Reminder: London Meetup Today (with Jerri-Lynn, Clive, Richard Smith); We Look Forward to Seeing You!

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Clive, Richard Smith, and I will be hosting a London meetup later today, 3rd October.

We’ll be arriving early and will stake out tables. Ask at the door for Jerri-Lynn, Clive, or Richard – or the Naked Capitalism group – especially if the joint is hopping.

Jerri-Lynn here. Clive tells me London pubs can get crowded on Thursday nights and it may be a bit difficult for you to find us, particularly if you arrive later in the evening. Here’s my (burner) UK mobile number: 07432070212. Ring me if you can’t find us, and I’ll come and fetch you. Note this is a temporary UK SIM inserted into my very basic dumbphone, so if for some reason you want to send me a message, please text. I’ll leave my mobile switched on both before and during the meetup. I won’t have access to the internet and won’t be able to see any comment you might leave on this message later during the day.


3rd October 2019

4:30 for 5:00 PM through 8:00 PM (although these events often run past their scheduled end time). I’m staying with friends in Putney and can therefore linger longer at the meetup than if I had to worry about returning to my in-laws in Hayward’s Heath.

Davy’s The Mug House
1-3 Tooley Street
London Bridge
London SE1 2PF

See you soon!


Davy’s The Mug House


Map of Location for Meetup 03-10-19 (or click

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    1. Paul O

      A sunny walk from South Bank Centre to Borough Market stopping for a boozy pub lunch on the way back is the start of our favorite day out in London.

      Enjoy the meet up.

  1. John A

    Hope everyone has an enjoyable and productive time. Unfortunately, I cannot attend, but if minutes are ever taken, would be an interesting read.
    Kind regards

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