Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The REALLY ANNOYING Don’t-Wanna-Subsidize-Wealthy-Kids’-College-Tuition Canard

Yves here. Readers know I have a weakness for righteous rants…

Ilargi: The Great Fall Of China Started At Least 4 Years Ago

Why China’s slowdown and exported deflation started far earlier than most pundits and analysts would have you believe.

On the Lack of Courage in Regulators

Robert Jenkins, a former banker, hedge fund manager, and regulator, points out that regulatory reform has fallen short on multiple fronts, and perhaps the most important is courage.

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/19/2015

Today’s Water Cooler: Clinton ISIS speech, Sanders: Going for the capillaries?, leading indicators, honey for the bears, Walmart smartphone

TPP’s Orwellian Definition of “Science” in its Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Chapter

TPP’s claims to be “science-based” are Orwellian, and a cover for a “Let the buyer beware” agenda.

Links 11/19/15

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John Helmer: The Barbarians at the Gate of Civilization, but Which Empire is Falling?

Empire-booster-in-chief Niall Ferguson gets yet another well-deserved shellacking, this time on how he falsifies the record in drawing lessons from Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Join Occupy the SEC in Urging the Congress to Oppose H.R. 4002 (“Criminal Code Improvement Act of 2015”)!

Support Occupy the SEC in opposing a bill that would give white collar criminals a new, improved “get out of jail free” card.

Gaius Publius: Is Clinton Still a Carbon Candidate? The Data to Date

Clinton looks like a carbon candidate who is making predictable rhetorical gestures otherwise to fool the rubes.

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/18/2015

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP vote pushed past May, Trump and Cruz bond over Syria, liquidity, housing, Michael Pollan, quantum entanglement

Clinton, Finally Forced to Confront a Single Payer Advocate in Debate, Can’t Win on Policy, Falls Back on Demagoguery and Distortion

Clinton can’t beat single payer on policy, resorts to demagoguery. Film at 11 (with notes on the rhetoric used).

Links 11/18/15


The TPP is a Multi-Dimensional Simultaneous Equation

How Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s remarks to the DIet about the TPP reveal a lot about the aims of this deal and its vulnerabilities.

The GXG Markets Fallout (II): Editwars and FOIA fights

GXG Markets is gone but the dirty dealings continue

Wolf Richter: Bloodletting 8 Trading Days in a Row: Junk Bonds Go to Heck

Unnerving events in the junk bonds market.