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Mark Ames: Why Finance is Too Important to Leave to Larry Summers

Welcome to the world of running a small website. The estimable Mark Ames, who is as much a litterateur as journalist, promised, promised, promised us a fundraising post, but told us he just can’t deliver the piece. I know Mark didn’t do this casually; he was a publisher himself, at The eXile in Russia and then with its US incarnation, The eXiled.

But Mark did give us a hard-to-beat post three years ago, and it deserves being reprised. So enjoy!


Naked Capitalism: A Bastion of Straight Talk

Yves here. I’m particularly gratified to have this fundraising post from diptherio, an active and well-respected member of the Naked Capitalism commentariat. Diptherio has only occasionally, and sketchily mentioned his background: that he was formerly in politics and gave it up to build a small school in Nepal, where he lives now.

That sort of impulse, to make a positive difference in the world around you, is what I believe has drawn many of you to this site.


Naked Capitalism, Finance, and Social Justice

When I started this website, one goal was that it would have was an active comments section where savvy, engaged readers would debate the information presented in the and relates matters. I don’t know how it came abut, but the Naked Capitalism commentariat embodies that aspiration even more than I dared hope.

This community is more important than you might imagine


Thanks! Hit Our Third Target, On to Our Fourth!

Thanks to your prompt and generous responses, we’ve met our first three targets: funding for more site improvements, particularly for the user experience; travel/conference expenses and coverage, and ex-post-facto payments to site writers like Lambert and Dave Dayen. And we are more than half way towards our goal of 1000 contributors for this fundraiser.

We are on our way to meeting our fourth target….


David Sirota: Naked Capitalism – Financial Journalists’ Secret Weapon

It is no coincidence that the ongoing journalism and financial crises are happening at roughly the same time. Though the government is supposed to be a watchdog, regulatory capture has often turned it into a lapdog — the kind which, in the words of This American Life, “licks the face of an intruder, and plays catch with the intruder, instead of barking at him.” That has left the financial press to serve as the last line of defense to spotlight lawbreaking, malfeasance and fraud. And quite often, the financial press has been the watchdog that didn’t bark.

There are many reasons for the media’s silence — some of it is their version of regulatory capture, but a lot of it has to do with resources and expertise, or, really, lack thereof.


Wow, Met Our First Goal, On to Our Second!

Thanks to our loyal readers! We’ve already gotten nearly 200 donations in the first 24 hours (out of our fundraiser target of 1000 donors), and blew past our first goal, which was $12,700 to provide for more technology investments in the site, which will provide for a better reader experience on mobiles and tablets, and faster resolution of other site issues.


Launching Our 2014 Fundraiser!

Welcome to our 2014 fundraiser, the fourth in our eight-year history. Your donations are an important vote of confidence in our work. They tell us that you value Naked Capitalism as a place where we work together to expose the power dynamics that are radically reshaping our economy and society. And on a practical level, your contributions are critical to helping us steadily improve our content and your site experience.

We ask you to join us once again.


NC 2014 Fundraiser Launches Next Week!

Fall is upon us, which means the NC annual fundraiser will be starting soon!

Readers contribute generously to this site in many ways, via sending links, antidotes, giving insights, information, and well crafted prose in our comments section, and last but not least, sending money. I hate to be forward about it, but an effort like this does entail the use of that crass commodity. If you believe in Naked Capitalism’s distinctive combination of serious analysis, prescient calls, and no-holds-barred commentary, we hope you’ll show your support via a contribution, either a one-time donation or a subscription.