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How the Fed Promoted “Financial Dominance” and Shadow Banking by Promoting Repo

Yves here. This is a very important post, and sadly I’m not providing it with the introduction and commentary it warrants because I am scrambling to get organized to get out of town. By Daniela Gabor is associate professor in economics at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Originally published at the Institute […]


Michael Hudson: Clinton’s Red-Baiting Distracts from Failure to Address Inequality, War-Mongering as Trump Flails

Clinton’s attacks on Trump distract attention from her 1% serving economic policies and her war-mongering, but Trump isn’t responding effectively.


Economists Mystified that Negative Interest Rates Aren’t Leading Consumers to Run Out and Spend

Not only has it been remarkable to witness the casual way in which central banks have plunged into negative interest rate terrain, based on questionable models. Now that this experiment isn’t working out so well, the response comes troubling close to, “Well, they work in theory, so we just need to do more or wait […]