Sunday, February 19, 2017

Republicans Deploy CRA Authority to Roll Back Regulations

Republicans move to deploy authority provided by the 1996 Congressional Review Act to void regulations passed since June 2016.

Links 2/13/17

Germany-IMF Staredown on Greece: The Election Calculus

How upcoming European elections could play into the Greek debt negotiations.

Wolf Richter: Trump Promises “Fast Trains,” Japan’s Railway Stocks Soar

Trump and Abe send signals over Japan involvement in developing US high-speed rail– good news for stalled California project?

Book Review: The Econocracy

The new book Econocracy describes how economics has become a narrow ideology with far too much power and what can be done about it

Links 2/12/17

By 2045, Some East Coast Cities Could Flood 3 Times a Week

Global warming related floods are coming to cities near you sooner than you might think.

Brexit Big Lie: UK Could Have Reduced EU Immigration by 82% Under EU Rules

Contrary to Tory and pro-Brexit propaganda, the UK has plenty of power under EU rules to reduce immigration.

Links 2/11/17

“In Case You Thought Trump Was Imploding….”

A cool-headed look at some Trump indicators.

Los Angeles Times Calls Out CalPERS Board for “Trying to Muzzle” the One Director Who “Asks Tough Questions”

The Los Angeles Times weighs in on a story we broke. It sharply criticizes CalPERS trustees for trying to gag their most effective member.

Mark Blyth on How Liberalism Undermined Democracy and the Failure of the Democratic Party

Mark Blyth gives another astute, sobering reading of US and international politics.

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/10/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA, H1Bs, psychographics, Dem Baltimore retreat, Medicaid for All, copper, lumber, co-ops, global trust, Tesla

Chinese Mortgages Tighten Fast

Chinese mortgages, which have been the driver of credit growth, are now hard to get. Is this just a short-term tightening?

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