Confirming Our Meetup in Dallas Next Wednesday, November 2!

If you are in the Lone Star State and not too far from Dallas, we hope you’ll join us for some post-Halloween fun at a meetup next Wednesday, November 2.

Steve in Dallas has graciously arranged for us to meet at

Cantina Laredo
4546 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX 75244

As you can see, it is just east of Beltline and Midway, on the south side:


We’ll start at 5:00 PM. I’m sure I’ll be there until at least 8 PM. Steve says he’s hosted many groups there before, so the manager is fine with us not knowing how many people will join. That means you don’t need to worry about there being enough room for everyone if we have the high class problem of really good turnout.

In all the meetups, readers have really enjoyed getting to chat with other members of the community, so I’m looking forward to another fun event. I am flying into Dallas that AM, so the only caveat is that if the Dallas or NY airports are reported to be having serious problems in the morning, you might double check the site for updates (although I think you should plan on meeting regardless even if I wind up being delayed). See you soon!

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  1. EndOfTheWorld

    Put me down as a “maybe.” I’ve always wanted to drive through Dealey Plaza. Seriously.

    1. griffen

      It’s a good location, no matter the poor design of that downtown ( no matter at my efforts it confused me every time ).

    2. Screwball

      I spent about a half a day there in 2007 I think it was. Much smaller than I thought it would be (from looking at pictures and clips on TV). There is more security in the museum than the airport. I found that kind of strange.

      Outside by the grassy knoll I spoke to Robert Groden, who wrote books on the assassination. He was selling his ware like a panhandler. He said Woody Harrelson’s dad was the shooter.

      FTR: I never bought into the “official” story, but have no clue what the real one is. After that visit, for various reasons, I believe it even less.

      For history buffs or conspiracy believers, there is something for everyone. I’m glad I got to see it.

      1. EndOfTheWorld

        I just want to drive the route the JFK motorcade took. The grassy knoll is still there, I believe.

        1. beth

          Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza
          411 Elm St (214) 747-6660
          You will want to take at least an hour to go through the museum and not rush. Be sure to get good directions from someone because the roads around there are confusing. Give yourself plenty of time unless you know the route. Don’t know which way you are coming in but be aware you cannot go in & out the same way. Traffic will take time. Anyone can correct me if I am wrong.

          1. pretzelattack

            also try to avoid rush hr and lnch hr traffic, maybe 9-11:30 am, 1-3:30 or 4 pm. parking may be problematic, there are lots and some of the surrounding streets you can park on (metered).

            1. EndOfTheWorld

              I’m not going to the museum. Not interested. From what I’ve heard they are biased. I’ve already read a lot about the assassination and I’m pretty sure I know what happened. All I want to do is see the area.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Sorry to be late to respond. Yes, I go to Birmingham regularly and could arrange to go through Atlanta, but would probably need to stay overnight, since I’d be loath to risk missing the last airplane back. I’ve already booked my holiday travel but perhaps towards the summer next year, since my 88 year old mother doesn’t have any family nearby and so all of my siblings make an effort to visit her several times a year.

      1. John Zelnicker

        @Yves – I’m obviously behind in reading NC, but if you ever had a meetup in Birmingham, I would be there come hell or high water. Mobile is only a few hours away and it would be one of the great highlights of my life to meet you and some of the commenters here.

      2. Madeleine

        How exciting. Please let me know what I can do to organize and promote, and I will be happy to take care of it. Would also be happy to work with people in Birmingham, if you’d rather hold it there.

  2. Steve in Dallas

    Yikes… I almost missed this post (very rarely do I not look at NC every morning).

    Yves… please look at the comments from your original meetup announcement…

    Sylvia Demarest took control of organizing the meeting (see her posts below). Her contention is we should all meet close to your hotel… and her last post stated…

    “I made a reservation at Luna del Noche for 11/2 at 5 PM.
    Luna de Noche: 1401 Preston Rd 972-818-2727
    Unless Yves changes this–see you there.”

    Hmmm… we now run the risk that some people will go to Luna del Noche and some people will go to Cantina Laredo?!

    Yves… I suspect most people were planning to go to Luna del Noche… ~mile northwest of your hotel.

    Sylvia Damarest… are you there? Let us know if you agree… stick with your plan… Luna del Noche?

    NOTE: We can still do Cantina Laredo… if for some reason that makes sense?!

    Previous posts by Sylvia Demarest…

    Sylvia Demarest October 20, 2016 at 8:07 am

    I’m all in!!! I live just south of downtown Dallas so north of loop 12 is nosebleed territory for me–but will travel north if necessary.

    Sylvia Demarest October 20, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Yves Where in Plano? I will search for a venue to fit your criteria Plus someone could pick you up.

    Sylvia Demarest October 20, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Yves, I would be happy to pick you up and take you back to the La Quinta. Will we be at the Cantina Laredo on Belt Line???
    What time???
    If you will e-mail me I will give you my cell phone number.

    Sylvia Demarest October 20, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    I just saw the last note about the Luna De Noche which is close to where Yves will be staying. I think this would be best as the traffic from Plano to Belt Line and back might take up time that could best be spent meeting together. I vote for something close to Yves’s hotel.

    Sylvia Demarest October 21, 2016 at 8:05 am

    Since Luna De Noche is close to Yves hotel– I will call today and see if they are open and what they can do to accommodate us. I will also check Jack Macs. Cantina Laredo sounds great but it’s much further away. I don’t live up there but when i go–traffic is always a nightmare.

    Sylvia Demarest October 21, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    I assumed a group of 20-30 people.
    Luna Del Noche is almost walking distance from Yves’s hotel. They could accommodate us “in the back”–I guess this means a separate part of the dining room. This sounds like a “high end” Mexican Restaurant.
    Location: 1401 Preston Rd Plano, TX 75086 972-818-2727
    Jack Macs is not far away. It is more of a grill, pizza place. They have a separate room that could accommodate our group. If we went there, we would be separated from the restaurant. It would be more private.
    Location: 19009 Preston Rd Ste 209 Dallas, TX 75252 972-267-2782
    Both would like us to call and reserve.
    The decision is Yves to make. Let me know and I will be happy to call and make reservations.

    Sylvia Demarest October 21, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    I called both Luna De Noche and Jack Macs. Both can accommodate our group.
    At Luna de Noche we would be “in the back”. This is a Mexican Restaurant
    At Jack Macs we would have a separate room. This is a grill/pizza place.
    Both are very close to Yves’s hotel. Jack Mac sounds like it would be more private
    Jack Macs: 19009 Preston Rd 972-267-2782
    Luna de Noche: 1401 Preston Rd 972-818-2727
    It’s Yves’s decision to make. I someone will let me know, I will make a reservation for 5-8 on 11/2

    Sylvia Demarest October 21, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    That would be 5-8 PM for 20-30 people!!!

    Sylvia Demarest October 23, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Since Yves is busy–I will make reservations at Jack Mac for the separate room for 20-30 people from 5-8 or 9. If Yves disagrees, we can always cancel.
    If anyone objects, please let me know. I will call tomorrow.

    Sylvia Demarest October 24, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    I called Jack Mac and spoke to a different person who advised that the room would not be suitable for a party of our size.
    So, I called Luna del Noche. They have a semi-private area that could easily accommodate 20-40 people.
    I made a reservation at Luna del Noche for 11/2 at 5 PM.
    Luna de Noche: 1401 Preston Rd 972-818-2727
    Unless Yves changes this–see you there.

  3. Sylvia Demarest

    Dear friends– let me first apoligize for making a mess!!
    I e-mailed the blog asking for clarification and Yves e-mailed me back saying she had agreed to Cantina Laredo early on.
    Cantino Laredo it is!!!!
    I will cancel Luna de Noche.

  4. Steve in Dallas

    OK… Cantina Laredo… 5-10pm… I’m meeting with the manager tomorrow morning to organize.

    I count (via the original post) ~20 people planning to attend?!?!

    I just checked the weather forecast… looks like rain… will have to be indoors.

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