Naked Capitalism Hit One Million Comments!

Commentariat, give yourself a round of applause! Naked Capitalism hit the milestone of one million approved comments yesterday, at 4:22 PM, by Elizabeth Burton in reply to Roger Smith.

And thanks Lambert, who has been helping curate the comments section for many years, along with Outis and now Jules!

Thanks so much for all of your terrific comments! Not only do you keep all of us who write here on our toes, but the information, ideas, and analysis (and often great snark) helps all of the members of the community in our collective search for better understanding and sources of leverage.

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        1. Richard

          And I really meant to say:
          Good job everyone! We’re all a little bit smarter (some of us a lot bit), thanks to all of us.

      1. Richard

        but aha! what if I add two?

        Good job everyone! We’re all a little bit smarter, thanks to all of us.

  1. gonzomarx

    Happy to of helped in my occasional way and a thank you to all the commentators that have provided wit and wisdom. I often enjoy the comments as much as the article and sometimes more.

  2. JCC

    Personally I regret the milestone, it just means I will continue to be late for work every morning pouring through all the excellent comments. :(

  3. jawbone

    I must say how grateful I am that the comments remain open here — it’s a site with many fine commenters as well as those keeping the home fires burning. Er, make that keeping actual journalism alive.

    Thanks to all who do so much to make this the DO NOT MISS blog!

    1. barefoot charley


      Breakthrough! Many chuckles, now a belly laugh!

      A low signal-to-noise ratio a million comments strong makes one family blogging strong signal! Thank you all, especially to our hostess with the mostest and her crew.

  4. Big River Bandido

    What is Elizabeth Burton’s door prize?

    And what is your prize for curating all that? One million comments to approve…the thought boggles the mind. Congratulations!

  5. Plato_in_the_cave

    Quantity vs. Quality

    I’ll gladly take ten slow-thinkers over 1,000,000 fast-thinkers any day.

    I congratulate this blog entry on proving yet again how the Internet honors extroverts and marginalizes introverts much to its own detriment like so much of our society today.

    Way to put an emphasis on the noise as opposed to the music.

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