Calling All Windy City Residents! Be Sure to Stop by Our Chicago Meetup This Friday March 24

Please join us this Friday, March 24 for some fun and lively conversation. Based on the comments and e-mails, we should have a good turnout.


5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Roanoke Lounge
Marriott Residences
11 South LaSalle Street, between Madison and Monroe on the east side of the street
Chicago, IL

The Roanoke Lounge is on the second floor of the hotel. While there is a separate entrance to the Roanoke Restaurant, it’s easier to enter from LaSalle through the hotel lobby to the elevators. You get off at the second floor and turn right to the bar and restaurant.

See you soon!

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  1. Uahsenaa

    It’s sad, I’m even going to be in Chicago on Friday, but definitely can’t come. It’s my wife’s birthday, and I imagine she’d be rightly steamed, if I just bowed out of the show we’re going to.

  2. Steve Sewall

    Can’t wait! I’ve been following (and modestly supporting) Naked Capitalism since the days of the global financial meltdown in 2007. Big Michael Hudson fan. NC is a godsend.

    On the flight over I’d be most grateful if could you could read this this short 600-word piece about how Chicago can solve violence (or any problem) in a Trump administration. Multum in parvo. 30 years of work has gone into it.

    Be forewarned. The piece is an exercise in doing what no one else is doing in Chicago or anywhere in America: thinking outside the box about connecting and using America’s two most powerful resources – its people and, in our media-driven society, its media – to enable citizens and governments in communities of all sizes to shape best futures. So simple.

    Yet no one I know is thinking along these lines. Bernie Sanders could be and should be. To my mind, the obvious answer to the woes of our polarized, increasingly insane society lies in developing and perfecting new uses of media: uses will connect us, make us all responsive and accountable to each other, instead of dividing us, in the search for solutions to the problems (and opportunities) that lie before us. New uses that make money for host media and succeed in generating functionality in governments and trust among citizens.

    So why aren’t smart people thinking along these constructive lines? I’ve never heard a good answer to this question. People seem to be preoccupied with smaller questions, mired in oppositional mode. Can’t wait to hear you take on all this should you have something to say!

  3. Baron von Krummenbum

    I’m just another lumpenprecariat kitchen worker who long since gave up on becoming uselessly-credentialed permadebt-fodder. Just after the ’08 crash, I was sipping mightily on the Doom-Aid, and came across NC through Mark Ames and NSFWCorp. NC has remained a lighthouse in the gloom, and my go-to newsblog. I might show up to be a fly on the wall and ask for work. Cheers.

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