California Readers: Catch on KPFA This Friday at 7:30 AM PDT Discussing CalPERS and CalSTRS (Update: Or Listen to the Stream)

KPFA was early to take interest in private equity and interviewed us in 2012. They’ve slotted us for the 7:30 AM PDT slot this Friday to discuss our recent posts on CalPERS and CalSTRS. If you are in Northern California, I hope you’ll tune in!

Update: Diptherio kindly provided the stream:

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  1. RUKidding

    Just caught the tail end of the interview. The show will be archived, so I’ll listen later. I recommend others do so as well.

    Thanks, Yves!! Great show. Good to keep bringing this information to light in whatever way possible.

  2. walt

    Great job Yves. You mentioned that attorneys-general have given bypasses to PEs on secrecy. California’s AG should be asked about that: she needs to get her current job right before she campaigns for governor.

  3. grayslady

    Excellent interview with intelligent questions from the host. I was intrigued by your point about law firms angling for PE business, and, therefore, not wanting to represent limited partners in contract negotiations. Since it seems to me that there would be a steady stream of income equally from the limited partner side, I wonder if the real reason the law firms aren’t representing the LPs is that the law firms themselves don’t have the financial expertise in-house to dissect the financial strategies of the GPs.

    I also appreciated your comment to the woman who called in asking about IRAs and your response about hefty fees for individual IRA accounts. I’d love to see an article with an example of the fee structure and what consumers should be demanding to ensure that there really is an advantage to setting up an IRA.

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