Join Us for a May 31 NYC Meetup with Lambert!

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I hope those of you in the greater NYC metro area will be able to join us for a meetup on May 31, a Wednesday. Lambert will be arriving from overseas early that PM, and will hopefully be able to get a short nap and a shower and join us.

We will start at 5 PM and I will be there until at least 8 PM. We will probably congregate at Slainte, on Bowery, as we have for the past few gatherings. They have a large back room and are laid back. I’ll confirm that they will let us reserve the back room as before and provide the usual details then.

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. johnnygl

    I feel like there’s a sizable boston contingent that would love a meet up. Hop on the acela!!!

  2. Montanamaven

    I have to be in NYC for a Memorial on June 1, so I will come in a day early and finally meet UP!

  3. ek hornbeck

    I’ll probably have to post this again but RSVP TMC and I (barring gang aft agley).

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