Fraud, Anyone? Another Type of Mortgage Document Fabrication Finally Getting Attention

One of the strongest testaments to the severity of the mortgage mess is the use of document fabrication as a remedy to otherwise insoluble problems. Although the business has now been shut down, the firm DocX, which was a subsidiary of Lender Processing Services, had a notorious price sheet that showed the comparatively modest fees it charged for creating, as in fabricating, documents out of whole cloth. Foreclosure defense attorneys reacted strongly to the publication of this information. The price sheets contained codes, and they had repeatedly seen these very same codes on foreclosure related documents and had wondered what they meant.

Why would lawyers and servicers (and their enabler DocX) resort to fraud? As we explained last October:

The pooling and servicing agreement, which governs the creation of mortgage backed securities, called for the note to be endorsed (wet ink signatures) through the full chain of title. That means that the originator had to sign the note over to an intermediary party (there were usually at least two), who’d then have to endorse it over to the next intermediary party, and the final intermediary would have to endorse it over to the trustee on behalf of a specified trust (the entity that holds all the notes). This had to be done by closing; there were limited exceptions up to 90 days out; after that, no tickie, no laundry.

Evidence is mounting that for cost reasons, starting in the 2004-2005 time frame, originators like Countrywide simply quit conveying the note. We are told this practice was widespread, probably endemic. The notes are apparently are still in originator warehouses. That means the trust does not have them (the legalese is it is not the real party of interest), therefore it is not in a position to foreclose on behalf of the RMBS investors. So various ruses have been used to finesse this rather large problem.

The foreclosing party often obtains the note from the originator at the time of foreclosure, but that isn’t kosher under the rules governing the mortgage backed security. First, it’s too late to assign the mortgage to the trust. Second, IRS rules forbid a REMIC (real estate mortgage investment trust) from accepting a non-performing asset, meaning a dud loan. And it’s also problematic to assign a note from the originator if it’s bankrupt (the bankruptcy trustee must approve, and from what we can discern, the note are being conveyed without approval, plus there is no employee of the bankrupt entity authorized to endorse the note properly, another wee problem).

To put things a bit more precisely, the mortgage securitization trust is the party that needs to be able to foreclose, but if the notes weren’t conveyed properly to it in the stipulated time frame, it does not have the legal standing to do so (presumably, a party earlier in the securitization chain can, but no one wants them to foreclose, since it would confirm that the MBS is in part if not in whole, not mortgage backed).

As readers may know, the idea that notes had not been conveyed properly on a large scale basis was treated as wild-eyed speculation last year (we had our intelligence directly from the head of one of the major subprime originators, who was stunned at the notion that the failure to convey the notes was a problem: “If what you say is true, we’re fucked. We didn’t move the paper. No one moved the paper”). Our impression is the breakdown started earlier, in the refi boom of 2002-2003. Since then, supporting evidence has continued to mount, on a large scale basis in courtrooms and with confirmation of pattern and practice in Kemp v. Countrywide. In that case, a senior Countrywide employee testified that Countrywide kept mortgage notes rather than having transferred them to the trustee (or a custodian acting on behalf of the trustee) as required in the pooling and servicing agreement. Abigail Field performed a small scale study (foreclosures in two New York counties) that provided additional support. It found that none of the Countrywide-originated notes had been transferred as stipulated, as were a very large proportion of notes serviced by Countrywide but originated by other players.

So what other less than proper devices have servicers and foreclosure mills used to work around this mess? One that we’ve discussed repeatedly in the past is the use of almost-certain-to-be-fabricated allonges. An allonge is a separate sheet of paper which is attached to a note to allow for more signatures, in this case, endorsements, to be added. Allonges have had a way of magically appearing in collateral files while trails are in progress (I’ve seen it happen in cases I was tracking; it’s gotten so common that some attorneys warn judges to be on the alert for “ta dah” moments).

Although I have seen cases where allonges were obviously phony (the Photoshopping was crude, with signatures forced to fit, and the servicer employee was also revealed in trial to have perjured himself), there has been a bit of resistance among the recognized experts on this beat to take the idea that made-up allonges were becoming the preferred fix for the widespread mortgage transfer stuff up. So the fact that Georgetown law professor Adam Levitin has come around to discussing this practice in his latest post, “Do We Have a Fraud Problem? The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Allonge,” is significant. From his post:

Frankly, no one should ever be using an allonge if there is room for an endorsement on the original note…

The law on allonges is not particularly well-developed. The 1951 version of the UCC, in force in NY and South Carolina (I think), covers them in section 3-202, but the current version does not. The old version of the UCC required that allonges be “firmly attached.” That requirement seems to have been fulfilled via pasting or gluing and maybe stapling. Query whether paper clip or rubber band or simply in the same folder will suffice. I’m not sure why any of them would. None of these methods answers the question of when the allonge was created. I can paste or rubberband the day of trial. There’s a smidgen of state law on this, but it hasn’t been a major issue previously.

Which brings us to BONY v. Faulk. In this case, the foreclosure filing included a 3 page note. The note lacked endorsements connecting the originator to BONY as trustee for the foreclosing securitziation trust. This set up a motion to dismiss on the grounds that BONY didn’t have any right to do anything–it had no connection with the note.

But wait! Suddenly BONY’s attorney tells the court that she is in possession of the fourth page of the note, which includes a blank endorsement. Puhlease…..

But here’s what perplexes me. Suppose that an allonge is produced. How are we going to know when that allonge was created or that it even relates to the note in question? (Just so everyone’s clear–if the endorsement were created later, then BONY as trustee for CWABS 2006-13 trust had no standing at the time the action was filed because the trust didn’t own the note at that time.) How do we know that this attorney isn’t engaged in fraud on the court (and a host of other violations of state and federal law)?

And this isn’t even getting into the question of whether the PSA at issue requires specific endorsements, not endorsements in blank. As it turns out that’s a problem in this particular case. Here’s the PSA for CWABS 2006-13 trust. Section 2.01(g)(1) provides that the Depositor deliver to the trustee:

the original Mortgage Note, endorsed by manual of facsimile signature in blank in the following form: “Pay to the order of _______ without recourse”, with all intervening endorsements that show a complete chain of endorsement from the originator to the Person endorsing the Mortgage Note…

…..Critically, this PSA requires a complete chain of endorsement with all intervening endorsements. A single endorsement in blank ain’t gonna do it if this PSA means anything… The only way there should be a separate blank endorsement page is if there was non-compliance with the PSA. Are we really to believe that happened? (Well, yes, but the attorney can’t really argue that BONY generally doesn’t comply with its duties as trustee, now can she?)

We’ve already seen pretty shocking evidence of documentation fraud in foreclosures. Remember that the robosigning scandal was the by-product of depositions that aimed to show backdating of assignments to trusts….The depositions showed pretty clearly that there was backdating–the notarizations were by notaries who didn’t have their commissions until a couple of years subsequent or were done on Christmas Day, etc…..

I hope that courts will recognize that real serious potential for fraud that exists when one combines endorsements in blank with allonges and start demanding (1) that the complete note be filed with the original filing and (2) that anyone using an allonge prove that the allonge goes with the note in question. I think we’ve passed the point were there can be any assumptions of good faith and fair dealing.

Note that attacking the validity of the allonges directly (bringing in experts to say they are phony) isn’t the usual line of attack and for good reason. Judges don’t like having to rule that a bank was engaged in making up documents (yes, I know, they should be indifferent, but there a lot of resistance to issuing a ruling that is tantamount to calling big established institutions crooks). For readers who like technical details, there is also a good comment at Credit Slips by Tom Cox, the Maine attorney who broke open the robosigning scandal. He discusses arguments based on UCC §3-308(1) that can be used to attack bogus allonges.

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  1. Uri Praiss, Att.

    Re: Let Criminal Courts Decide: 2007 Crisis – Severe Securities’ and Fraud Criminal Offences’ Indictments – “The Big Short” and Long Stairway to Hell
    Author: Uri Praiss, Attorney at law (since 1990),
    law & Economics lecturer

    Excuse me, I had to send this article and more, a few days ago, to the last American White Knights, N.Y.A.G. Eric Schneiderman, as well as Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan District Attorney whose jurisdiction includes Wall Street, and ask: When will the Banks Finally Answer Indictments?

    A few days ago I’ve seen on T.V. former S.E.C. Chairman, Arthur Levitt and now policy adviser for Goldman (!!) discusses the reports Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has been subpoenaed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, opening a fresh front legal, after GS subpoenaed recently also by N.Y. A.G. Levitt Said “These Subpoenas Mean Anything for Goldman.”

    Is that legal? He should be indicted too, for allowing this crisis, these bombs’ “securities” trade, that cost $ Trillions, including millions of families losing homes, jobs and hope. I guess if Mary Schapiro or N.Y.A.G asked Levitt, just theoretically, how much Goldman pays for his services, he shall be permitted by Goldman to answer.
    Maybe some of them will answer me back: “LDL”. If Intellectual Property rights were possible for “LDL”, Goldman Sachs would own them for “let’s discuss live” (Sorry. No legal rights. It is Generic, like Donald’s “You’re Fired!” application denied). During the S.E.C.’s investigation we first met this secret code.

    When Fabrice Tourre defined (by e-mail) those mortgage “investments” (“bombs”) as “a way to distribute junk that nobody was dumb enough to take first time around”, to his team-mate, one Jonathan Egol, Before the manipulative criminal “Big Short”, coordinated with Rating companies’ downgrade, he was answered at once: “LDL.”(“Shut Up!!” in French). Goldman’s security rules are stricter than an Iranian Nuclear Station.

    “More than two years after the financial crisis, Farkas is arguably the only major player in the mortgage industry to face criminal charges.” said lately William Black, professor of law and Economics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Chief Litigator of former crisis. He “blame(s) policymakers and call(s) lack of prosecutions a disgrace”.
    Even more bothering are those 15 or so, silent and highly – organized, States’ and S.E.C. “partial-but-final rehabilitation-immunity-bargains'” ridiculous fines (as lately urged in New Jersey and Massachusetts) which N.Y.A.G. Schneiderman refused to accept, as was reported here.
    Legally those cheap bargains should be delayed or canceled at once, given April 13th Levin’s report as followed by this first criminal official “clean house” investigation that started. They didn’t see Levin – Coburn Committee’s horror report. They were misled. New York was the Central Scene of Crime. It is even a matter of Legal Jurisdiction and “Convenience’s Forum” – The Origin of Cancer. I wonder how come nobody attacked those bargains’ sales in courts yet.
    Those Trading “Banks”, each reporting $100 Million daily net trade profits easily (how exactly?!) were just tickled to laugh by those $1 Million State – fines.
    Even $ 550 Million’s S.E.C. selective “plea – bargain” fine appears now as a gift – their “Gold Mine Windfall” – approximately 1 day’s total income, and let’s pretend It’s over. Nothing happened (!!) Kafka couldn’t write it better.

    Criminal Indictments are obvious – we can (too) simply define mainly 4 Substantive Criminal Offences’ “Types” that are involved, and all four exist widely (and wildly) along the stairway to 2007 Crisis.

    Securities Laws’ Offences contain 2 important families of “special” criminal offences.

    The 1ST, and more dangerous, is called usually Manipulation / Fraud / attempt to Affect/ Influence Securities’ Rates /”Make Run”, etc. I am sure that “The Big Short”, much smaller “shorts”, daily selling or buying “pressures” / “efforts” and so, would easily meet the formal definitions. Deliberated, Sudden, Concentrated or Concerted “selling or buying efforts” – each of them mean exactly “Criminal Intent”. Aggressive trade plus passive or active concealing or covering up of meaningful risks’ information is more than enough for an Indictment. Let criminal courts decide. That is much more Important than Rajaratnam and O.J. Simpson, excuse me.

    It does not matter that these securities’ manipulations criminal behaviors may be frequent in some financial markets. Murder, rape, robbery, fraud and theft are too frequent either. After much too many a financial greed’s national disasters, Right now is the time for Law and Order, before it is too late.

    I should emphasize – these lines deal only with actual / potential criminal indictments relating 2007 crisis. I do not deal here with Legislative and Institutional critical Reforms, neither Frank – Dodd rules, nor much further market and institutional deep “Urgent Separation Surgeries” needed, Institutional Reforms, new “Checks and Balances” and so. Might be very helpful to read and look easily for some advanced and deeper forms of a few past lessons that followed the Big Depression (1929 – 1935)

    The 2ND, but most popular Securities’ offence, are these gossipy, envy and peeping “Insider Trade” offences. Lately, for example, one could not avoid everywhere so many front pages’ pictures and reports (I guess the books and movies shall appear soon) of Mr. Billionaire Rajaratnam .Very little was said about Rajaratnam’s big golden bird, Mr. Gupta, Goldman’s distinguished board member, who sat beside Mr. CEO Blankfein for years and poured confidential water upon his hands.

    Exactly as Rajaratnam’s case, there is no necessity that the criminal executive banker/trader shall be an “Insider” in any of the firms involved – securities, trade, loan, mortgage, broker, marketing, etc. All we need here is to prove that a suspect, executive (Including corporations and their executives) had better and meaningful information, especially about the risks, at some period, while selling, buying, soliciting (even meaningful or “attractive” recommending, advising, etc.) relating to these rotten “Securities”/” Blowing Rates’ loans” (“Timer Bombs” is more suitable).

    Take for example the last year before the crash – which “players” could have some updated classified information about the details, pressures and timing of the intent and possibility of rating companies’ down grades or changes, and/or loans’ defaults, etc.

    The legal test is usually trivial: Whether this kind of information, announced publicly, might have changed the rate or be meaningful for a potential (small, non professional) investor.

    Manipulating the rates and Insiders Trade upward were more obvious last centuries, since Netherlands’ Tulip Crisis (1637, including Tulips’ future contracts’ trade). Nowadays the opposite direction – downward – “Short & Fears’ rush sellers”, is more common and might be much more destructive and dangerous. I wonder if we could check now what some Wall Street Hun traders did in those horrible 6 years of the Big Depression.

    Behavior proves all “Mens Rea”, even Intent. Solely the facts by themselves, your timing, quantities, the fact that you sell fast and / or buy back that day or soon afterward, other circumstances, background and so, are very meaningful to prove Intent.

    Criminal Substantive, Procedural and Evidence Laws include some very practical “Mental Legal Presumptions”: Usually people are aware of the facts and the circumstances and intend toward the natural outcome of their passive and active behaviors.

    The third type of offences relates to what we can call enlarged and detailed definitions of “general” (basic) criminal (and civil) branches of law –”Semi-Theft” as Deceiving/Misleading Deception/Fraud, Joint and Severally with those greedy reckless Rating Agencies (see Levin – Coburn report’s summary on web) including passive and active Concealment, covering and hiding material information, as risks, future payments, terms, criminal applications of taking advantage of contractual “Unconscienability”, “robo – signing”, and so.

    The 4TH is a “supermarket” of what we can call “formal and technical offences”, breaching of reporting duties, etc. Remember how they succeeded to nail Al Capone – and I don’t mean Tax Laws. It is just an allegory.

    Now N.Y.A.G. and N.Y.D.A.’s minimal team (hardly 0.01 pro mille of the suspects’ budgets, resources, equipment, biased professionals, etc) should take these “4 pairs of glasses”, “scan” and check tons of documents and details. Start with Carl Levin – Tom Coburn Senators Committee’s 635 pages comprehensive final report (and thousands of attached documents, Testimonies etc.) Actually start with their 4 pages’ summary. It brings even the feeling of this greed’s chaos.

    Secret “Nostro” activity is an outrageous example. It means the Trading “Bank” can take daily advantage of his confidential and professional information, buy and sell for himself, steal financial opportunities from his clients, snatch the stakes and leave them dry bones, act against them (and against his passive or active “advice”) secretly, and damage them for unlawful greed.

    Maybe million “Nostro” transactions should be examined with all 4 “pairs of glasses.” I do not envy N.Y.A.G.’s team. S.E.C. and other pockets should pay these and other expenses. That is the most proper use of this $ 550 Million fine, at least.

    Prof. Black emphasized “The de facto policy right now is elite frauds go free if they’re in banking because the whole sector is too fragile. That is significantly insane. It will produce the next crisis.” I could not state it better. Others would just say intuitively that everybody needs to see some live hand – cuffed $10,000 suits’ squids, whatever. Both are right.

    It can’t be said honestly and seriously that we wouldn’t avoid most, say half, of these millions of deserted homes, millions of unemployed, American and Global Agony and Despair. $ Trillions of economic direct and indirect loss and costs could be saved, if those “sub-prime” rotten mortgage “loans” and “securities” (“bombs”) were developed, prepared, rated, sold and controlled properly and not recklessly, carelessly and mean.

    It might take a few years till some of the wounds of that disaster might heal. $ Trillions of pure economic costs, waste and loss were used to rob $ Trillions from innocent hard workers and others, families and young couples – to enrich these corrupted Hun empire’s players.
    Do not let those trading banks’ too many spin “agents” or some biased highly paid professors, and experts, neither some too understanding public agencies, nor too cooperative and naïve media to scare, spin, distract or mislead you.
    Adam Smith, on fundamental “The Wealth of Nations”, 1776, did not mean that “The invisible Hand of Markets” belongs to some pick – pocket banker/trader.
    It is also time to refresh Economics’ theoretic assumptions and practice Efficiency with some updated economic research (most of them Nobel Prize winners): “Games Theory” (John Nash got 1994’s Nobel Prize, but that was his 1950’s PH.D at Princeton), “Signaling” (M. Spence), Non competitive behaviors, Externalities, Failures of markets or assumptions, Transaction costs (R. Coase, Chicago, 1991 Nobel Prize), Asymmetric Information, Irrationality and so. (see also L.S.E., Dr. Paul Woolley’s “Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality”)
    We forgot Prof. John Kenneth Galbraith (see his sharp and practical analysis of The Depressions’ financial roots, including Goldman’s Bubble Firms) and the one and only Judge Louis Brandeis (“Other People’s Money and How the Bankers Use It”). I guess they roll over in their big seats at Heaven watching us. How I wish Brandeis’ social, economic and legal Legacies were used now. He fought the first rounds, with the original JPMorgan and the Robber Barons. They did everything to sabotage his nomination but Roosevelt refused to give up.

    Sorry, but the very bad news and the unhappy end (for now) is that the Robber Barons haven’t learned anything yet. Vice Versa, they have already found, use (on a daily basis) and develop their new “nuclear” arms, at least a year. Almost all financial and real markets, firms and households suffer daily doldrums, stagnation, waste and loss of potential growth and employment.

    These are caused mainly by manipulative advanced Hi-Tech and Algorithmic HFT daily trade (by whatever “machines”?!), including Short selling, combined with endless fearful, false and as if professional daily negative economic excuses (Greece’s Debts? Portugal?)

    Europe has already decided to limit Short trade and other advanced manipulations. Goldman’s and others’ “agents” try to stop these important suggestions there. But here, S.E.C. and Exchanges, as before, left the doors open, and went to sleep on the beach.

    Sincerely yours,

    Uri Praiss, Attorney at law
    Law & Economics Lecturer

    1. K Ackermann

      Outstanding, and thank you.

      You know how Goldman, BofA, and all the others have this new habit of reporting 0 days of trading losses per quarter now?
      How can they all win in a zero sum game?

      1. Foppe

        Easily. Lots of people left on the other side of those trades who haven’t been bankrupted yet.

      2. rob134

        At some point in the future it will be 5 Big Banks trading with/against each other, until there is only one.

    2. Sophia

      Mr. Praiss, breathless tone and lots of exclamation points are unlikely to get the serious attention of anyone in charge. You don’t have the literary skill to pull off a jeremiad, so I suggest you take it down a notch. One of the things I greatly admire about Yves is her ability to write about outrageous things in a calm, matter of fact manner that is excellent at communicating information without drowning in emotion. That’s the game, man… the people in power will dismiss you if you let on how much you care. “Serious” discourse in the US is allergic to passion.

      1. psychohistorian


        Those in charge don’t care if the psychopaths in their employ are passionate or not but it WILL be passion that changes humanity’s current direction.

        To say that Yves does not exude passion is puerile.

  2. sleeper

    Please when is America going to wake up the mortgage business was an is a criminal enterprise which still continues today.
    To clean up this mess several actions must be taken:

    First move to disbar attorneys who are committing fraud on the courts.
    Second move fprward with criminal idictments against the banks and investment houses The simplest and most effective charge is wire and mail fraud. Simple put if the notes were not transfered and yet investment tranches were sold against them this wire and mail fraud.

    but of course the cosey relationship between the men (and yes they are mpostly old fat whitemen)running the securities business will stop any such actions.

    And I continue to be amazed at the craven attitude of the citizenry – no sit ins, no one chaining themselves to the doors of MERS or LPS, no one demanding disbarment, no junk cars blocking parking spaces, no nonviolent action to make these criminal’s life one whit more difficult, no action of any kind. Sheep !!!!

  3. Steve

    Sorry, dumb non-lawyer, non-economist here. What’s to stop me from asking for a copy of the note from whomever I need to ask and, if finding I can’t get it or it doesn’t have the necessary signatures, stop paying my mortgage and daring them to foreclose? With my luck, they actually did everything right with my note anyway.

    1. Stepph

      You certainly can and should ask for a copy of your note:

      If your mortgage was originated in the last decade, you will almost certainly be denied, illegally, by your mortgage company.

      I requested my now-paid-off 2002 mortgage note, and was rejected. While no party disputes I have paid my mortgage off, I have a chain of title that is damaged.

      1. zadoofkaflorida

        Why would you NOT have gotten a “Satisfaction of Mortgage” document when You paid it off?. It is a receipt for your total and final payment and should be recorded in the public records in the county in which you live. If you dont have it and it is not recorded, then you have a damaged title. You had title insurance didnt you?

        Which brings to mind – how is this housing debacle affecting title insurance? Are they having to pay off $$$$ on damaged chain of title now, when property is is resold?
        Who are the big players in the title insurance industry? Surely those policies were included in a CDO/CDS market somewhere, and are also now worthless.

        Anyone —- readers, Yves, have some knowledge or imput?

  4. Tony


    Have you sen this JPMC affidavit?

    Michael R. Zarro, JPMC’s “Senior Vice President in charge of Default Specialty Operations”, affirms at point 17 that JPMC keeps collateral loan files for loans it services at a a facility in Monroe, LA. Perhaps he is only referring to non-securitized loans, but, if not, then this is the first time I have seen a senior manager admit that loan documents were not transferred to the trusts.

  5. Made Men

    Corruption is so rampant it has to be assumed many Judges are simply unable to adjudicate in any rational, coherent or so called legal capacity; any position of power is susceptible to corrosive conflicts of interest – without checks and balances (gutted/rewritten by corporate power) the system has collapsed, decisions are made for the convenience of the most wealthy. There are huge, systemic problems with the Justice System to begin with, and the well reported behavior of some of these public officials is finally promoting legitimate outrage. Americans may shrug with indifference at the revolving doors in the Pentagon system, but when it is so clear our freedoms are crushed by similar putrefaction in the court system the results could be horribly volatile.

    After all that has been written, revealed and realized we still have the same architects in postions of power. The same congressional whores who took payments from Fannie Mae, voted against cram down, supported illegal acts of aggression, are still shoving homeowners faces into the dirt, and we have, and almost always have, had a housing crisis in this country.

  6. John S

    Everyone should ask for a copy of their Note.

    Simple process – a very simple, polite letter stating that you are making a Qualified Written Request to have a copy of the current Note, with all assignments and allonges, is all you need to do. DO NOT waste your time with the endless claims as found in complicated QWR’s, those are not qualified requests.

    KISS – Keep it Simple. Just ask for a copy of the Note, with all assignments and allonges.

  7. kevinearick


    August is just simple arithmetic. If you find my work cryptic, you are in the derivative box of boxes, and you may want to get out of there before August, when all the exits will be sealed and the herd will begin to stampede itself to death. All the governments on the global IC chip are borrowing money to make make-work payroll and paying only the interest, with taxes on make-workers, with no intent of paying the principle, ever, and the bondholders are all the governments, in a circle-jerk. In August, the chain reaction of bankruptcies will ignite because they will not be able to make the interest payments without dismantling the TBTF entitlement system.

    Replacing humans with machines, papering over the windows with accounting adjustments, and providing free entertainment creates the illusion that the box is not on an airplane falling from the sky. Next up, we’ll discuss some specific problems with global automation that may shed some light on the Boeing problem. Suffice it to say, the Fed prints money, ordering the denizens to create the wealth required to support it, and then the crap flows downhill until it is all placed on the shoulders of intelligent kids, who have repeatedly told them to go f*** themselves. The resulting wave has bounced back and forth in several iterations until the positive feedback loop is now reaching the threshold of quantum resonance.

    If you want to see the real magnitude of the RE problem, don’t ask anyone; get the automated data on foreclosure notices, and check the machine signature. Extrapolate the nature of the curve from a point just before the machine was interrupted, and then check the data each time they try to put the machine back on auto.

    There are a million different ways to get a fairly reliable estimate with much less work, because symbiotic systems create signatures in the neutral line. Build yourself a spectrometer to avoid agency costs, which are prohibitively expensive by law. “all powers not granted …” – the definition of the word granted depends on the lawyer’s judgment of the framer’s state of mind, a circular argument for sheeple, indoctrinated to follow the path by the education system.

    Where does it say anything in the Constitution about Family Law and what was the problem with common law? The foundation is always, of necessity, virtual, but the reptiles never learn, so you always want to have something ready on the shelf. Always build your elevator shaft first, with the assumption that the associated inverted pyramid will collapse, shortly after it creates the strait.

    “The group doesn’t see as its mandate to define new ideas. Instead …” You may always rely upon the boys at GE to propose make-work as the solution to the make-work problem.

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