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Links New Year’s Eve Day

The Most Anticipated Products & Technologies of 2011 PCMagazine Georgia Prisoners End Protest, But Continue Demands ColorLines (hat tip reader essy). This is from two weeks back. but is relevant because I linked to a story that discussed the strike and never put a link to one on how it played out. Doctors Getting Rich […]


Woman Deceased in 1995 Continued to Robo Sign Till at Least 2008

How, may you ask, can a woman who has been dead since 1995 sign documents more than a decade later? Normally, one would hazard to guess that stamps with her signature on them were still in use (this is more common than you would think in foreclosure land). That would be plenty troubling. But this […]


Perry Mehrling: Should Anyone Be Surprised that the Fed Was Lending to Foreign Banks in the Crisis?

Perry Mehrling is a professor of economics at Barnard College

The Financial Times devoted an entire article this week to the fact that foreign banks borrowed more than half the funds deployed under the Federal Reserve’s first emergency program, the Term Auction Facility.

Why is this a surprise?


Links 12/28/10

Just a few links, rather heavy on banks. The ‘Subsidy’: How a Handful of Merrill Lynch Bankers Helped Blow Up Their Own Firm ProPublica. Traders sticking it to another department of their own bank is nothing new, but the impudent nihilism of the looting here is impressive. They didn’t have to look very far afield […]


Why are Irish Political Leaders so Keen to Collude with the Bank Regulator in Covering Up Blatant Regulatory Breaches at Unicredit Ireland?

By Richard Smith Dublin, by way of the proudly-named International Financial Services Centre, a sparkling new development in the old docks, is “home to more than half of the world’s top 50 financial institutions”. But as the Irish financial crisis wears on, this glitter invites unpleasing comparisons: it simply looks meretricious. What Dublin and, let’s […]


The Wall of Worry for 2011 is a Big One, as usual

By Richard Smith These are things I’m keeping an eye on, or trying to find out more about. That isn’t a prediction that any of them will blow up, nor that nothing else will, just a round-up of the bees in my bonnet. If you’ve been following Naked Capitalism you are up to speed on […]


“Summer” Rerun: Welcome Willem Buiter and Mohamed El-Erian to the Banana Republic Club!

The time has come to announce the formation of the Banana Republic Club. Membership is open, with the sole requirement being that nominees correctly discern behaviors in advanced economies that resemble those of corrupt developing countries, which for sake of convenience are referred to as banana republics. Members are eligible to receive a Carmen Miranda hat, although they are not required to wear it.

Brad DeLong has his Ancient and Hermetic Order of the Shrill. Why should he have all the fun?


Bewildering Array of Choices for any American Voters Who Think the First Amendment might be Applicable to Wikileaks

Quote-mining by Richard Smith Conservative Republican Mitch McConnell (Googling +”Mitch McConnell” +Assange, 415,000 hits) takes a Republican conservative position: I think the man is a high-tech terrorist. Democrat Joe Biden (Googling +”Joe Biden” +Assange, 929,000 hits) initially finesses the principle question, on 18th December: I don’t think there’s any substantive damage. …but just after that […]