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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Links 8/22/16


CalPERS’ Tainted Fiduciary Counsel Robert Klausner Departs After NC Publicizes His Dubious History

CalPERS’ tainted fiduciary counsel, Robert Klausner, is leaving. But CalPERS’ handling of his departures says it hasn’t learned its lesson.

Human Development, Inequality, and Long Working Hours

One-dimensional indicators such as GNI per capita are known to be flawed measures of well-being. The Human Development Index (HDI) introduced dimensions of health and education alongside income. This column argues that an HDI adjusted for inequality and hours worked gives deeper insight into a country’s economic standing. Using this composite measure, the US falls from first to seventh among G8 countries.

A Hard Look at the War Criminals, Um, Hawks Who Say “Never Trump”

The hawks who are throwing bricks at Trump forgot that they are living in glass houses.

Links 8/21/16


Taxcast on Big Four Accounting and the Duke of Westminster

Should the Big Four be broken up? And how about the Duke of Westminster’s $9 billion tax-free inheritance?

Eurozone Stability Under Threat of a ‘Bad Shock’

Remarkably, an increasing number of economists believe the Eurozone has addressed its weaknesses. Shades of the Great Moderation, circa 2006.

Links 8/20/16

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The Link Between Health Spending and Life Expectancy: The US is an Outlier

Why does lavish health spending in the US produce so little in the way of results?

Gaius Publius: “You Broke It, You Bought It” – A Sanders Activist Challenges Clinton Supporters

Clinton’s hard move to the right is causing some consternation among bona fide progressives. But what will they do about it?

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/19/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP copyright, Clinton’s health, Trump shakeup, campaign body language, jobs, Uber, Corbyn vids, wealth, Hitler video

Dirk Bezemer and Michael Hudson: Finance is Not the Economy

Picking apart the conflation of real capital with finance capital and explaining how that confusion undermines sound analysis of the crisis.

Links 8/19/16

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SEC Shamed: Whistleblower Refuses Multimillion Dollar Award Due to Ex-Deutsche Bank Attorneys at SEC Protecting Deutsche Execs (and Themselves)

Deutsche Bank whistleblower Eric Ben-Artzi makes a huge financial sacrifice to call out corruption in SEC enforcement.

Brexit Delusion Rises Even Further: City Pumping for Presumptuous, Nightmarish-to-Negotiate “Swiss Plus” Plan

The Brexit fantasies get even bigger as the City pumps for a na ga happen “Swiss plus” plan.