New Zealand Government comatose, NZ Parliament surprisingly perky though

From a first post at NC on the 27th July, and via detailed feet-on-the-ground sleuthing and followup from the National Business Review in the week following,  summarized here, we have some official attention.

Splendid. I suspect the NBR, and some nudges from an NC-reading local, deserve much more credit than I do for getting this onto the official agenda.

Anyhow, encouraged by that responsiveness, I will be offering up a couple of hundred more companies for scrutiny in my next post, due very soon…

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  1. HarrisonBergeron

    This is what we all need to do more of. The Internet coupled with people willing to get involved is very powerful

  2. Tom Parsons

    Notice, though, that Russell Norman (who is asking the embarrassing questions) is the co-leader of the minority Greens, not a member of the National (current government) or Labour (previous government) parties.

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