit the site – read the rss feed almost exclusively. Sometimes visit to check out the comments.

    To my eye, in the comments the space between the name of the commenter and the comment is a bit much. To me it seems it should be less than the distance between the end of the comment and the lines separating comments. Also, that double line could be a touch darker. Viewed on FF and Chrome on a MacBook Pro (non-Retina).

    On a Sumsung Galaxy S3, using Chrome, the avatars for the commenters are too small. Here I like the space between the commenter’s name and their comment and I think the comment could use a touch more space below it. Overall, the site looks nice and the fonts are quite legible.

  2. Christopher Johnson

    I like the redesign, but it still does not address my pet peeve about the NC design: the small line height. The lines are still too crowded together, making it difficult for some of us to read.


  3. Gumbo

    I’d shy away from “world’s best”, it is more suit to hot dog emporium.

    I like the interplay of “exposing” and “naked capitalism”.

  4. bobs

    World’s best blog on popular political economy OR Exposing the truth about money, politics and power…

    How about?

    World’s finest blog on money, politics, and power

    1. Ned Ludd

      Another vote for: “Exposing the truth about money, politics, and power”. An extra ½ vote for the Oxford comma.

      1. ChrisPacific

        I also vote for this one (unsurprisingly, as it was my suggestion). However I’m also fine with some of the reworkings suggested further down in the thread, IF it’s valuable to have that word ‘naked’ in there from a search perspective (if not then I prefer the original).

  5. Elliot

    “Exposing the truth about money, politics and power” is aces, to me.

    I still prefer this design to that one…and that’s OK; I don’t read here for aesthetics (though i sometimes find it), I read here for information and opinion, and insight.

    FYI on no-squint: it monkeys with other settings, I tried it last year when another site had a clashing redesign, but I soon removed it.

    And while I know your SEO will demand you do it, the feature that follows home a highlighted quote is very annoying. Thieves will delete the linkage, anyway, non?

  6. Dan

    My two cents:

    Nice light feel. I like your design in general, particularly the colors, and think you’ve done well to keep close to it.

    I’d get rid of the word “brutally” in the tagline.

    Slick functionality on the commenting.

    Down the road at least, I’d probably think about swapping over to a magazine theme to really get the most out of your right rail. You have the metrics, so I don’t presume to say with certainty, but I’d guess you’re not getting much out of that real estate.

    A magazine theme would let you keep your good stuff out front longer whereas now it’s getting pushed down and out.

    My only worry is about whether the ads will start to get too jumbled with the content and overwhelm the lighter typeface. But you can wait and see on that.

    Congrats on all the hard work.

    1. JTFaraday

      “A magazine theme would let you keep your good stuff out front longer whereas now it’s getting pushed down and out.”

      Huh. That’s interesting. I think you’re right about that.

      1. JTFaraday

        Also this site was so educative on the financial crisis and its causes that there should be a Naked Capitalism primer on the GFC. Personally, I think this is one for the history books.

        But, maybe the NC primer on the GFC should actually be a book.

  7. AbyNormal

    you could always allow a genius to sum up NC for ya:

    “The search for truth is more precious than its possession.”
    Einstein (NC’s earned it;)

    Your something else Kristin! Super Work and Many Many Thanks!!

  8. Jack S

    Great site and design. By the way, it does matter. I cannot read ‘The Big Picture’ blog by Ritholtz, because of the design.

  9. JohnnyGL

    “most influential finance and economics blog since 2010” – Have you already written a solid option for a tagline without realizing it?

    Also, should you use the term ‘political economy’ instead of ‘economics’? Seems more in line with the way the blog sees the world.

    1. Ned Ludd

      “World’s most influential finance and economics blog”

      If someone (Krugman) makes a stink, it will just add to the traffic.

    2. Premier

      “Most Influential” is very strong. I like that!
      It says it all without crossing your ‘braggadocio’ line. ;-)
      Love the looks of it also.

  10. Ned Ludd

    Firefox 25.0 on Linux Mint 15 Olivia.

    The shade of grey for the date-header would look better if it was darker, like the widget-title “RECENT COMMENTS”.

    The right side looks good. I like the fuchsia better than NC’s trademark orange – too late to switch? In the source, fuchsia is spelt wrong (class “fuchia”).

    On the left side, I would try more vertical whitespace around the dotted horizontal rules. A darker or bolder color for the titles of the posts might also work to visually separate the summaries.

  11. David Lentini

    Excellent work! I’m very happy with the look and feel. I don’t know much about how the comments will work in the new version; I hope they won’t get eaten so often.

  12. Peter DeBoer

    Site looks good and another vote for “Exposing the truth about money, politics, and power”

  13. H. Alexander Ivey

    Website: looking good, now have two columns again for my Galaxy Tab 7, Android O/S handphone with same functionality as with the old website.

    For the slogan:

    “the best damn economic blog YOU’ll every read” – ok, over the length and echoing Peter Ustinov’s ad for Gallo but I couldn’t resist…

    “top source of political economic commentary”

    use “world’s top blog” instead of “world’s best blog” – can be interpreted as “a top blog”, meaning not the very best but very good, or could be interpreted as “the top blog”, which is the very best, but without the “a/the”, you are showing your WASP modesty (full discloser, am a fellow member of that group, Southern branch)

  14. dow2long

    The site looks nice and I also like the “Exposing the naked truth about money, politics, and power.” I hope that’s not redundant, but “naked” is a big search term, not that I would know anything about that.

    1. AbyNormal

      bahahahahaaa!! best of’m dow2

      expose & naked = ka ching
      (“not that I would know anything about that”)

  15. Nice, but

    There is far too much empty white space between the Naked Capitalism banner and the tagline.

    As for the tagline, perhaps something like “Laying bare … “

  16. sadness….(but not this time)

    1: The new new design looks nice to my eyes using OSX10.9 & IOS.7: Simple + nice colours and nice grey on my screens(imo), thank you for all the work….

    2: What about just taking the ‘brutal’ out of the ‘honest commentary…..’ bit ….or….’brutally humane commentary….’ maybe ;-)

    3: And, don’t know if it’s within the design but there is a little link to an ad which is sitting below the ‘Links 9/1/12 – Lambert Strether’ line – it is currently black text in a rectangular outline – Well to my eyes the black text looks too harsh now and is off-centred in its little rectangle – Now that everything else I’ve seen so far looks so stylish, this looks like a mistake….(but in icab of course i can’t see it anyway…. :-)

  17. Bill the Psychologist

    I like it overall. I’m using Firefox 26.0 and Win7.

    I liked the idea above of making the gray a bit darker.

    The tagline suggestions: as above but just “The naked truth about money, politics, and power”.

    HOwever, I prefer this one:
    “Reliably honest commentary about finance and economics.” You and your blog are nothing if not reliable and honest. Readers understand that and it’s why we come back, and why you might be the top blog. I don’t like the “Brutally”, it’s hype and that’s not something you indulge in, thankfully.

    I like the orange type, but feel that the old typeface somehow has more “weight” and is more attractive than the new, which looks to me distinctly plain compared to the old. But that’s a minor quibble I think.

    Thank you for all your work and devotion to the truth.

    1. down2long

      The naked truth about global money, politics, and power. Zippity and worldwide,which Yves seems to want to emphasize, and which is of course, true. Kinda miss the “Exposing” but it is superfluous in the statement with the implied verb. As one writer said “we must kill our children” Or as that French chanteuse sang in “Querelle” ” (Moreau?) “Each man kills the thing he loves”. Which while very abstact would be a crazy slogan. Very Deep, headscratching, I.e. the capitalists are destroying their own systwem (but of course, they kill US first.)

  18. mc2264

    I’d love it if you could go back and see what was posted day by day. Like Doonesbury, where you can hit PREV to get the days you missed while you were away.

    Otherwise, looks good!

  19. simon

    HATE HATE HATE the new font and text size, not nearly as readable, and since most of your articles are long (but very interesting) it is a problem, at least for me. I for one don’t think you need a redesign at all. But as the saying goes “mine is not the reason to ask why..”. But Seriously, Why? It is so good and simple now. No need for all these unnecessary layout changes. Its simple and to-the-point layout belies the just-the-facts writing style that brings people to this site and compels them to come back.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      We’ve explained repeatedly why we need to do a redesign.

      We asked for your browser and OS if you are having site issues. We can’t help you if you don’t provide that information.

  20. Alena Smith

    Hi Yves,

    I just wanted to suggest that external links open as a “new page” rather than as the same page in the browser. I usually go through and open many of the recommended links, and I would love to keep the Naked Capitalism webpage open the whole time, with other links opening next to it rather than replacing it. Hope that makes sense!

    Thanks so much for everything you do!


    (Mac OS X, Chrome Browser)

  21. Jeff W

    Windows 7, Firefox 25.0.1

    I really like it! The colors (the gray bar is way better than the black in earlier iterations) and fonts all work for me. The Recent Comments, Topics and Blogroll look very stylish and clean.

    A few minor quibbles:

    On the Comments, the indenting of the names just looks weird, as I’ve mentioned before. (See the comments under the Clint Eastwood post as an example.) It looks like if you have an avatar, the avatar is aligned with the comment but if you don’t, the name is still indented so it’s “floating” in the middle of nowhere.

    The Support us! Please Donate or Subscribe! works better as one line and one exclamation point (two begin to look like old Soviet propaganda posters), with Donate and Subscribe as lowercase (or, if you prefer, maybe right-justify Support us! at the top). (Not that it matters but I withdraw my critical comments in an earlier iteration about the Antidote images used on the Tip Jar, BTW.)

    Tagline: I prefer “Exposing the truth about money, politics and power” (but the suggestion of “laying bare” above works also). (“World’s best,” even if arguably true, raises a lot of resistance.)

    Contact: I’m not sure what you’re intending here but can you have a “dedicated” email address or form just for technical corrections (e.g., a link is broken, there are some obvious typos, etc.). It’s just distracting and kind of tacky for people in the comments to say “Hey, the link is broken!“ and for lambert to say “Fixed.” (It’s like announcing at a dinner party that one of the guests has a bit of spinach stuck between his teeth.) I think it would make it easier to correct those errors for you, Yves and lambert, too.

    1. Lambert Strether

      On email for typos, I disagree:

      1) The time-pressed admins would now have to maintain the email, which

      2) would inevitably be used for other purposes;

      3) It’s much simpler to check the comments, fix errors, done and forget, especially since checking the comments is already a task we have in our workflow.

      In addition:

      4) I think it’s very good to have the NC community making visible contributions to the site and being publicly thanked. These behaviors are to be encouraged, not buried away in private mail.

      5) “A Skunk Party is not a dinner party.”

  22. cheale

    Not sure about the dividers between articles, find the dotted line a little distracting for some reason… but I don’t know if a solid line would work any better (maybe a short (less than line length solid line)…

    Tagline: Capitalism exposed

    1. TheCatSaid

      I too find the dotted gray line disconcerting.

      Consider using a much paler gray. All that’s needed is a subliminal separation.

      Try a solid line or faint dashed line, or much more space between the dots. Fainter gray in any case.

  23. Ruud Jongeling

    Firefox 25.0.1 on XP

    I feel the design is already above what’s needed to make the blog readable. It is not too far of from the design you have now. I like ‘Exposing the truth’ best.

  24. Andrea

    Great re-design! Tag line. The *brutally honest* part of the tag line sounds a bit empty, what does it mean exactly? I associate that phrase with all kinds of things…some don’t fit naked capitalism. Imho, “World’s best..” is to be avoided, it is too presumptuous, non-Anglo readers may see it as implying that the Anglo-sphere simply does not take the rest of the world into account. (There are many good economics blogs in other languages.) Anglo readers are used to this kind of friendly hyperbole or may just accept it, others may frown.

    Some suggestions to play around with:

    Incisive / Insightful / Analytical commentary on finance and economics (or plus politics)

    Finance, economics and politics: daily analysis

    Analyzing finance, economics, politics and power relations

    Finance, economics, politics, power: digging for the truth

    Finance, economics and politics exposed

    Delving deep into finance, economics and politics

    Naked truth in finance, economics and politics (??? .. it is the ‘truth’ that is a problem here, above with the ‘digging’ it is OK?)

    Finance, economics and politics stripped bare (??? …hmmm…maybe?)

    Finance, economics and politics uncovered

  25. snowedin

    better than today, using mac os and ios, fonts, colors etc ok. Suggestions, 2 buck’s worth (cents is so pre-inflationary):
    – new tab for external links so one can retain main menu tab
    – tagline fine except can the word Brutally, too hyperbolic
    – might want to have a column or two in Recent Items that shows number of comments
    – might want each Items sortable by most sub-commented or other criteria
    – know you don’t have “likes/not likes” for comments but some measure of popular or reflective comments (which aren’t necessarily in agreement with the mainstream), could even sort comments by most liked/disliked (the ends of the bell curve tend to make some interesting reads)
    – new right hand tab with top ten “most viewed” or “most comments” articles that rolls off every 30-60 days, i.e., what is it that gets your readers most engaged?

  26. F. Beard

    Naked Capitalism is the most beautiful, easy to read site I’ve ever seen. Moreover, the antidotes are often superb (But NOT Richard Smith’s! Sorry Richard :) ) and I love the new comment preview and your staff is classy and smart and Yves is a national treasure and a reminder to me that hard work and less sleep probably won’t kill me!

    But one problem, the new comments that show up on the right, “Recent Comments”, often precede the comments themselves. That can be frustrating.

  27. TheCatSaid

    “Recent Comments” section doesn’t add anything for me personally. There’s no context for any of the comments here and it’s a waste of prime real estate.

    I’d be more interested in a section “Most Vigorous Recent Discussions” to highlight the posts attracting the most debate and commentary. “What’s hot”.

    How about also adding a section “Editor’s Choice–Most Overlooked but Significant Posts and Discussions” so you could resurrect posts you feel should be highlighted even if they didn’t generate a lot of traffic at the time. “What should be hot”.

    1. TheCatSaid

      And naked – exposed – hot could add to ka-ching.

      Or “bare essentials”.

      money, economics, politics and policy.

      (Not redundant in my mind; I see politcs and policy as two different things.)

      Enlightened discussion exposing truth about money, finance, politics, policies and power.

      1. AbyNormal

        comment section wasted real est? are you kidding??
        its been upgraded for us to click directly to the poster…there’s always multiple educationally heated exchanges i want to pickup w/o scrolling.

        this update is a Gift!

        1. TheCatSaid

          I must be missing something–doesn’t this just show immediate responses? (

          I suppose if I post then sit and watch it, it might be relevant–but I don’t assume that responses will come in right away, especially if I’m replying to an already indented reply.

          I don’t envision other commenters sitting and watching that feed as comments could be to any blog post, for example.

          Please educate me! Clearly I am missing something valuable.

    2. F. Beard

      I use “Recent Comments” to quickly find replies to my own (so I can reply promptly if appropriate) but I know there must be an easier, more reliable way EXCEPT this old dog can learn new tricks but he’d rather (so far) not.

  28. TheCatSaid

    Several comments about the Right column.
    Squirrel photo–can a photo be found with the same message that’s 1/3 as high? Takes up too much vertical space.

    As with the separator between comments, the gray dot separator in the right hand column is too prominent and distracting. Use paler gray (or try dashed line).

    Way too much white space above & below the gray dotted separator line in the right column. I’d prefer to see the Donate section soon (w/o having to scroll down), and the Search sooner (ditto), and the next section(s) sooner on the right without having to scroll down.

    Using Firefox 25.01 on Win 7.

  29. blackDogBarking

    From “World’s best blog on popular political economy”

    try: “Lively insight on popular political economy”

    1. AbyNormal

      no offense, but NC is anything but ‘pop’ culture/entertainment light

      “We’re Lost, but We’re Making Great Time”
      Yogi Berra ‘)

  30. grayslady

    Operating system is Windows XP, SP3. Tried new page in Opera, Firefox and IE (all latest versions). Strangely, the font reads substantially better in IE–the letters aren’t fat and cramped, but narrow and nicely spaced. Font size is still too small in all three for easy reading. Ugh! I hate having to use IE again just to read Naked Capitalism.

    Never use “world’s best” for anything. It’s so tacky.

  31. IowanX

    This is quite nice–you did something to improve the font size on the main page, and it’s much better. (Windows Vista, Chrome 31.0) From the comments on this post, I DO like the idea of opening up links in new windows, to make it easier to return to the main site. Taglines are hard. “Exposing the truth about the world’s political economy” is my suggestion. On the right hand side, I’d see if there is a way to separate the appeal for donation from the subscription function. Finally, in the comments, the light gray bar doesn’t help, in my opinion. If there needs to be comment separator–and I’m not sure there does–it should be a little bolder.

    All in all, you’ve done a great job!

  32. Dichotomous

    As to tagline, I’m a believer in the short and sweet line and suggest it be: “Money, Power, Politics, Crime”.
    I added “Crime” because exposing TBTF control frauds etc. and explaining bankster criminogenic environments has been NC’s greatest strength.

  33. Rob Levine

    FWIW – I would prefer more readability in the fonts and colors, specifically a larger font, and a different color for the the links. The orange is kinda nice, and it might work better if the links were bolded, but I personally find the color too light and too close to white, so they provide for some eye strain.

  34. Caleb

    The Website is fine [as you can always adjust a webtab’s point size to the size of screen being used].
    I do use FlipBoard on the iPad [OS7]and it is a step backward [only on the “Links” section]. I usually save individual linked article to Readability and read them later. But now each time I save an article, it throws me out to FlipBoard, I have to reopen Links, then I have to scroll down [or sideways] to were I left off with last link – lots of extra steps.
    I do understand that you want to add adverts [to support the site], but the multi-page FlipBoard presentation [vs. the old version of earlier this fall on FlipBoard]and back and forth makes me go to the Web [in Chrome on a PC] and just save to Readability from your home website instead – no big worries.

    Thanks for all you do!!!!

  35. Dr. Luny

    I run noscript so I haven’t noticed any difference. It is nice that the site works relatively well without it. One other comment I have is that this site is crawling with trackers. Ghostery stops 14 of them. This might slow down performance on marginal internet connections or very slow systems.

  36. Jeff N

    for the 10th time, links do not change color after you visit a link then come back to the original page

  37. jfleni

    RE: Site redesign,
    Improvements are OK, if only minor; the site is as readable and informative (especially) as always.

    I would recommend making the link to paywalled sites distinctive in some way (different colors or fonts etc.), which would make it very easy to ignore places like WSJ and the ravings of the kangaroo-in-chief who turned an important source of business news into complete nonsense.

    FT is much better and very good if you can get to it, but not everybody can. I have a temporary password if I desparately need something, but usually skip it.

    Thanks for a splendid site.

  38. Reader

    Mac 10.6.8, Safari 5.1.10 or Firefox 25.0.1

    The new look is good. The only problem I have is that the ad completely dominates the top of the page to the point where it obscures the name of the site and the tagline. On Safari and Firefox, it extends at least 2” to the left of the center of the screen and immediately grabs your eye. It totally overshadows the site name and breaks up the connection between the site name and the tagline. It’s worse in Safari because the ad I’m getting (Feeding America) has a solid orange background whereas on Firefox, the ad has no background.

    With the current placement of the ad below naked capitalism, the site name is clear and has the prominence it and you deserve.

    Of the suggested taglines, I vote for Exposing the truth about money, politics and power. I’d avoid “world’s best” and go with something more like “expert analysis and commentary”. Another idea is something along the lines of “the real story behind the headlines”. Sorry, I wish I could come up with something good.

    All the above is my opinion, FWIW, etc. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I love the site no matter how it looks.

  39. cs

    Under OSX 10.6.8 and Firefox 25.0.1, the new design doesn’t size properly — it’s about 10% wider than the browser window. The lefthand margin is narrower than the current design, and less readable.

      1. Tony White

        Opening an external link in a new tab not work well on my iPad 2 running iOS 5 (I am using iOS 5 because the machine is also used to test projects for clients running the same).

        Often takes multiple attempts.

        Wonder if it works better on other tablets and OSs.

  40. MG1

    I think it is an improvement over the current site. However, the ads and animal photos seem to be way too big.

  41. Reader

    To clarify, the ad doesn’t physically obscure the title and tagline. They are visible but they don’t stand out as they should, at least in my system.

  42. allcoppedout

    I access using Zorin (Linux) and have no problems since leaving Windows behind. Browser is Chrome and I can increase font size through that.

  43. Winston Smith

    I like the blue titles on the landing page. It makes it easy to get ones bearings as to where one item stops and the next one starts and makes the dotted line that some people don’t like less relevant.

    Anything you could do to make it easier to track which comment is being replied to by a reply comment would be greatly appreciated. The indentation helps, but it’s not enough in long comment threads. One possibility would be to have a link in each reply comment pointing to the comment it replies to (the kind of link that doesn’t cause the page to reload when you click it but jumps to it’s target via an anchor). For example, where F. Beard replies to TheCatSaid above instead of

    F. Beard says: …

    it could say

    F. Beard replies to TheCatSaid: …

    When you click on TheCatSaid you jump to TheCatSaid’s comment. You could also make the text of TheCatSaid’s comment display when the mouse hovers on the link, but that could be considered decadent!

    “Exposing the truth about money, politics and power” is a good blurb.

    1. Lambert Strether

      1) The blue links are there to signal that you’ve already clicked on them.

      2) It would be nice if story links could be orange->blue, and admin links could remain as orange no matter what. As an experiment, I clicked on Winston Smith, and it turned blue. There’s very little value add to that. The same would go for tags, the blogroll, etc.

      1. Winston Smith

        The titles on the landing page are all blue regardless of whether I’ve clicked them. I’m not complaining — I like it — but from your point of view apparently it’s a bug (unless you’re saying that as part of testing the new version you’re marking links as visited by default). I’m using Firefox 25 on Debian Wheezy (Linux). I used a different browser profile than my default to be sure the links weren’t in my history and clicked to get to older pages a few times in case you’re marking visited links server side based on ip address. Blue!

  44. Lambert Strether

    I want to compliment the designer for coming through with a classy-looking site for — hold on to your hats, folks, this is a shocker — a demanding client and a passionate community.

  45. Lambert Strether

    “World’s best” may indeed be over the top. But I do think there need to be some wording that makes a claim to excellence, which, after all, has the great merit of being true.

    * * *

    After all, brutal honesty isn’t always the best policy.

    “Bullshit free since ….” except the Google gods would probably choke on “bullshit.”

  46. Lambert Strether

    Here is my feedback on the comments section after each post, which does need some attention (readers).


    Note especially that eliminating all the extra vertical whitespace will get more comment onto a screen, and so make who is responding to what easier to spot.

    1. Jeff W

      Thank you, lambert—that addresses my two issues of the name “floating” (if commenter does not have an avatar) and the difficulty of discerning at a glance which comment (above or below) the name applies to.

    2. Jeff W

      One other comment about comments (not how they’re displayed but how they’re submitted):

      If I am posting a comment, the input box appears below all the comments, whether or not it is just a comment generally on the post or if it is a reply (as this one is) to another comment. The only difference (as far as I can tell) between the two (in terms of how they look) is prompt for the general comment says “Leave a Reply” (reply to what? I think I’m just leaving a comment) and the prompt for the specific reply has the name of the comment to which you’re replying (“Leave a Reply to Lambert Strether”).

      Clearly there’s a usability problem, given the number of comments that say “Oops, this comment is (or isn’t) a reply to So-and-so.”

      Any of the following might help:
      •Having the input box for a reply to a specific comment appear just below the specific comment being replied to. (That would be helpful also because, almost always, I want to refer back to the comment I am replying to as I write my reply and, if the comment is at or near the top of the comments, I have to scroll all the way back and forth.)

      •Changing the text for leaving a general comment to the post to just “Leave a Comment.”

      •Changing the word Reply (the position [move it closer to the comment it refers to], the wording [“Reply to this comment”?], etc.) to make it clearer that the person is replying to that comment.

  47. Tony Levelle

    1. Title font ‘Naked Capitalism’ still seems “muddy” to my old eyes. Doesn’t have the impact of the current title font.

    OS: Windows 7 on PC
    (with all current updates and service packs as of Dec 2, 2013)

    Browser: Firefox 25.0.1

  48. participant-observer-observed

    I can’t get to load in a TOR (anonymous) browser.I’ve tried twice from 2 different computers.

    Why that is the case is an intriguing question (drilling pop-ups/advertisers, etc).

    You might want to look into it sometime. You can download TOR from

  49. ChrisPacific

    Design looks fine (Chrome on Win7). I like the new header bar better than the old black.

    I get the weird column order on a desktop browser if I use window mode and shrink the window down a lot. On my phone (Chrome on Android 4.x) it works better, although the right column is eating up a lot of space (but if I zoom in so that the main column fills the screen, it’s quite readable). I suspect my phone resolution is not low enough to trigger the ultra-narrow layout.

  50. Oguk

    I’m using OSX Lion, Chrome v. 31.0.1650.57
    1. The menu bar and font colors are good improvements.
    2. I do think there’s excessive vertical whitespace around the comments.
    3. I’d love it if the “search” section could be moved up – I love being able to easily search a site for terms.
    4. Tagline: “Brutally” gives the wrong impression to me. I get “brutally honest”, but I think for a tagline it should play up all the positives without a hint of picking fights or violence. The site is so thoughtful, articulate, well linked and consistent – those are the real strengths to feature. I guess I prefer “Exposing the truth about money, politics and power” or one of the variations (plus I also like the implications of “exposing” vis a vis “naked”).

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