The Rev Kev: World Leaders Want You to Give to Naked Capitalism

By The Rev Kev, who lives Down Under

Once more it is that time of year. Kids are going back to school in America, people are returning from their August holidays in Europe, the weather starts to cool – and once again it is time for the annual fundraiser

Your donations not only keep Naked Capitalism running but support its expansion with more writers coming aboard and Yves’s move as part of a march towards world domination. (Lambert’s Mr. Subliminal: How about going to the Tip Jar right now and feeding those nice snow leopards…a lot!).

So once again I have sought out international leaders to solicit their help in the Tip Jar fundraiser and had, well, interesting results.

I tried to contact Pete Buttigieg for him to encourage people go to the Tip Jar but could not find him. In fact, nobody can find him.

Not deterred, I sought other world leaders who have made it to the top. People known for their vast experience, their keen insight, their deep wisdom, their profound humanity, and their depth of character. So it my great pleasure to introduce to readers the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Devi Harris:

Hello, I am Kamala Harris; my pronouns are ‘hey’ and ‘you’, and I am a woman sitting at a computer wearing a white suit.

I have been asked to make a case for the Tip Jar so let me start.

When I think of Naked Capitalism, I think of American opportunity. And what I love about America is that anybody can be made President of the United States – literally anyone. Look at me. I had to get on my knees to get a chance to be made Vice President and now that I am, I am only a heartbeat away from being the President of the United States – in fact, the very first Madame President ever. Suck on that one, Hillary.

So what I want to say is this – It’s very important as you have heard from so many incredible leaders for us at every moment in time and certainly this one to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present and to be able to contextualize it to understand where we exist in the history and in the moment as it relates not only to the past but the future. And we have to take this seriously or else it won’t be serious.

And Naked Capitalism is a culture. What is culture? Culture is – it is a reflection of our moment and our time. Right? And present culture is the way we express how we’re feeling about the moment, and we should always find times to express how we feel about the moment. That is a reflection of joy. Because, you know, it comes in the morning. And also, donate to the Tip Jar.

Truly inspiring words.

I was also able to reach Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. She graciously agreed to record a brief video for the Tip Jar fundraiser. So without further adieu, I present Madame President:

Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Smith, Mr. Lambert, Honourable readers. I speak to you from the European Union headquarters in Brussels, the living, beating heart of our European culture and our eternal values. A place where we practice our values – whether you want to or not.

When I took office in December of 2019, I vowed to change Europe so that in five years none would recognize it. I have almost finished my worthy task as part of the rules-based order. Yes, I am well aware that sacrifices had to be made but I have always been willing to let people do that.

But I digress as I must turn to the reason for my talk – the fundraiser. I am pleased to talk to Naked Capitalism as there are not many people taking my calls these days. Joe won’t talk to me, my good friend Klaus won’t return my calls, Putin won’t pick up the phone, and every time I talk to that wretched dwarf from the east he keeps on asking me for more money.

I will have to make this a quick video as the power keeps on getting cut here. [sotto voce] Stupid sanctions blowback.

Since the expansion of the European Union with Asian members is on hold at the moment, I want to expand online with organizations like Naked Capitalism that follow European values. Some nice young men named Vovan and Lexus recommended Naked Capitalism to me when they interviewed me recently. Such charming fellows. And so…. Verdammt noch mal! The lights are flickering again.

Look, just go to the Tip Jar, OK? And if you could spare some, a donation to the Ursula von der Leyen Retirement Fund would be very much appreciated as I am but a poor, humble public servant. And long live Europe and long live a free and independent Ukraine. Or whatever.

So I was thinking about the Tip Jar and how it could be made easier for people to donate to like had been done with cheques when I had a brilliant idea: Cryptocurrency! Yes, the way of the future.

I went online and was able to get in contact with a public-spirited citizen who reckons that he knows everything there is to know about cryptocurrency, is a world leader in this field, and can help set it up for free. This guy has been going through a rough patch lately though. He broke up with his girlfriend Caroline after a holiday in the Bahamas and had to go back to living in his parent’s basement in Alameda.

But now he says that he has scored some free government accommodation and wants to re-establish himself. He goes by the online handle of newSBF and has said that he is ready to help. I’ll, uhh, just check one or two things first [clickety-clickety-clickety]. Ummm, gimme a minute [clickety-clickety-clickety]. Yeah look, how about we give that idea a bit of a miss for now but fortunately the Tip Jar still awaits any donations that you can make.

And now a personal note. I do believe that Naked Capitalism is not just a website but is more akin to a gathering point of like minded people but it takes a lot of work and effort to keep it going – and money – which is why the necessity for a Tip Jar. Any contribution helps, $5, $50, $5,000, or a monthly subscription. And if you are doing well now, please top up your donation on behalf of those who want to give too but can’t right now.

Of course there is all that hard work done by the people at Naked Capitalism itself that keeps it rolling. People like Yves, Lambert, Nick, Conor, KLG, tech guru Dave, moderators Jules, katiebird, and semperloquitur….and regular guests like Michael Hudson, Hubert Horan, Satyajit Das, albrt, Thomas Neuburger, and Andrew Korybko.

And then there is the flip side. Yves has said in the past how one of the strengths of Naked Capitalism is its well-informed, engaged commentariat adding information and sharp analysis in the comments section. So many people from so many walks of life and experiences, each with their own insights and thoughts to write, anecdotes to share, jokes to tell.

And it is for this reason that I wish to see Naked Capitalism go from strength to strength. So if you have some money to spare, just kick it into the Tip Jar. If you have a little, give a little. If you have a lot, give a lot, and know that you are giving something back.

Thank you.

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  1. skippy

    You left out the most important word in the phraseology of the day …. ***amazing*** …. that one word can beguile more heads than you can factor. Absolutely insidious in its nature, pure PR marketing cortex injection, and better yet repeated like some talking bird and then gets the amend treatment like in some places.

    That said as a long term desian of NC that at one time had about 200 blogs/sites too gain insight to what has transpired in the past, present and potential future the list is much shorter now and NC is at the top. This is the one site in all my travels, pre and post knowing it that does not suffer fools or rank ideologues. One needs to back up everything, attribute as necessary, be honest, and respect the comments of others if they fulfill the criteria of posting comments on this blog.

    I can say as someone that has dealt with a lot in life, seen so much from a multivariate perspective that might drive others mad, yet this blog has never wavered in it attempting to disseminate information that we can all use to understand the world we – actually live – in contra the Bernays PR handling.

    Just the blow back of all the sanctions and the dissection of orthodox economics which proceed all political antics is above all else and its in real time.

    Donating helps, better option than most mobs at this time, yet more important is spreading the word about this blog, what it has done in the past and continues to do. The more others are informed the better the outcomes will be.

    The disheveled one or the troublesome one of the 7 …..

  2. Rolf

    I tried to contact Pete Buttigieg for him to encourage people go to the Tip Jar but could not find him. In fact, nobody can find him.

    Pete who? Oh him. I didn’t know he was still like, a thing. Maybe he’s on personal leave. For reasons.

  3. GramSci

    Thank you, Rev Kev!

    Your omnipresent good humor and insightful commentary is a tremendous asset to the NC community. I thought this witty appeal of yours would be a fitting occasion to chip in to the second goal of ‘supporting the commentariat’, but lo, I see we’ve already blown by that goal.

    No matter, I am going to take this opportunity to make my contribution to the commontariat cause using the new Clover interface.

  4. Susan the other

    Kamala really is a ditz. But then look who’s on first! They should do the Joe and Kammy Show. Or someone should. Very amusing.

    1. Jeremy Grimm

      Rev Kev has provided so many reasons to vote for … Kamala? Admittedly, Buttigieg, though he has appeared on milk cartons and has been counted among the M.I.A. missing from past foreign and domestic wars … … remains missing from action. Is it really so hopeless? Should I search out my tantō and bless the Imperium with my seppuku?

      These are indeed ‘interesting’ times. I wish I had the strength and resolution of Yojimbo. But in my weakness of spirit I continue on.

    1. cfraenkel

      Cory Doctorow’s latest identified ChatGPT’s ‘killer app’: BS Generator. His example was writing threatening robo-lawyer letters that sound like they come from frighteningly expensive white-shoe partnerships (because they’re so poorly written in that special legal dialect); but this is another perfect use case!

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